Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 breakdown, SM-G906 clarification


Last updated: June 15th, 2014 at 21:19 UTC+01:00

We have come across new exclusive information regarding the specifications of the Note 4 and other upcoming Samsung devices. We already posted back in April about the Samsung’s upcoming hardware platforms, and today we can confirm, and correct several points.

While the “KQ” / “kqlte” phone that was previously reported was supposed to be an upcoming device, we can now confirm that this device in this particular form was probably cancelled. Suggestions about the S5 being initially planned to be released with a “Prime” version, with the aforementioned specs, seem to make sense. However, industry reports that Samsung is ramping up high volume 20nm production only in July, thwarting these previous plans.

Due to this delay, the Exynos 5430 seems to already have been superseded by an Exynos 5433 as its successor. We have yet to confirm what this change means in terms of specification differences, but expect it to be an overhauled and faster version. The chip goes by the “HelsinkiPro” codename, whereas the 5430 was “Helsinki”.

This blurries the line what the G906 (codename lentislte) is – the Lentis project it is not a direct successor to the S5 in the proper sense. The device features a Snapdragon 805 chipset with FHD screen in its most recent variation – and it is a Korean-only release with variants for the big three Korean carriers; SKT, LGU, and KTT. We also suggest that this device will include the same updated camera sensor that will also be found on the Note 4. We will also be seeing the G906 in the imminent future.

What device ends up being the rumoured Galaxy F is still unknown, however we can confirm that a S5 successor “kcat6” with the 5433 and Intel XMM7260 combination is on its way. The Galaxy F will undoubtedly have the same hardware specifications.

Regarding the Note 4, model name N910, we can confirm that we will see two versions of the device: First one with the Snapdragon 805 for the North American, Korean, Chinese and Japanese market, with the following carrier model breakdown:

– Sprint : trltespr
– AT&T : trlteatt
– T-Mobile : trltetmo
– Verizon : trltevzw
– U.S. Cellular : trlteusc

– SK Telecom : trlteskt
– LG Uplus : trltelgt
– KT : trltektt
– China open : trltezn
– China Mobile : trltezm
– China open (duos version) : trlteduoszn
– China Telecom (duos version) : trlteduosctc

– DoCoMo : trltedcm
– KDDI by au : trltekdi

All other markets will receive a variant with the Exynos 5433, among which also the international version which we will be seeing in Europe and other parts of the world (trlte_eur – N910F). This version is accompanied also by Intel’s XMM7260 Cat. 6 modem. Whether Intel will be supplying the modem for the Snapdragon version is yet to be confirmed, but highly likely as Qualcomm’s Gobi 9×35 modem will not be ready for the summer time-frame.

We confirm that the device is shipping with an AMOLED QHD screen, but can’t say more on its display size. It contains the same sensor array as the S5 currently disposes of, but adds an UV sensor to the lot.

Finally, we exclusively report that the Note 4 will come with a 16MP OIS camera module manufactured by Sony. The IMX240 has officially not yet been announced, so we do not know what other improvements Sony’s new generation sensor is capable of, and if it is able of the same picture quality than Samsung’s own ISOCELL sensor that is used in the S5. The front camera remains the same unchanged 2MP sensor as in the S5.

We will keep you updated in the following weeks and months as the information pours in.

Guest written by Andrei F.

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