Another claimed Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo leaks

Today website GforGames received a tip. Inside the tip there was a photo of probably a prototype of the Galaxy Note III. GforGames isn’t sure if this is a prototype of the Galaxy Note III. One thing is sure this device looks to be bigger than the rumoured 5.99”.

The Samsung Galaxy Note III is rumoured to feature a 5.99″ sAMOLED display, 13 megapixel camera, octa-core or snapdragon 800 processor. S Pen functions. Android 4.2.2 or 4.3 and Samsung’s own Touch-Wiz Nature UX. We expect Samsung to announce the Galaxy Note III at IFA 2013 in Berlin this year.


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  1. Maybe that’s the Note 3, but the design is likely to be different because one has just been leaked before the S4 prototype, and it was only one prototype. I do not think that this re-design was subjected to.

  2. Please don´t leak horrible designs :D

  3. It looks like a tablet next to the x peria z

    • Xperia Z is his baby in this picture :))

    • That is not a Xperia Z, the Sony has not a physical button at bottom also, the speaker is different and the frontal camera is on the left, not right

  4. thats a floor not a phone….and as above said design is horrible..

  5. the phone on the right is not Xperia Z XZ does note have a physical home button and if it happens to be a 5″ phone then by using measures and ratios the middle phone should be about a 7.5″ so the middle thing is definitely a tab

  6. I would say that the phone on the right it’s the s2, even though the home button seems a bit rounder. It has TouchWiz, anyway… And that’s a horrible design? I find that design great, hope they finally get rid of the eggs…

    • That is not the s2. The s2 has rounder corners.

      I think its the new galaxy mega 5.8 and the galaxy mega ultra super deluxe 8.5.

  7. yeah! the design is great, perfect corners, screen covering most of the front, clean and elegant.

  8. Looks more like a Xperia/Galaxy S2-esque design. IMO ;)

  9. Anything Bigger than the NOTE 2 will be a diasater for Sammi.
    Wise saying, don’t change to something much BIGGER if the original one was already good. Instead of harping on increasing size, Sammi should fine tune and increase the performance of their initial Note 2 design.

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