Visit for stunning downloadable Galaxy Gear watch themes

The Galaxy Gear is quite the feature-packed smartwatch, and due to the fact that it runs on Android, it’s quite customizable as well, through a plethora of apps available on Samsung’s app store. One of the important functions of the Galaxy Gear remains the same as normal watches, and that’s to display the time. However, thanks to its customizability, it’s possible to show the time, date and other info in visually appealing ways, which has prompted a certain section of the community to create custom watch faces for the Gear and publish them for everyone to use.

Well, given the awesome and stunning watch faces that some folks have been able to come up with, we decided to launch a dedicated website for these custom watch faces: At Gear Faces, you can find a plethora of custom watch themes – both analog and digital – for your Galaxy Gear, cooked up by talented people through an app called Watch Styler, with the aim of extending the visual appeal of the one part of the Gear’s interface that you’ll be seeing more than others. If you’ve created watch faces of your own, you can even submit them to Gear Faces by shooting an email to Martin at [email protected], and see them put up on the site.

Gear Face is optimized for both mobile and desktop browsers. The site also contains easy-to-follow instructions on how you can install and enable these beautiful watch faces on your smartwatch, so go ahead and hit the link below and start sprucing up your Galaxy Gear.

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