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Samsung stresses that it has no plans to launch a range of OLED TVs in 2017


Last updated: May 4th, 2016 at 08:55 UTC+01:00

Earlier this year, a report was published by the OLED Association predicting that Samsung would reintroduce an OLED TV lineup in 2017. Shortly after the article broke cover, the Vice President of Samsung Display, Park Dong-Gun, revealed that the firm had been conducting extensive internal research on OLED panels, but had no plans to mass produce them. Two month’s later, the President and TV Chief of Samsung Electronics, Kim Hyun-Seok, has reaffirmed that the company has no intentions to manufacture OLED TVs. However, according to The Korea Herald, his “tone and manner was stronger than ever,” which indicates that it may have something else up its sleeve for the upcoming lineup of televisions it’s expected to showcase at CES 2017.

Although OLED boasts more accurate and vibrant picture quality compared to the standard LED display, Samsung has remained skeptical about adopting it for its next generation of TVs as it believes the market is not ready for the emerging technology due to the higher price tag it carries, which is caused by the tricky production process. The multinational corporation remains adamant that it’s more cost-effective to bring its newly-developed cadmium-free 10-bit Quantum Dot panel to a wider range of TVs as it already has the manufacturing facilities in place to produce them on a larger scale. It also claims that Quantum Dot outpaces current OLED TVs in terms of clarity and brightness, so it makes more sense for it to stick to the market it’s already at the top of, instead of dabbling in an over-saturated one.

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