Is this the first press render of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Probably not

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be officially unveiled at IFA 2017, but various leaks, reports and rumors have already started pouring in. We recently spotted the device running Android 7.1.1 Nougat in HTML5Test’s database. Now, an alleged press render of the Galaxy Note 8 has appeared on the Internet. It appears like a stretched Galaxy S8+. We personally don’t think that it’s an official press render. It could be a fan-made render of the Galaxy Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to feature a 6.3-inch QHD Infinity Display, a 12MP+13MP dual-sensor setup for the rear-facing camera, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with autofocus, and stereo speakers. The Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly use a Galaxy S8-like fingerprint reader at its back. The US variant of the phablet could also be the first phone to use the Snapdragon 836 SoC. Images of the front panel of the smartphone were leaked a few minutes ago.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Press Render


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10 days 5 hours ago

The Note 7 fiasco led me to buy the V20, the removable battery is clutch! For those who like new tech but hate enclosed batteries I suggest you do the same.

10 days 19 hours ago

Red The Color of Fire ,, interesting

10 days 22 hours ago

Is it not strange that every phone made from now on will be hiding an embedded battery…just to keep the world of slick blooming?
How about “ALSO” catering to those who hate a trapped battery inside a phone?…Surely there is a market for removable batteries in phones ….a big big market if it is allowed to be….
Think about other points of view in order to make real intelligence shine through…..Slick phones with trapped batteries …..Not for me thank you..
I will window shop but I will not be buying….my Notes 3 and 4 will be around a while longer…or until they give up the ghost…I have true regard for phones with instantly removable batteries… SIMPLES…

10 days 23 hours ago

It’ll be 6.4 inches and it’s about time. The Galaxy Note has been 5.7 inches since three generations ago enough.

My S8plus has been an excellent glorious experience since April 19th especially battery life wise nothing tops the S8plus period.

I look forward to the Note8 in September definitely battery will be definitely stellar.

11 days 18 hours ago

Without a removable battery? No thank you….

11 days 15 hours ago

Still looking for removable battery from samsung in 2017??

10 days 22 hours ago

Oh Yes…still looking….but I know it is futile…and so now I am just crying foul…that is all…

11 days 21 hours ago

I`ll take it.I miss note series.

11 days 21 hours ago

No thanks.
6.3 inch is too big, maybe a 6inch,
The size of the note 7 without bezels thats the perfect size, but they continue with 18.5 /9 that makes the phone to much tall for one hand usage,
Maybe next year we use a tablet in the pocket.

11 days 21 hours ago

IMO, this phone is not a stretched S8+. Its edge appears to be more square-ish than S8+.

11 days 22 hours ago

In these last years the quality of sammobile really dropped a lot

11 days 22 hours ago

I have been a daily reader for 4 years now and I think they’re just getting better. I have been noticing that other readers will try to insult the authors, who put in a lot of work.

11 days 21 hours ago

Wake up, it’s a fake image already declared

11 days 19 hours ago

We know that ass, it’s in the story.

11 days 22 hours ago

If it comes in Red, I’m completely sold!

11 days 13 hours ago

If not blue like the N7 then red would be nice. Black and grey is boring

11 days 22 hours ago

I think I might go either Orchid gray or Jet black this time. But imagine a red “Spiderman: Homecoming”-edition!