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Bell Canada offering the Galaxy Gear for just $100

Ahead of the Gear 2 and Gear2 Neo launch later this month, Bell Canada is offering a clearance sale of the Galaxy Gear in which the carrier is selling the smartwatch for just $100. This is a $250 discount on the Galaxy Gear’s launch price…

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Samsung official says Gear compatibility with non-Samsung devices is still a probability

If there was one thing people were hoping Samsung would fix with the sequel to the Galaxy Gear, it was its incompatibility with non-Samsung phones and tablets, but given the fact that Samsung is hoping to tie consumers into its ecosystem, i…


Galaxy Gear gets a turn-by-turn navigation client that syncs with your mobile

The Galaxy Gear was fairly limited in its feature-set initially, but Samsung has added more and more functionality to the smartwatch over the last few months. The most recent addition is in the form of a turn-by-turn navigation client, call…


Best Buy selling the Galaxy Gear for $150 today

Best Buy is selling the Galaxy Gear smartwatch for $150 today, which is half off the $299 launch price of the device. Currently, four color variants of the device that include rose gold, oatmeal beige, lime green and wild orange are availab…


Galaxy Gear gets a $120 discount in India, global price cut expected

Well, it seems like Samsung is addressing one of the biggest issues with the Galaxy Gear, at least in India. The Korean manufacturer has given its smartwatch a price cut of around Rs. 7,000 (~ $120) in the country on its official website, a…

Visit for stunning downloadable Galaxy Gear watch themes

The Galaxy Gear is quite the feature-packed smartwatch, and due to the fact that it runs on Android, it's quite customizable as well, through a plethora of apps available on Samsung's app store. One of the important functions of the Galaxy…


Report: Galaxy Gear 2 to feature considerably different design, flexible display

The Galaxy Gear, unlike what the critics say, is a rather nice smartwatch, but when it comes to the design, it is rather uninspired. Samsung has acknowledged that they could have done better and are working on making the Galaxy Gear 2 more…


Galaxy Gear made to work with the Nexus 5 unofficially

Despite what the naysayers might say, the Galaxy Gear is a solid first attempt at a smartwatch by Samsung, but one of its biggest disadvantages is that it is only compatible with Samsung devices, and only a handful few at that. While Samsun…




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