Samsung Display will decide on mass production technology for OLED TV panels in May

It has been a while since Samsung pushed OLED TVs, the company did introduce some OLED TV models which were later removed from the lineup, but it was reported last month that the company is expected to reintroduce OLED TVs next year. A new report out of Korea claims that Samsung Display is going to decide on mass production technology for OLED TV panels by May this year.

Samsung is said to be testing a technology which combines CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and inkjet printing device, however the company will decide on the exact technology by May after looking at the results from the tests. The company is currently developing a new technology for mass producing OLED panels by using organic CND and inkjet printing methods alternatively. Samsung Display is believed to be using this method to reduce production cost while improving performance and that it’s going to prepare for mass production of OLED panels by using WOLED (White OLED) method to further reduce production costs. Samsung is expected to introduce OLED TVs with HDR and 8K resolution next year to better compete with LG in the high-end TV market.

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