Galaxy S2 might not get Android 4.2 update, due to “adjustment problems with TouchWiz”

Early this year, a listing of the devices Samsung was planning to update to Android 4.2.2 (and 5.0) surfaced, and the presence of the Galaxy S II, which is now more than two years old and has already received two major Android updates, on the list made owners of the device pretty happy. But it seems Samsung may not update the Galaxy S II to Android 4.2 after all, if the folks over at are to be believed.

According to the website, the Android 4.2.2 was initially planned for the S II, but “due to adjustment problems in the TouchWiz interface,” the plans have been scrapped, which means the device will be stuck on Android 4.1.2 forever. That isn’t that much of a bad thing as 4.2.2 wasn’t exactly a huge update, but it’s still going to be disappointing owners of Samsung’s once mighty flagship smartphone. Considering the Galaxy Note carries the same hardware as the S II, well, it’s a possibility the device that launched the phablet trend might be staying at 4.1.2 as well.

We can confirm that the newer Galaxy S II Plus will be getting Android 4.2.2, and while we don’t currently have info on the normal S II, we’ll be doing our best to find out what exactly Samsung’s plans are.


Thanks Lars!


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  1. fucking touchwiz

    • just pain in the ass that crap :/

  2. Lol, that doesn’t make much sense. They can’t adjust TouchWiz on S2, but they can on S2 Plus… Right, as if there are any differences between the two, except for the processor. If S2 doesn’t get 4.2.2 is because device is very old, not because some lame excuse that Samsung shoves it in users’ face.

    • Yes I agree with you and what’s more silly the s2 has better hardware than s2 plus. Is this joke i paid 500€ for the phone S2 is two years old and that isn’t too much is this how you care for the users first buy the phone and later you dump us :( very disappointing

    • totaly agree

  3. Cmon guys. Galaxy S II Plus will get Android 4.2.2 and the previous GT-I9100 international it will not take? This is joke. It’s the same phone at all in hardware. This is maybe excuses for customers to buy the new Galaxy S II Plus. Wrong move by samsung. Like we heard about the Note II will not take 4.2 maybe and jump to 4.3 instant cause of the Touchwiz. Maybe they must work harder? So much technology and good minds there working, so of course they can find solution about this if they really want. My opinion is that will be fail if S II plus take 4.2 and S II not

  4. So i think that the Tab 2 range isn’t going to receive either…
    Damn just one update… (4.0.4 >> 4.1.2)

  5. Samsung should say we wont give S2 android 4.2 because we wan u to buy S4!!!..if s2 got the same touchwiz with they wont buy s4..s4 s4 s4 boooom!!!

    • oh man you is totaly fucking right

  6. The GS2 is more than capable of running 4.2.2, I’m sure of it. Even if the phone is old, the hardware is still great for a mid-ranger! Its stupid how they can figure it out on the GS2 Plus but not the original, especially seeing as they have the same hardware, more or less.

    If HTC can give the One S an update (after cancelling it a while back), I’m sure Samsung can figure something out too!

  7. I think the problem is that Qualcomm stopped supporting the Snapdragon Scorpion chipsets within some of the S2 variants. Qualcomm stopped providing drivers at Android 4.1.2. So the (American) variants that Samsung must stop supporting are:
    -Samsung Galaxy S II LTE I9210
    -Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727
    -Samsung Galaxy S II T989
    -Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE

    And the variants that can have Android 4.2.2 are (mostly because Samsung can wright their own drivers because of their own Exynos platform):
    -Samsung Galaxy S II I9100
    -Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch
    -Samsung Galaxy S II I777

    Trouble with TouchWiz on their Exynos variants is just bull. They are very capable of porting Android 4.2.2 with Touchwiz to it, check out the Tab 3 8.0 which is running the same kind of SoC (only higher CPU clocks).

    • It is not the same Chipset ist is nearly the same chipset.
      Galaxy S2 and Note are Exynos e Dual 45nm (previously Exynos 4212) and Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 uses Eynos 4 Dual 28nm (Exynos 4212)

      • Same architecture but different nm and because of lower nm higher GPU clocks.
        Drivers are pretty much identical.

  8. The current 4.1.2 is still buggy, so I don’t care what is Samsung doing with their big touchwiz…

    Simply getting a new phone in the next time and the problem is solved.
    Probably not a samsung one…

    • :)))))) THAT’s so funny!!! In the past i owned a Galaxy S i9000, exactly the same thing happened to me. So i begun to love CYANOGENMOD team and MANY THANKS to them, my device was again a very beautiful piece of metal :))), but was single core, so i switched to dual core Galaxy Nexus i9250. The Cyanogenmod team made me realise that the software is also very important and of course the updates brings a lot of improvements. So i started to look at the Nexus line of Google and choosed this line thanks to Samsung that disappointed me with the software part, not the hardware part.
      Not everything is perfect, but it could be better if you look in the right direction :)))
      Sammobile is a great site of course. Thank you guys!

  9. samsung what rubbish are you telling i am waiting from so many days that 4.2 jelly bean will get to gt-i9100 ……

  10. I’m still waiting for the official 4.1.2 for my region (unlock EUR), and please don’t tell me to upgrade with another firmware region . it takes them so long to roll out the update , glad I went with NEXUS 4 now .

  11. This is androids biggest problem. Once again millions of phones is dropped from update cycle… For example,apps needs to be designed to work with 4.1 (and older) for a long time even if 5.0 is out.

    • Inaccurate. It’s not “Android”s problem but it’s Android OEMs’ problem. Diff thing. Clearly this is about TouchWiz and that’s Samsung’s own mess, assuming if that’s not just some lame excuse to cover up ineptitude and laziness.

  12. samsung galaxy ace 3 ma 1 Gb RAM i taki sam procesor i ma nowego TW to dlaczego s2 nie możę dostać? samsung się pogrąża

  13. hy,
    :)), this is funny, maibe samsung remove TouchWiz and all problems is resolved,

  14. after that Samsung never,,,, u pay a fortune on a device and now after que Samsung never,,,, u pay a fortune in phone and now Samsung Samsung issso gissso goodbye ..

  15. its the galaxy s2 which is responsible for the boom in Samsung smartphone sales… it should be updated to even 5.0….

  16. ha ha ha… This is the same problem with TouchWiz like on Galaxy s3. If my SGS3 not get 4.2.2 and SGS2 the same, Samsung lost many of people. Why HTC and Sony update few devices now. Why they don’t have problems?? Shame on you Samsung!!!

  17. Whether or not the S2 could run the 4.2.2 (which it could probably), it was released in May 2011 and received the 4.1.2 update somewhere in May 2013. That means the device got 24 month support which is longer than the 18 months Google would like to see Android devices supported by manufacturers.

    People who are complaining here should go and buy a HTC phone then. See how much support/updates you will get then :’)


  19. I cannot understand your complaints..
    Nobody really neads these silly little updates like android 4.2.2 or 4.3, because there isn´t any noticeable difference!
    I would more prefer a new touchwiz version with some new smart functions because I am getting really tired of my GS2.

    • My biggest complaint is the GS2 is more than capable of running 4.4 letalone 4.2.2, I have 4.3 on mine simply to force 4xMSAA without a 3rd party driver like chainfire, I for one would like to use my devices GPU to its full potential and seing as 4xmsaa has virtually no performance impact on the mali-400 it’s almost criminal it isn’t an option out of the box.

  20. This wouldn’t bother me if Samsung could just release the proper sources! That way we could have decent working custom ROMs! Fucking Samsung…

  21. if u not making 4.2 then atleast make the 4.1.2 proper 4.1.2 just fuking the phone some time bootlooping or sometime battery drain issue is there….

  22. Samsung very bad! first the delays on android 4.2.2 on galaxy s3 & note 2 and now no more upgrades to the s2…. :(
    do you see the worse profits on HTC this quarter??? this is for its upgrades politicy!!!
    what are you doing different with yours customers this year??? I don’t buy a galaxy s4, so Please continue offer new official firmwares and optimise the fuck TouchWiz!!! Because if you don’t change, we will buy other labels such as Apple o Nexus which yes UPGRADEE THEIR SAMRTPHONES!!!!

    • you have said all in shorts words, totaly agree

  23. I realy hope that this info is not true. They showed list of phones that are going to get 4.2 and S2 is on that list. Touchwiz on 4.1 is almost the same as on 4.2.

  24. What a piece of trash company if this is true. I know all you sycophants like to defend Sucksung at every turn and point to companies doing worse (as if that would make it alright) but this is a disgrace. The waiting. The delayed releases. No official information whatsoever from Samsung. Buggy releases if they ever show up. No source code and documentation for the SOC. I feel like an enormous fool for not doing more research before I got the S2. I just assumed that all the good things I had read about the S1 and community collaboration would carry over to the S2. My mistake clearly. Now I know better. Question is though if it’s enough to boycott Sucksung. Not even the Nexus devices are truly safe when you think about it. None of them run on truly open hardware either even if you are at least guaranteed prompt upgrades. If you ask me, Google should buy ARM and sell their own goddamned open SOCs, if they are at all serious about open source and all.

  25. Back all your files up (data, apps, your super private nekkid wife + gf + other ppl’s gf media files and settings), root and flash any latest AOSP based ROM to your liking. Done and done..

  26. Android fan guys never buy skinny version of android better to go with nexus or moto devices

  27. Galaxy nexus got updated to 4.3 which is less power than s2 40 million sold really shame samsung

  28. My last smart phone and tablet s2 and 7.7

  29. My next smartphone and tablet motox or nexus and tablet new nexus 10 or new nexus 7 atleast will get updates regulary every year

  30. Apple updated their very old iphone 3gs till ios 6 really shame samsung if dont improve update policy google nexus and moto will take the crown

  31. Google moto x will be annouce 1august 2013 google it google spend million to promote that

  32. Next big thing google moto x its own smartphones manufacturer company

  33. 40 million!!!….WTF samsung???

  34. Bloatware!! Wonder why..

  35. what the hell samsung??????????IF the grand can support 4.2 whats it in front of the galaxy note????????u cannot leave ur mom just because u got a new wife:/

  36. what the hell samsung??????????IF the grand can support 4.2 whats it in front of the galaxy note????????u cannot leave ur mom just because u got a new wife:/

  37. Simply…They want us to buy S3 and S4 and forget our marvellous and old S2 to spend money AGAIN…

  38. fucking touchwiz! i want the update 4.2.2 for my S2 GT i9100. it is imposible. s2 plus get 4.2.2 and S2 not? common

  39. Ace II’s hardware is almost the same as S II. Is that mean it won’t recieve 4.2.2 either? :S

  40. hallo:
    Herrliche Nachrichten für alle, die ein Galaxy S 2 hat, das Gerät auf die Version 4.2.2 aktualisiert werden, haben Sie durch das Senden Samsung hat mir gesagt, dass das Gerät aktualisiert werden, und Sie haben eine SMS-Nachricht, die ich von Samsung erhalten:

    Hallo Herr Masur,

    Sie teilen uns mit, dass Sie sich für ein Update Ihres Samsung Galaxy SII auf Android 4.2.2. interessieren. Verständlich, das Sie sich an uns wenden, gern informieren wir Sie.

    Unsere Entwickler passen die Software sorgfältig Ihrem Samsung [Modell benennen] an. Damit diese absolut zuverlässig arbeitet, durchlaufen neue Firmware-Versionen einen aufwendigen Entwicklungs- und Qualitätssicherungsprozess. Auch die Mobilfunkprovider, mit denen wir eng zusammenarbeiten, führen eigene Qualitätssicherungsmaßnahmen durch. Deshalb kann es vorkommen, dass die einzelnen Versionen zu verschiedenen Terminen veröffentlicht werden.

    Sie werden aber automatisch über die PC-Software „Kies“ oder einen Hinweis auf Ihrem Mobiltelefon informiert, sobald ein Update für Ihr Samsung Galaxy SII verfügbar ist.

  41. i dont know why sucksung will not update SGS2 ??
    apple will update her iphone 4 to ios 7
    htc too !! but why not samsung ??

  42. samsung team …sir plz.update sg s2 to 4.2.2..iam waiting for it……….please………..

  43. no no no , samsung team , please update 1 try,

  44. heh i should buy Iphone in the first place……samsung Policy are miserable

  45. It’s sad. That’s all i can say. Samsung developpers mmust work with XDA guys. They will find solution. It looks like a joke.

  46. Noo Samsung please fix it this touchwiz.. Samsung is the best of developers it’s possible


  48. We can confirm that the newer Galaxy S II Plus will be getting Android 4.2.2 but
    Galaxy s2 Rip _____________________

  49. Then if you need 4.2.2 go buy new phone if you need 4.3 go buy another phone

  50. Thank you for the nice Samsung Galaxy S2, now go to the other in a smartphone.

  51. I really like my GS2, I really happy because Samsung update my phone to 4.1.2. But the GS2+ have 4.2.2, and the GS2? I don’t understand that

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