Galaxy S5


UK retailer confirms Galaxy S5 sales twice that of Galaxy S4 on launch day

Well, if you thought the reports of the Galaxy S5 outselling its predecessor by a comfortable margin were far-fetched, then maybe a statement from an actual retailer confirming the same will be enough to make you believe that Samsung's newe…


Galaxy S5 gets shot by .50-caliber sniper rifle

What do you do when you have an arsenal of guns and an abundance of bank balance to buy new mobile devices whenever you wish at your disposal? Well, if you're Richard Ryan, you pick your favorite weapon and pit it against the latest gadget…


Ting is offering the Galaxy S5 for $597

The Galaxy S5 is available at all major carriers around the world, but an unlocked version will set you back at least $699. However, prepaid carrier Ting is offering the Galaxy S5 for just $597. Ting is a MVNO that utilises Sprint’s bandw…


Download Booster hidden on Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S5 models, can be activated

Verizon and AT&T variants of the Galaxy S5 were found to be missing the Download Booster feature - which combines Wi-Fi and LTE connections to increase download speeds of files larger than 30MB - that Samsung has been touting ever since…


Report: Samsung expects to ship 35 million Galaxy S5s in three months

It was earlier reported that the Galaxy S5 has enjoyed strong sales on the first day of launch, selling almost 1.3 times more than its predecessor did on its debut. This has given analysts some hope about the new flagship's prospects in the…


Galaxy S5′s fingerprint scanner can be easily hacked

Just three days after the launch of the Galaxy S5, it has been discovered the device’s fingerprint scanner suffers from the same issues that have plagued earlier implementations by Apple and others. A security research firm from Germany c…


Galaxy S5 bill of materials stands at $256, display the costliest component

The Galaxy S5, which went up for sale on April 11 and broke launch day sales records of its predecessor, costs about $256 to build, according to a teardown analysis by market research firm IHS. According to IHS, the cost of components (or…


Amazon is offering Verizon’s Galaxy S5 for $99 on two-year contract

The Galaxy S5 is now available at all major carriers, but if you have decided to wait a while before getting the handset, you’re in luck. Amazon is offering Verizon’s variant of the Galaxy S5 for just $99, which is a $100 discount on a…




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