Samsung announces 4K content deal with 20th Century Fox, Netflix and Amazon

Samsung is aggressively pushing its line of 4K TVs, but has found little success thus far. One of the main reasons for this is the dearth of original 4K content. Samsung is looking to fix that by offering a hard drive that comes pre-loaded…


Samsung has a Glassless 3D UHD TV and 8K TV in the works

A Bendable TV and a monstrous 105-inch curved UHD TV are good and all but how about we peek in the future? At the CES 2014 last week, Samsung was showing off some interesting prototypes that gave a glimpse of what might come from the world'…


Samsung: Cost-competitive OLED TVs to arrive in three to four years

In an interview with USA Today, HS Kim, executive vice president of Visual Display Business, said that the prices of OLED televisions will likely take three to four years to come down to levels that the average consumer can afford. The unf…


Samsung’s 105-inch and 85-inch ‘bendable’ televisions to hit retail later this year

Samsung recently unveiled two new Ultra HD televisions at CES, one a 105-inch monster and the other a "bendable" 85-inch beauty, and now the company has revealed that both TVs will be launched for the general consumer in the second half of…


Samsung announces U9000 and U8550 UHD televisions at CES 2014

Today at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Samsung has unveiled the U9000 and U8550 UHD (Ultra High Definition) Televisions. The U9000 features a curved display panel, whereas the U8550 sports a flat display panel. Samsung will offer curved 4K televis…


Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HD TV goes on sale

A TV with a 105-inch screen is already one of the biggest you'll see, but a couple of more inches of screen estate can never hurt, and as a result, Samsung has announced the world's first 110-inch Ultra HD TV. The gigantic TV will be shown…


Samsung’s 2014 smart TVs to come with new interface features, including finger gestures

Samsung's smart TVs will be getting smarter in 2014, as the company has announced that along with improved hardware (like a curved 105-inch Ultra HD TV), its 2014 smart TVs will come with enhanced convenience and ease of use features. Voice…


Samsung reveals world’s first 105-inch Curve UHD TV

CES begins early next month and Samsung has announced one of the products that will grace the show floor in Las Vegas. They'll showcase the world's first, largest and most curved 105-inch Curved UHD TV. This new TV will take over from the 6…



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