Why you should upgrade from the Galaxy S6 to the Galaxy S8

You’ve held on to your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge for two years. It has been faithful to you, never letting you down, but it’s been two years now. Your contract is probably up and you may be beginning to feel that the device isn’t keeping up with your needs. Samsung will gladly sell you one of the many handsets that it has released since 2015 but it would certainly appreciate if you decided to buy the Galaxy S8.

Samsung adopted a glass and metal build combination with the Galaxy S6 and seeing how well the device performed in the market, it was clear to the company that this was a winning combination. It improved on this design with the Galaxy S7 and proceeded to knock the ball out of the park with the Galaxy S8.

So, the question is, should you upgrade from the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge to the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+? The simple answer is yes and I’ll list the reasons below.


Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+

You’ve got to appreciate what Samsung has done with the new flagship’s design. It has taken the dual-edge curved display that was first introduced with the Galaxy S6 edge to new heights. Sure, it’s bigger because the displays are bigger and even weighs a fraction more than the Galaxy S6, but it’s absolutely worth it.

The Galaxy S8 basically looks like a big piece of glass from the front. The bezels are minimal, the physical home button has been removed and the display has been stretched at the top and bottom to allow for 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch panels without increasing the actual size of the handset by a significant margin.


Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 touts 1440 x 2960 pixel resolution compared to the Galaxy S6′s 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution. It’s available in 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch display sizes with impressive screen-to-body-ratios of over 80 percent.

Throw in Mobile HDR Premium support and you’re looking at a display that’s in a different class. The display itself is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which offers better protection against bumps and scratches than the Gorilla Glass 4 did on the S6 duo.



This is where the Galaxy S8 is obviously miles ahead of the Galaxy S6. It ditches the 2.1Ghz octa-core Exynos 7420 processor of the Galaxy S6 in favor of the 2.3GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 depending upon the market. The RAM has also been increased from 3GB of 4GB (South Korean consumers will even have a 6GB RAM option). The Galaxy S8 also has a faster LTE chip so it’s capable of hitting gigabit LTE speeds.

Given that the Galaxy S7 already provided a significant improvement in performance compared to its predecessor, it goes without saying that the Galaxy S8 will be in a league of its own. While the Galaxy S6 was offered in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options the Galaxy S8 is only available with 64GB. However, there’s a key difference between the two devices. The Galaxy S6 doesn’t feature a microSD card slot while the Galaxy S8 does.

Additional things to consider include the fact that it’s the first smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0, features fast charging on through wired and wireless methods, and has a USB Type-C port.



It’s much more than a simple numbers game when it comes to battery performance, but as far as the numbers are concerned, the Galaxy S8 has the lead. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ feature a 3,000mAh and 3,500mAh battery compared to 2,550mAh and 2,600mAh in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge respectively.

As someone who has been using a Galaxy S6 edge daily for the past two years, the battery leaves a lot to be desired. I often have to charge it twice a day because it just doesn’t have enough in it to power the device for a reasonably long period of time. Many are concerned that the battery packs in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are not going to be much better as far as longevity is concerned given that they will be powering significantly larger displays and more powerful hardware, but at least the S8+ should offer longer battery life thanks to the fact that it has a sizeable lead in battery capacity.

Security features


You can’t be too safe these days, can you? This is a big reason why smartphone manufacturers are focusing on improving the safety systems that secure access to a user’s device. The Galaxy S6 had a fingerprint sensor aside from conventional Android methods such as passcode, PIN and pattern.

The Galaxy S8 is miles ahead with cool new security technology like facial and iris recognition. In fact, it has the most security features onboard any device available on the market today. It even retains the fingerprint sensor, although that has been relocated to the back alongside the camera.



Those who are switching up from the Galaxy S6 will not be disappointed by the new flagship’s camera performance. The Galaxy S8 has a 12-megapixel rear camera with an improved autofocus feature (Dual Pixel), faster f/1.7 lens and larger pixels. There’s also an 8-megapixel camera on the front which supports autofocus.

The Galaxy S8 even edges out the S7 in camera performance, and the differences will certainly be more noticeable for Galaxy S6 owners, who will appreciate the improved imaging performance of Samsung’s new flagship.



The Galaxy S8 comes with Nougat out of the box while the Galaxy S6 will soon be updated to Nougat. Both handsets will eventually have the same look and feel as well as the features that are part and parcel of Nougat.

However, Samsung has set the Galaxy S8 apart from the rest of its lineup by introducing a new voice assistant called Bixby. The company says that anything you can do with a tap, Bixby can do in response to a voice command. It only has support for English and Korean languages initially but will support more down the line. Last but not the least, the S8 and S8+ will get new Android upgrades for two years down the line, while Nougat will be the final update for the S6 and S6 edge (naturally, security updates will keep coming).



Samsung wants its flagship smartphones to be known as productivity powerhouses, which is why it has launched DeX with the Galaxy S8. This feature enables the flagship to provide PC-like functionality when it’s hooked up to an external monitor using a dedicated DeX station that costs $150.

This is not something that the Galaxy S6 has and it’s obviously going to be important for those who like to take their work with them and would like to have their smartphone make life easier for them.

So there you have it. These are the biggest reasons why you should consider upgrading from the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 edge to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Sure, the latter is a bit more expensive with prices starting at $749, but those upgrading from an S6 or S6 edge should find it worth every penny.

What do you think? Are there are any features that you think make the S8 and S8+ upgrade-worthy that we might have missed? Let us know in the comments, and keep an eye out for our official Galaxy S8 and S8+ review in the coming days!

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2 months 8 days ago

Weird seeing so many negative comments stating you won’t upgrade and perfectly happy with s6/s6edge etc.
Got the s6Edge myself but already preordered the S8+ due to I personally feel the s6E starting to feel somewhat dated.
Only gripe I’ve had with the S6E is the sharp angles and shitty battery.

Camera? Side by side shots done by myself confirms that the S8 really IS a good improvement over the s6 camera, wished though they bumped MP up to S6 level.

Battery life on the S8+ should be around 7h+ Screen on time from early tests and that’s encouraging.
Tried Samsung pay here in Sweden and it works really good, that alone makes me want to upgrade.

Always hated the physical home button Samsung stubbornly​ kept and thrilled to see it gone and finally being able to set back button in it’s correct location.

Bixby? Couldn’t care less until it works good in multiple languages and until then the HW button will be remapped to camera or Google Assistant (thank you XDA)

And yes, the new screen… It’s gorgeous and I’m not to worried about the aspect ratio, the s6e really feels like a tiny screen after my time with the S8+
Gaining lots of screen but without the humongous chin and top like i have on my Nexus 6P I have as a spare phone experimenting with, hardly as pocketable like the S8+ haha!

Also, new tech should be fun :) yes it’s disappointing that fingerprint reader wasn’t merged into screen and got slapped onto the back but at least my finger falls pretty close the FPR naturally,but I’m pretty sure the days of huge new revolutionary changes on each yearly release are over and I’m betting most will be unhappy with the S9 release as well….

If the pixel 2 release wasn’t at least 8-10 months off and might never be released in Sweden that would been a great contender and likely will be a worthy upgrade for those skipping the S8/S8+.

Damn, way longer rant then I intended to write. Sorry about that.

2 months 9 days ago

I have S6 edge and I’m not going to by S8 or any Samsung phones. First , my phone still good in every way “except battery” and I usually change my phone after 3 or 5 years. Secondly, late updates, My phone should be running noeget and still not received yet.
My next phone will be Google phone ( pixel, Nexus or whatever its​ name in future).

McLaren Zonda
2 months 9 days ago

All these useless face recognition/iris sensors, but can’t even include an IR Blaster! I thought Samsung wanted to be the most functional… The LG G6 has one. The batteries are still mediocre. Maybe new Pixels or OnePlus!

Dijon Dupre
2 months 9 days ago

After the explosive failure of the Note 7 I went back to my S6edge+. I love this phone. Battery life sucks because I’m a gamer but other than that this phone is awesome. I will be upgrading to the S8+ as soon as possible though. Was going to hold out til the Note 8 release but I think the S8+ will be a great phone

2 months 9 days ago

But if you have G920I variant like I do, you should never upgrade to S8 or any other Samsung device. My S6 is still relevant and doing good, but the Samsung update policy is what got on my nerves. So, probably there won’t be another Samsung device in the household after the S6.

2 months 9 days ago

That was my Idea. Change s6e+ to s8+. But…. no 4k screen(VR experience would be awesome) still shitty battery since I am very heavy phone user(3-4h of playing games daily) and I must charge my current phone 2 times a day. Last but not least, screen on my s6e+ broke while night charging(no physical impact to the screen) and service does not respect it as a guarantee repair. I wanted to sell my s6e+ add SOME funds and buy new s8. Probably s6e+ will be my last Samsung device(S2, S3, S4, Alpha, Note 10.1 2014 Edition, S6 Edge+)
Time to switch.

2 months 10 days ago

Though I have the capability to recontract already, I still wont upgrade my S6 to the S8 because I’m waiting for commercial deployment of 5G, in short: S9

2 months 9 days ago

You are holding out for 5G? You do realise that there isn’t any kind of commercial deployment planned for several years, even the most optimistic trials aren’t expected to finish before 2019 so you are more likely looking at the S11 or up before this becomes available.

2 months 9 days ago

Seems like you never watched MWC 2017 properly, or am I?
It took me 2 years since 4G launched in Singapore to join, not gonna let that happen with 5G

2 months 9 days ago

Join the upgrade program and you can get to use both! lol

2 months 10 days ago

Mix feeling for S6 users here. Though, as a Galaxy S7 user I might hold till next years flagship instead since the S9 will have features that were missing on the S8.

aref lotfi
2 months 10 days ago

My S6 Edge still strong with custom Rom :)

2 months 10 days ago

Not worth it…. I’m probably the only one which hate the s8 design… My S6 still going strong

Dushu VacadePlus
2 months 9 days ago

You’re not alone. I hate the s8 design.

2 months 10 days ago

Won’t upgrade from S6 due to the stupid aspect ratio on the S8′s. I like the infinity display (except for the round corners) but I really hope they go back to 16:9 with the Note8. Otherwise it will be another brand this year. Maybe pixel and then I also solve the pain of waiting six months for a new Android version.

Troll Hammaren
2 months 10 days ago

Won’t buy another sumsung phone because of their update policy.

2 months 10 days ago

I decided to keep my s6 with replaced baterry with that from s7 edge. Now i can achieve 7h on screen with all day on wifi or cell date.

2 months 10 days ago

Would this work in the S6 edge as well?

2 months 10 days ago


2 months 10 days ago

i will wait for the next note, and if it will be just s8 with spen i would buy s8 for better price

2 months 10 days ago

I would not in a milliom years replace my sparkling golden S6 edge+ to this dark ugly piece of plastic. The display.. whatever ok maybe a little fancier but the general looks and the colour of the device is a dealbreaker for me. And as for the camera too, I think its a downgrade :/ the level of detail, HDR mode and even the S8+ flash is a little shy

2 months 10 days ago

Its not plastic firstly. and secondly, Samsung released a kill switch for Galaxy S6 edge+ users here in the UK if you were unlucky enough to download it. The “security patch” for July brought with it a HUGE bug that kept my phone constantly at 40+ degrees Celsius. meaning the battery rapidly degraded. the August patch didn’t fix it and it was only until September patch did it stop heating up. Now, and since then. my battery has been ridiculously poor (performance is still top grade) but I cannot get more than 2 hours screen on time. Samsung would not replace my battery, or rather; it would take weeks (more likely months) for them to repair it. The camera downgrade is just the aspect ratio for the highest quality. I wish it was 16:9 as I really don’t like 4:3 but the picture quality is better on the S7 edge, and therefore the S8s will be better. I am looking forward to keeping my S6 edge+ as a back up device, because it is a brilliant device. I would have waited for the Note8 or even the Note9 if only the battery hadn’t gotten SO bad.

2 months 9 days ago

You do realize its now April, and you would of had more updates?

2 months 10 days ago

So you’re rewarding them killing your current phone by buying their most expensive phone yet?

Curious. They’re going to wonder why they don’t do that kind of thing more often.

2 months 9 days ago

Because I have had many Samsung devices in the past and it is the first time its done it, I called it a bug and sure hope it was just that. rest assured, if it does happen again, I will be making a complaint against them.

2 months 10 days ago

Oh what a coincidence … Samsung always does that, been seeing it since Nexus S (the Samsung’s first Galaxy) …

2 months 10 days ago

Did something similar to my note 4. After the last update i can’t charge it past 80 percent and the battery is quite new since i had to replace it recently, and i’m not the only note 4 user with this problem. I really don’t feel like giving Samsung my money anymore.

2 months 9 days ago

sounds more like a defect in your replacement battery as my Note 4 has the latest updates and no problems with charging.

2 months 10 days ago

It’s an easy upgrade hence the 600,000 Pre-ordered in Korea and the fact that everyone is Preordering the S8Plus in the United States.

It’s pretty much plain and simple carriers make it easy for you to upgrade every year and if you haven’t in two years then it’s because you don’t have the money.

I happily Pre-ordered my S8Plus Orchid Gray March 30th my cases are on deck as well as my Samsung 256gb sdcard on in the house.

At the end of the day you gotta pay to play no excuses out with old in with new #NothingBeatsSamsung

2 months 9 days ago

#NothingBeatsSamsungButSamsungBeatsYou into spending more of your money for less functionality :)

2 months 10 days ago

I’ll be keeping my S6 with a nice, comfy flat display and saving myself £700, thanks very much.

2 months 10 days ago

Upgrading from S5 here, already pre-ordered the S8+ midnight black c:

2 months 10 days ago

Sorry but no IR blaster and the placement of the finger print reader are deal breakers for me. I’ll keep my S6 and wait till the S9.

2 months 10 days ago

Yes, I will upgrade from my S6 edge to the S8+. I like it so much

2 months 10 days ago

I’ll be keeping my S6 edge until Samsung decides to bring back the IR blaster. It’s a deal breaker for me!

2 months 9 days ago

You got my vote, nothing can replace a good old-fashioned IR Blaster, it has saved me numerous times from situations where a remote is absent…

2 months 10 days ago

I really miss the IR blaster too. I wish they would just bring it back. Those who never used it have no clue how functional and convenient it is – it lets you control any device everywhere you go with your phone. I even used mine in hotel rooms when I traveled.

Asaduzzaman Abir
2 months 10 days ago

Still I don’t get any reason to upgrade from S6 to S8. Except infinity display everything is good in S6 and Nougat is also available for S6!

2 months 10 days ago

I’ll take the display on the S6 over the Gimmicky Display any day.

2 months 10 days ago

The camera should be a consideration. Much better in low light than s7 but less details

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