Rumor: Galaxy Note 4 UV sensor tracking speed to be 500 milliseconds

Last week, we published exclusive info we had received on the Galaxy Note 4, including details on its screen resolution and the new Exynos chip that will be powering it. Our source had also told us that the Galaxy Note 4 will pack a UV sensor on the front, a feature never before seen on a smartphone, and today we’ve got some more information on this sensor. Rather, it’s only a tiny detail that we’ve learned, though it is something that should be filed under the rumor category – apparently, this UV sensor will be able to track UV rays/radiation every 500 milliseconds.

Alas, that is the only information we were given, and it’s rather vague at best. Also, we’re still no closer to learning what this UV sensor will be used for. It could allow for better auto brightness when the phone is used outdoors, helping Samsung’s continued attempts to improve the outdoor visibility of its Super AMOLED displays, or it could be used to warn users when, you know, the sun is too hot, which would probably make a nice addition to the S Health app.

However, we will have to wait for more concrete details to find out just what purpose the UV sensor serves, and whether it changes the way we use a smartphone in any meaningful way.

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  1. i don’t know what to say but this so much gimmick and useless seriously / i will keep my note 3 9005

    • Ok so when you got your child with you, you do not want to know the radiation. A lot of skin cancer these days.

      This feature is better than the Heart Rate sensor.

      This could seriously prevent you from to much radiation on your skin.

      • Great point. ..i honestly don’t know how we’ve survived for all these hundreds of millions of years without a uv sensing phone?? I mean im sure our ancestors would still be cavemen hiding from that nasty sun had they note had a galaxy note to tell “uv rays grab your shades and sunscreen before you go hunting wooly mamouth” hahahha i mean this is definite a standard must have if only…for the children lol I’m sorry you can’t be serious here dude its called common sense. If you need an app to tell you be cautious of the massive orange ball of radioactive material in the sky you need an app to catch a clue lol

        • Lol :D that sarcasm at the beginning… I totally agree with you.

      • You probably think we dont need medicine. Well our ancestors did not live over 40!! Now people are staying strong in their 80s and doing well. So yes you need medicine to stay alive and you need stupid s h i t like these sensors to protect yourself from the radiation that is much worsened!! BTW the hart rate sensor I do use it much because i have hart condition and i know people who are using it just for fun when running or even drinking, it is a fun tool that will keep you entertained for a year.

        • Are you serious? My grandpa’s father lived for 119 years and as i can remember they didn’t had a UV sensor, neither modern medicine, they got a farm, harvest their own vegetables and stuff and lived almost twice than today’s people.

      • btw why do you have water in your house, electricity all this electronics if you think you are better of this s h i t

  2. I reckon that this could be useful that the fact it can detect radiation in every 5 milliseconds. Heck I want it to detect if my smartphone overheats or it suffers from radiation sickness.

  3. heeeyyy ComeOn…
    just solve battery life,exynos heater!,samsung app download speed,ohhh plastic body of note 3,gear 2 tizen and gear manager bugs and problems and and and…
    we dont need any uv or heart rate sensor…..
    but… ilove u samsung ;)

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