Galaxy S5 can survive a fall from 1,000 feet [Video]

If someone asked you to throw your phone off of the roof to see whether it survives the fall, you’d probably not listen to them because you would reasonably expect your phone to shatter upon impact. You’d also reasonably expect it to meet a similar fate after being sucked out of a plane at 1,000 feet. That’s not what happened with this Galaxy S5, though.

A video has been posted on YouTube which allegedly shows the Galaxy S5 being sucked out of an airplane at 1,000 feet and free falling into someone’s yard. This happened while the phone’s owner was recording video of another plane mid-air.

The video has been posted on YouTube by the owner Blake Henderson’s nephew Robert Ryan. The video starts off with a clear landscape for the first few seconds before the phone is apparently sucked out of the plane and it begins its rapid fall.

It lands in someone’s yard and just lays there while the men in the yard chat and go about their business as usual. They discover the phone several minutes later and wonder where did it come from.

The phone was eventually returned to its true owner and we got to see the miraculous survival of this Galaxy S5. One wonders whether the handset would have survived the fall if it landed on the pavement. Probably not.


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A child’s dream come true: a phone falling from the sky.


Samsung’s designs were pretty good once. Built to last, built to be practical. Grippy, durable, tough. Nowadays they’re built to be all shiny, slippery and fragile. And yet the media keeps hammering on us that their new designs are better than the old ones…

Damn, I miss the old Samsung.


I think this is a fake video, I have seen a 10,000 ft drop test with the S6 and iPhone and it didn’t spin wildly like that. and if it did. you’d see different things not the same landscape just distorted. it remains filming the landscape until it finally lands. there’s no visual descent.