Posted by Martin R. 2 years ago

Purple Galaxy SIII showed up for American carrier Sprint.


We know Samsung does special varieties of their flagships for different carriers around the world. So today through the twitter channel @Evleaks known for its accurate leaks, a purple/violet color Galaxy SIII  for the US carrier Sprint popped up. It is scheduled for a release around Mid-April according to Evleaks.

Its front and back is pictured in full detail and it will be an addition to the already existing colors Black, Red, Blue, White, Grey and Brown. Which is a good thing to keep your former flagship alive.




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4 comments on “Purple Galaxy SIII showed up for American carrier Sprint.

  1. ArminVB 2 years ago said:

    Looks good !

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  2. gtone339 2 years ago said:

    Is their pink too?

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  3. dello 2 years ago said:

    waow i can smell the freshness of soap bar^^

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