Samsung officially confirms no KitKat for Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) and Galaxy S III mini

Here at SamMobile, we get asked all sorts of questions, and in recent months, a recurring query has been about whether the Galaxy S III would be receiving an update to KitKat. There were many signs that it had been cancelled, but then recently, Sprint started rolling out KitKat to its variant of the Galaxy S III (which sports 2GB of RAM, like all US variants), raising hope that the international variant would get it as well. But a leaked document that we published yesterday once again said that the international model would not be updated, so we reached out to Samsung for clarification, and the response we’ve got is going to disappoint a lot of folks.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy S III mini are not capable of running KitKat smoothly as both have only 1GB of RAM, which has apparently not been enough to get KitKat working properly on either device. Here’s the official statement that we received:

“In order to facilitate an effective upgrade on the Google platform, various hardware performances such as the memory (RAM, ROM, etc.), multi-tasking capabilities, and display must meet certain technical expectations. The Galaxy S3 and S3 mini 3G versions come equipped with 1GB RAM, which does not allow them to effectively support the platform upgrade. As a result of the Galaxy S3 and S3 mini 3G versions’ hardware limitation, they cannot effectively support the platform upgrade while continuing to provide the best consumer experience. Samsung has decided not to roll-out the KitKat upgrade to Galaxy S3 and S3 mini 3G versions, and the KitKat upgrade will be available to the Galaxy S3 LTE version as the device’s 2GB RAM is enough to support the platform upgrade.” – Samsung Mobile UK

This is as official as things can get, and Samsung’s statement confirms our fears of the amount of RAM being the issue. Now, before you say “but KitKat supports 512MB RAM devices and is running on a couple of new Samsung devices with 512MB of RAM already!”, we will point out that KitKat runs fine with that amount of memory only on stock Android, which does not have any of the added features or bloat that Samsung (and other non-Nexus phones come with.) Also, the newer Samsung devices are running a lighter and newer version of TouchWiz that debuted on the Galaxy S5, which we’re guessing is something Samsung doesn’t want to bring to the Galaxy S III as it would affect sales of its newer devices (and not to mention those low-end devices don’t have all the features that you would find on flagship devices.)

In any case, it looks like Android 4.3 is the last update the Galaxy S III will get (and Android 4.2 on the S III mini), and the official statement should finally put the matter to rest. The Galaxy S III had a good run, going from Android 4.0 to Android 4.3 since launch, but it looks like Samsung won’t be extending any further update love to one of its best-selling smartphones.

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  1. They become more and more like Apple !!! No Support for older devices because they earn more money with the new devices.

    • “They become more and more like Apple !!! No Support for older devices” … Just so you know…. the 4 year old iPhone 4 is updated to the latest OS version. :)

      • The problem is that the S3 GT-I9300 is the international version. Samsung does not care about costumers in Asia, India, Africa or latinoAmerica. We are not worth their troble.

        Of course they can make 4.4 run in 1GB. You will see all the Samsung new budget models with 512mb and 4.4 KitKat.

        The problem they do not care about us because we do not have as much money as their costumers in the US, no expensive contract. That is all.


        • If the problem is really money…..Why don´t they charge for it????


          • ….. I WILL NEVER BUY SAMSUNG AGAIN …. I’m going back to iOS devices ….

          • I’m not buying samsung

          • I WILL NEVER BUY SAMSUNG AGAIN +1 my fred with knox & region. N5 i cam for you

          • Never more !!!!

          • Farasoo devices of iran is better than samsung devices!

        • What are you talking about?? The international version is the standard version. It is sold everywhere execpt for US/Canada and a few countries in Asia…..Europe also gets the same International version as the rest…..

          • How much does Samsung pay you?

            Are you in India?

          • Samsung has failed consumers..why did they use 1Gb of ram for the international version knowing how the android platform is expanding…They dont think about future…instead of upgrading s5 to 3Gb ram they stupidly considered kikkat’s 512mb ram nonsense…so what if the next android version requires 3gb of ram to in that case s5 will not be updated…this is the end of my fanboyism

        • SAMSUNG Stinks….
          I like S3 but Samsung suck.

        • There are no new samsung devices with 512mb ram and kitkat, Samsung have added so much bloatware that they need more than 1gb ram to run the OS. Adrien Isen posted a video about kitkat on the note 2 which has 2GB ram and just for the os to run at a basic level with a Touchwiz Kitkat rom, you need nearer to 700mb ram meaning there wouldn’t be nearly enough ram free to use the phone properly. Hence why they’re releasing kitkat for the LTE model, because it has 2GB ram, and the s4 mini is getting it because it has 1.5gb ram so both have adequate ram to run the OS. Samsung tried to get kitkat to run on the S3, Sammobile discussed this so before you get all moany about it, learn the facts first.
          It has nothing to do with expensive contracts, the money from the contracts go to the carriers who in turn give you the phone with the contract. The US variants have 2GB of ram meaning they have adequate ram so please shut up and stop coming up with false statements.

      • You don’t know battery drain. Ios7 killed 4 and 4s.

      • They discontinued the iphone 4 and 4s so no ios 8 you stock with ios 7

    • They should have put 2gb on all s3 variants.

    • They should have put 2gb on all s3 variants.

    • WHY SAMSUNG WHY?????????????????

    • so true… I gonna but the next nexus (unless it will be nexus mini)

    • SAMSUNG Stinks….
      I like S3 but Samsung suck.

    • From price point of view, you’re right; Samsung is becoming more and more pricy; but from update point of view; Apple is giving update to their years old devices; where Samsung is stopping update for their months old devices.
      But if you think Samsung stinks; what about Motorola !! Your SIII get JB, my ATRIX didn’t even get ICS !!

      But what brand is putting attention to their customers after they get their money:
      – Motorola: No (Let’s see what Lenovo will do)
      – Samsung: No
      – Sony: Seems No (read complains about it)

    • THIS NEWS MADE MY DAY!!! HA HA HA!!! GO SAMSUNG GO! I was disappointed few years ago with the first Galaxy S. I told then: “I can’t wait to see when Samsung will disappoint the future Galaxy S line users. Next device will be Galaxy S4. No more Samsung devices for me and I recommend this to all of my friends.

    • LG Optimus L9 II vs Samsung Galaxy S III.If we compare these two mobile phones.You will see that they wear almost the same spects,just L9 II has a lower front camera and dual core(but Qualcom) so not so big differences.The sarcasm in whole history is that LG updated before couple of days that mobile phone on KitKat even if both have 1gb RAM.And Samsung just lie so make it client go and upgrade their phone. GJ Samsung.They care about moneys,nth more.

    • No Samsung mobile for me in the future, switching to iphone. samsung disappoint me and am not the only one. The s3 was a disastre and the updates too :(
      I will not recommend samsung products

    • Samsung…fuck you!

    • I am a user of both S3 GT i9300 and S5 (GM – 900H), also I have a nexus 4. In my opinion, Android update itself is a problem. After 4.0 (ICS) there is JB – 4.1.1, 4.1.2,4.2.1,4.2.2,4.3 and KK – 4.4,4.4.2,4.4.3. If you closely observe, from ICS to JB (4.0 – 4.3) – S3, there wasn’t major differences in the versions except that 4.1.2 was the best update (which was there for a long time). 4.3 is a complete buggy OS which is why we are frustrated over Sammy. As for KK, there are very many features that are really convenient. Still my S5 has not received 4.4.3 and I do not expect to update also because 4.4.2 is currently stable. But my nexus 4 updated to 4.4.2 and now to 4.4.3 (which google calls it as a os patch update for issues), is not stable. Still I find issues.
      As for my S5, the OS looks and resembles Tizen OS but atleast it is a stable one. I find one reason why users are mainly angry over Sammy (including me), if an 4.X update is the last, we ant it to be stable and defined void of any issues. But as for Google, they are yet to freeze a stable OS for my Nexus 4 which is buggy and lagging. Personally I rate my S5 (All issues of S3 fixed phone) 8.9 / 10, S3 (8/10) and my nexus 4 (7/10). I think first of all android needs a complete revamp in its next OS (Call it 4.5 – Lollipop or whatever) as a stable OS for Nexus 4 phones and S3 in order to stay in market. As for Samsung, its already losing its top spot just like the Nokia phone era losing its top spot. In the next 2 years, definitely Samsung would be placed 5th or 6th in smartphone market. Android losing the top spot. In short, Google’s era in Smartphones declining.

      • exactly…that’s what all of inter. s3 owners aim to…we aim to get the most stable and the best update as a final update for galaxy s3 because we’ve consoled ourselves after watching out how 4.3 ruined galaxy s3,we’ve supposed that kitkat release may solve all these problems that made our beloved sgs3 laggy,unstable,slow and over battery drainer but all of us were shocked when news came out that s3 never gets kitkat.
        i don’t know why samsung is behaving like this when it comes to software updating but what i know is that this thing throws samsung into the flames and its name is gonna be ruined if she keeps on the same way…

  2. plaz support update for galaxy s4 active i9295 intl ok thank you samm

  3. There is no reason whatsoever why Android 4.4 should consume *more* RAM than Android 4.3 with the same TouchWiz version (as seen on the Galaxy Note 2). This argument is a joke.

    However, I am still happy with my Galaxy S3 and it had a good run from Android 4.0 to 4.3.

  4. then 512MB of ram in order to work is just bullshit made by google

    • well I am guessing kitkat supports to stock google android with 512mb ram….
      means like you should have android which is similar to that you find in nexus device….

      while our samsung devices have touchwiz with other important samsung apps like video player and music player….
      so it will lag a lot when they bring kitkat for us….

      well now I am sad because my s3 won’t get kitkat…
      so I am planning to do cyanogenmod :)
      or maybe stick with stock 4.3 till I am bored….

      • u should install cm 11

        • Do it dude, like tal121242 said. Did it myself 2 weeks ago and I don’t think my s3 have ever been this snappy and responsive. Battery is the same as 4.3 for me and I miss the low light mode and voice shutter function on the camera, but I can probably find alternative for that. But haven’t regretted showing touchwiz the door at all.

  5. Hence proved Samsung apps and that shitty TouchWiz is nothing more than pure Bloatware. Never ever gna buy a Samsung phone again. S3 will be my last. FO Samsung! !Time to move on to the new upcoming Android silver line or LG!!

  6. Embarrassing moment for GS3 users! This is really ridiculous from Samsung’s part! You are being so selfish!

  7. Will you fucking kidding me?!?!?!

  8. it was the fucking galaxy s3 who made u rich u bastard Samsung!!!!! fuck off.. go ahead samsung…go make some idiot brand of your bastard galaxy just to fool people of the world

  9. This is very bad samdung..!!!!
    I was waiting pateintly definitely not to hear this. . Getting kitkat on 1gb galaxy S3 was a big deal… However will samsung going to fix all the issues of S3 with its shitty bloatware coated touchwiz with android 4.3???
    Seriously no more samsung product in future.. sticking to stock android (nexus or upcoming android silver)..

  10. :’(

  11. fuck you

  12. So there is still hope (and waiting) for the Canadian version? We are running the SGH-I747M. With 2GB RAM. Hoping so… but I wish there would be a more official statement from Samsung and Bell.

    • fuck you

    • Samsung gs s3 i747 model and the t999L stops at Jelly Bean 4.3, Though its LTE function is great but it has a dual core processor and a 2gb ram to compliment with it., However it doesn’t meet the requirement for the 4.4 Update with Touchwiz on it.,

  13. source ?

  14. I have GT-I9300 and my next phone will be Nokia with WP and PureView! Bye, bye Samsung!!! Cheap plastic, heavy TouchWiz and no OIS in your phones! I’m return to Nokia, after 4 years with you…!

  15. Goodbye Samsung.

  16. Hey, Hey Samsung…Fuck You!!!

  17. OMG thanks god, i have the i9305 <3 so the 50 euros i paid more back in 2012 was definitely worth it :)

  18. …while continuing to provide the best consumer experience… PMSL!

  19. Fuck u Samsung shit company

  20. Samsung peut aller ce faire…… bien profond.
    Pour ma part j’étais sur qu’ils allaient donner une réponse a la Con !!!! En nous prenant pour des pigeons mais la roue tourne, le client est roi et le bouche à oreille circule très très bien !!! Et croyez moi je vais leurs fairent la plus salle pub au monde…
    Ps: petit dicton ( aujourd’hui on est roi …. demain on chien !!!


  22. We need Kitkat update!! Please share Samsung! source code for GT-i8190 !!

    Tüm samsung geliştiricileri bu sözüm size! Hepiniz bir Novafusion Takımı etmiyorsunuz! Yazıklar olsun. Samsung satın aldığım güne lanet olsun.

    All samsung developers these words to you! All of you’re not an Novafusion team. Shame on you. Damn the day that I bought the Samsung.

  23. This is bullshit as hell … GT-I9300 Intl. can run Android Kitkat 4.4.2 CM11 without RAM problems and other issues … Actually we have CM11 M6 at the moment so … but samsung like fuck us in the ass so hard. Yo dudes! Your S3 Intl. will not get update to Android 4.4.2, if you want KK on your phone you must buy new S5!.

    • CM rom isn’t Samsung’s rom with touchwizz and apps…

  24. Goodbye Samsung
    Hello Google Nexus




    • The 3G version has 1GB and 4G/LTE has 2GB.

  26. my galaxy s3 T999 t mobile has 1.56 gb of ram you can upgrade for me?

  27. A lot of upset comments. Well it’s not that it was too much effort for Samsung, so either they really can’t cram all their bloatware in 1gb or they realize that hardware much less of a limitation for normal users and thus much less of a differentiating sales point. In other words, they’re looking for excuses to not give customers too much of what the S5 has. In that case… well they can’t keep up this excuse much longer.

    On the other hand… in all the upset comments, I did’t read one comment of a user that was actually waiting for a specific feature of KitKat…

    • My S4 was using more than 800mb ram after boot.
      My S5 is using 990Mb ram after boot.

      Sure they can remove all features making them “Samsung” to save ram and then you will get a naked Android phone, but there’s no point if you are buying a Samsung, right ?

  28. Hello Iphone :)

  29. Bad decision, if this is your best-selling cell and kill it prematurely, do not expect us to buy one of their phones. Samsung prometias lot and gave us so much, but really bad.

  30. use aosp/aokp roms fr kk use :)
    they’re also better, than stock&tw crap!


  32. If problem is the RAM amount and the newer Samsung devices are running a lighter and newer version of TouchWiz, so, why Samsung is not be able to make and update lighter as well for the S3?

    • My S5 uses 990Mb ram after boot. Only design is lighter. The device is faster so you can’t see if it’s heavier or not on ressources/ram.

  33. I will never buy Samsung mobile again….

  34. Telefonun akıllı kısmını kenara bıraktık.Rehber,telefon,mesajlar,galeri açılış hızları rezalet. Sen orda burda röportaj verirken zamanında satışlardan çok memnunuz şöyle sattık böyle sattık demeyi biliyordunuz. Google diyor 512 mb ram li telefonlarda bile akıcı bir deneyim sunuyor. Lanet olası arayüzünüz kasım kasım kasılıyor. Ram yönetimi diye birşey yok. Gereksiz bir sürü özellik. İsteseniz bu telefonu uçak gibi yaparsınız dicem de. Çıkardığınız amiral gemisini de gördük. Yıl 2014 rehber 3 4 saniye de açılıyor. Bildiğiniz hakarettir bu. Oturup kazanması değil. Eğer sizde insanlık varsa ve bu yorumu birileri okuyorsa. Utanmanız varsa telefonun arkasında durur adam akıllı güncelleme verirsiniz. Yazılımınızı bir optimize edin siz önce.. Ayıptır ayıp!

  35. samsung lixo

  36. Galaxy s3 i9300 is my last Samsung Mobile…good bye..

  37. Creo que nunca voy a comprar smatphones Samsung.

  38. That’s really bad for many user and Samsung’s repetition. I have a S4 but now I doubt it will recieve any kind of update in 2015 when they announce the S6 that has everything “what we need”.

  39. Goodbye Samsung!!! I won’t buy a Samsung product anymore

  40. I swear i’ll never ever buy Samsung mobiles again

  41. That’s It… I’m keeping my SG3 with CM11 KitKat and then buying the new LG G3

  42. Samsung and SamMobile lie when say Galaxy S3 i9300 is not supported KiyKat,coz just run 1 Gb ram,(there are smartphones with 1 Gb of ram or less with KitKat),or when say update is for 18 months,(when KitKat came to market had spent less than 18 months).

    I like Samsung smartphones,and i was thinking of buying the Galaxy Note 4 next year,but now i am in doubt,buy the Samsung smartphone or the OnePlus One,or other one.

    I think users changes their smartphones every 2 years or so,even if their devices are updated,they seek new things,new sensors,hardware……,but users do not like to be deceived.

  43. what a crap… :)))))
    last week i try LG L70 (D320N)… dual core cpu, 1GB RAM and 4GB of ROM… and yes, with KK :)… and he worked like a charm… so sammy don’t treat us like idiots… we are NOT!

  44. the best selling android phone will stay on laggy 4.3 .. shame on you .. 4.1.2 works much better then 4.3 .. you should leave phone on 4.1.2. .. not on this crap of version . . never ever samsung … other like sony or htc . . left their phones on stable versions . .sham on you ..

    • yeah u r ri8
      4.1 jelly bean was much better in my galaxy s3

  45. Just vote with your wallet at next purchase…I know I will, so I won’t buy any Samsung product anymore

  46. It is always the same story… why all we are surprised? It is a pure commercial decision… The only thing we can do is to avoid to buy other Samsung phones…
    The stupidity of this politics is that around xda there are so many samples of porting/developing of kitkat roms on older devices (I still have a GT-I9001 with 512MB of ram) that has demonstrated exactly the opposite than samsung say about… now it’s the turn of S3… tomorrow will be the same story for S4 and after also S5… It would be good at least for credibility that they will change the official excuse to declare the abandon of the support for “older” devices (means no more money on their pocket)… evidently the story has become too older to be re-used every time… Did you agree?

    My 2 cents

    Hi Dan, we will keep you updated with information on the extent we have official information. Thank you and good evening to you!

  48. Hello Iphone


  49. No more samsung smartphone. People from xda can do it even for Tab 8.9 KK uprgrade. Shame on U.

  50. I took my first samsung(s3 i9300)one month and a half ago and i pay 266 euros!and i expect kit kat because this phone is one of the best samsung are ever made!this was my last samsung!

  51. This is simply stupid! They could just said that they don’t want to bring 4.4 to their most successful phone so far. It can’t run bloated 4.4 with 1gb? well 4.3 surely can’t! Where can we do something about this? Can someone give a link or a petition?

  52. Stupid! They’re not supporting the GS3 anymore. I really want the KitKat update!!! :(

    Now I have to force myself onto buying the GS5 instead….Later on.

    • Don’t buy any smartphone or product of samsung, they have horrible support for customers, buy another smartphone, and install cyanogenmod in your gs3 with 4.4.2kitkat running perfectly

  53. sadness!Samsung did not keep your promises! Means that updates the galaxy s3 (gt-i9300) will end up here? by android 4.3?

  54. samsung is dead!!! lg is live with lg g2 eating x2 at samsung s4 and s5……

  55. Time to buy apple, iphone 4 works on ios7.1 ,i m looking for new iphone device iphone6

  56. Samsung is going to disappoint millions SIII owners. Last time they skipped update 4.2.2 and made customers to wait a year to get 4.3 and released buggy update and caused lot of problems to customers and again now it will lose customers. According to me they should work on the update. Why Sammobile always back of SIII 4.4 update from a long time? I didn’t get it.

  57. Goodbye Samsung.

  58. I ‘ ll never buy samsung phone again #boycott samsung !! never never never ! always same story new phone has extended ram , extended cpu and very very bad design and very very bad price and very very bad sofware support !! s5 definitely doesnt deserve it’s price. SAMSUNG IS FALLING DOWN !! BYE BYE SAMSUNG.!! My new phone will be HTC OR APPLE.

    hey do you think is major update 4.3 ? 4.3 is full of bugs. BATTERY DRAINING , SCREEN WAKE UP PROBLEM , FREEZINGS , LAGS , BAD RAM CONTROLLING , even battery filling time is extented 2 hours to 5 hours. SAMSUNG YOU ARE CRAP !!

  59. and what about the galaxy s3 sgh t999?,
    CPU / Procesador Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260A / Krait
    Clock Procesador 1500Mhz 32bits Dual-Core
    Qualcomm Adreno 225
    16GB memory

  60. install cyanogenmod M6

  61. shit shit shit :( :|
    Goodbye Sansung… Hello HTC

  62. Samsung has made a bad decision in the long run it will cost them. 4.3 runs with touchwiz, and 4.4 would run well too since it requires less ram. If its touchwiz where the problem lies then why does 4.3 work fine with 1gb of ram on it, and if 4.4 doesnt work well and samsung need to continue to provide the best consumer experience what was 4.3 with wake up lag and bugs which are damn annoying. Everyone here has said enough about what they will do and many others will do the same myself included.

    • Because Touchwiz was heavy, and why not go to XDA and Root your s3 i9300 and install a custom 4.4.2 KitKat ROM like CyanogenMod,and etc

  63. What about korean sgs3 lte version shv e210k it has the exynos 4 quad and 2 gb ram

  64. Damn Samsung… you made all s3 gt-i9300 users Angry…
    I’m angry too…
    NO NORE samsung phone… HTC or Sony is my next

    • S3mini GT-i8190 users Angry too.!!

      • hey people… dont buy samsung anymore… Htc is good

  65. Make 4.4.2 or go to hell

  66. F***********************CK

  67. 4.4.2 kitkat :(

  68. nothing is impossible

  69. Damn Samsung… you made all s3 gt-i9300 users Angry…
    I’m angry too…
    NO NORE samsung phone… HTC or Sony is my next

  70. Lazy company. I suggest you not to buy samsung galaxy anymore because after less then 2 years your device will not get updates anymore you should buy nexus, beacause it’s cheap and has direct updates by os vendor (galaxy nexus that debuted in 2011 will not get kitkat update but until then it got updates very fast). Maybe they will learn a lesson sometimes (don’t promise your customers something that you can’t do)

  71. hehe

  72. HTC one Max ♥

  73. its really sad no kit-kat for s3 that’s making me regret not to buy note 2 when its first launched – u know s3 its not samsung best phones yeah it sells more but not powerful enough like note 2 so i really wished i have bought note 2 – well still not regret i bought samsung phones but i will never buy s-series anymore i find that note series usually get updates first and really fast note 3 before s4 and note 2 before s3 lte so you have to understand that galaxy-s can live one year and die – but note can live two years so additional money to galaxy note worth it – omg i really was the guy who laugh and saying to my friends my s3 sells more than your note 2 so its powerful more than your note – now i am really disappointing saw them enjoying there 4.4.2 and i live with my 4.3 .
    will for upset people = you may think about buying note next time am sure we will never disappointed .

  74. My wife has a intl SIII mini with 4.1.2, so, Sam will not offer an upgrade to 4.3???

    • Launched the Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.Samsung is unlikely to directly launch the Android v 4.3 Jelly Bean, but Samsung’s latest Android version launches in a row.

      • No! Never launched S3mini GT-i8190 the Android 4.2.2 and 4.3 jelly bean. Never launched! You’re wrong!

  75. you should leave 4.1.2. android as last .. not this crap .. of 4.3 .. and you will leave it for good …

  76. Why not Android Samsung v4.4.2 Kitkat for Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 and S III Mini GT-I8190? I know the cause, certainly not enough RAM and if any installed Android were slow. I suggest Android v 4.3 Jelly Bean is better suited for the Samsung Galaxy S III and S III Mini, because android is trying to improve performance for very fast and efficient battery. Android I search it in google and informed.But the Launch of the Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean first, because I get impatient waiting for the Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 and S III Mini GT-I8190.

  77. i agree with samsung decision in this case. If you have a S3, and now samsung offers s5, it is better samsung upgrade only s4 and above devices to prevent low sales of newer flagship. It is OK samsung with your decision. i agree completely. But s4 brand all should be updated. 18 months period update is requested by google on internal contracts with manufacturers. To keep user experiencie on google services.

    • Estimado, ¿Usted sabe contar… 1 2 3?, el S3 aun no tiene 18 meses

      Dear, You can count … 1 2 3?, The S3 is not even 18 months

  78. goodbye samsung hello One Plus

  79. não era de se esperar da samsung…decepção total e falta de consideração com nossos S3
    sem contar que a cada atualização é uma porcaria, o jeito mesmo é partir para uma rom customizada,que com certeza e melhor que esse sistema da samsung e sem falar no empenho de seus desenvolvedores que dão mais valor ao consumidor final do que as próprias fabricantes de merda como a samsung….ultimo smart samsung que comprei pode ser o mais top que for, adeus samsung vai pra pqp…..

  80. Samsung never again, with love , from Portugal

  81. Faz nenhuma diferença para mim, uso a Cyanogenmod 11, atualmente esta na atualizaçao M6, mil vezes mais estavel que as últimas atualizações para meu SIII.

  82. good bye samsung welcome sony WTS my SIII i9300 no more samsung

  83. You must release Android 4.4.2 kitkat update for GT-I9300, because your last update 4.3 Jellybean isn’t even stable. It has lots of bugs, lags, etc. So its ur responsibilty to release 4.4.2 bugless version. If you not, no one will buy samsung products.

    • NO NORE samsung phone… HTC or Sony is my next.

  84. Ahhh son flor de culeados… total de venderte el nuevo, dejan el “viejo” sin actualizaciones… mucha bronca.. que se metan el s5 en el cu…

  85. The number of comments here, just tells us how many people were eagerly, rather hopefully, waiting for this update. I am disheartened. Was expecting a better performing S3 with the new Android KitKat. I hope we get some update to resolve the pending issue with 4.3, if not the new TouchWiz or features of S5. S3 RAM definitely needs help, as its always on a high.

  86. I hate Samsung for this, NO MORE Samsung :(
    HTC ♥

  87. FU*ck

  88. You must release Android 4.4.2 kitkat update for GT-I9300

  89. Why Samsung? :(
    I was one of your big fans but now… :|
    Everyone hate u !!!

  90. Y so mess? Go flash Cyanogenmod, it is so much better than touchwiz

    • NO NORE samsung phone… HTC or Sony is my next..

  91. goodbye samsung hello One Plus

    • NO NORE samsung phone… HTC or Sony is my next.

  92. 4.3 Jellybean isn’t even stable. It has lots of bugs, lags, etc. So its ur responsibilty to release 4.4.2 bugless version. If you not, no one will buy samsung products.

  93. Lazy company. I suggest you not to buy samsung galaxy anymore because after less then 2 years your device will not get updates anymore

  94. sadness!Samsung did not keep your promises! Means that updates the galaxy s3 (gt-i9300) will end up here? by android 4.3? :(((((((((((((((((((((

  95. NO NORE samsung phone… HTC or Sony is my next.

  96. NO NORE samsung phone… HTC or Sony is my next:)

  97. Samsung shit never buy SAMSUNG many other devices that care about their customers

  98. J’avais acheté 2 S3, un pour moi et un pour mon fils, c’est la derniere fois que j’achète du samsung. Demain je vends ces deux merdes pour acheter Nexus!

  99. It’s funny how I read “I’m not going to buy samsung anymore” everytime news like that appear. Of course Samsung’s answer is a joke and kitkat not running with 1GB is bullshit but i’t also true that every company give 2 years of updates to their flagships. Even Google with Galaxy Nexus stopped to upgrade to 4.4.2 even knowing the hardware is capable enough. At the end of the day, Samsung keeps building the best phones, imo.

  100. i agree!

  101. I have a S5 running Kit Kat and I would gladly go back to 4.3 just to be able to store apps on the external SD card.

  102. time to switch to either iphone 6 and LG G3 when released or HTC one m8…

    farewell SAMSUNG ! NEVER AGAIN!!!

  103. SO STUPID … in order to optimise OS ,they want us to buy new phones , and in my mind i think – HOW QUAD CORE and 1 GB from my SGS3 isn’t avaible to work with 4.4 … so , bye samsung .

  104. I’m not buying samsung ,The sole purpose of money samsung, samsung fridge and washing machine will take, but I certainly do not have money then samsung

  105. S3 international version has a lot of owners that are very disappointed with the Samsungs’s decision of not updating any further then 4.3.This last version was reported to be with a lot of problems. So that shouldn’t be counted as an achievement coming from 4.0.4 version. In other terms, S3 has had only one decent major update with 4.1.2.
    From where I stand, the reason for not updating S3 is pure financial gain for samsung to get us to buy S5. All S3 owners, If you want kit kat for your phone, don’t play on the hands of samsung to buy a S5- Boycot it! Teach samsung a lesson! Root and install a custom rom CM or plenty other roms out there!I like samsung products, but their support is letting them down!

  106. I have both S3(I9300)& S3 MINI !!!
    S3 Mini was 4.1.1 and samsung give an update 4.1.2…
    Where is the 4.2 or 4.3 !?
    And… S3 has motherf*ckin 4.3 ROM…
    Both of this phones can handle 4.4 KITKAT easily.

    F*ck it !
    Dont give the update, i will buy a new phone (iPhone,Sony or HTC)
    And now i am installing a custom rom to my S3 and S3 Mini.


  107. Hate Hate just hate SAMSUNG :( 4.3 update for our phone is a worse update :(

  108. Galaxy Ace Style has 512mb ram its running kitkat but s3 has 1gb cant get kitkat. Samsung are all f*king retards.

  109. galaxy s3 mini get andrkid4.2 or 4.3??

  110. No more Samsung phones
    Welcome IPhone 6

  111. fuck samsung :|

  112. bullshit company… Damn

  113. go make ur washing machine to wash ur mother’s ass

  114. Fuck 0ff Samsung

  115. a company made of shit

  116. what we do now ?
    i bought the fucking s3 2years ago to have a good support…
    Hey i’ll get my money and push the fucking s3 into ur mom’s mushy butt

  117. Fuck you Samsung

    Never buy samsung fucking product

  118. The number of comments here, just tells us how many people were eagerly, rather hopefully, waiting for this update. I am disheartened

  119. i am like samsung before this

    no i hate samsung

    bye sammy

  120. Was expecting a better performing S3 with the new Android KitKat. I hope we get some update to resolve the pending issue with 4.3, if not the new TouchWiz or features of S5. S3 RAM definitely needs help, as its always on a high.

  121. Hey Samsung! you should make 4.4.2 or 4.4.3 for us… if you didnt we will kick your ass

  122. MotherFucker

  123. Shitty samsung … Fucking SIII … Damn!

  124. :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  125. Shit shit shit

  126. I was very disappointed! because I expect the international galaxy s3 will get android kitkat .. after long wait did not get it

  127. Stupid Samsung

  128. I was very disappointed! because I expect the international galaxy s3 will get android kitkat .. after long wait did not get it

  129. Samsung will suck our dicks to make us buy s5…

  130. Stupid Samsun



  133. Damn SamSunG fu************cking phones

  134. Shittttttty SamSunG

  135. F*************Uck

  136. now i hate samsung.
    Everyone hate samsung

  137. :((((((((((((((((((Damn(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  138. now i hate saAmsung.
    Everyone hate samsung

  139. GT-I9300 should get 4.4.3

  140. NO MORE samsung

  141. HTC <3 <3

  142. Samsung shit never buy SAMSUNG many other devices that care about their customers

  143. FUCK YOU samsung!Last samsung product that I bought.Never again … goodbye!!!

  144. FUCK U samsung!Last samsung product that I bought.Never again … goodbye!!!

  145. i want 4.4.2

  146. Samsung, fuck you! Never more Samsung phone.
    I had S3, then i buy HTC one. Now I thinking what to buy; S5 or wait for Nexus. Nexus here I come

  147. HTCSony

  148. Make 4.4.2 or go to heelllllllllllllllllll

  149. then i buy HTC one

  150. Bye Fucking samsung. hi HTC ♥

  151. Htc iz the best

  152. $hit

  153. i will kick ur asss sami

  154. ://////////////////////////////////////////////////////////.

  155. s$hiT Samsung

  156. Fuck you shitty samsung again and again!
    Jebem vam mater svima koji radite u toj usranoj kompaniji!

  157. what a crap… :)))))
    last week i try LG L70 (D320N)… dual core cpu, 1GB RAM and 4GB of ROM… and yes, with KK :)… and he worked like a charm… so sammy don’t treat us like idiots… we are NOT!

  158. it was the fucking galaxy s3 who made u rich u bastard Samsung!!!!! fuck off.. go ahead samsung…go make some idiot brand of your bastard galaxy just to fool people of the world

  159. Hey Developers!
    Look this comments. Everybody moving to IOS. Think again about your terrible decision. You must update Kitkat. Otherwise everybody move to IOS. You will lose your costumers. You will lose your place in the world. In the technology world.
    Think,Think,Think,Think,Think,Think,Think,Think,Think,Think Again.
    This was my simple advice to you.
    Please rool out Kitkat for GT-I9300!!!!!!

    • Please roll out Kitkat for S3mini GT-i8190 too!!!!!!

  160. I’m not buying samsung


  162. Samsung Mobile France
    We’re sorry to hear this. We’ll let you know as soon as we have further official information.

    Samsung Mobile Romania
    As we said before, for now we don’t have official information, but we will keep you updated as soon as we know more. Thank you!

    Hey Sammobile News source photo or url please !

  163. Fuck samsung

  164. So let me get this straight:Samsung is forced to add EVEN MORE bloatware to the firmware?
    Ok…So if now android eats less ram then other releases,there should be more free ram.BUT,you,SAMSUNG,managed to make even more apps and use even more ram?
    Isn’t there something wrong in it?
    Just tell us the truth:”we want to sell the Galaxy 3 Neo”

  165. Galaxy S>>S2>>>S3>>>>Goodbye Samsung, it’s really bad for you image Sam, you will lost a lot of customers, forever!!

  166. lol COMedy omg fuck off samsung….welcome İPHONE

    • Next phone for me is iPhone! fuck you samsung!!!! :)

  167. mother fucker why you do this s3 can up-date to 4.4

  168. I just sent an email to samsung saying never buy their Smartphone.
    Recommend you do the same.

  169. samsung!
    stop thinking us as a foolish custumers.
    if we can make u, we can break u too.
    learn to respect your costumers. you will have to regret on ur fuc*king decision !!!

  170. I just bought an S3,now i am sad,why i purchased


  172. Recap
    S1: Start ON Eclair, Froyo, finish on Gingerbread.
    S2: Start ON Gingerbread, ICS Finish on Jelly Bean. (4.2 excuses).
    S3: Star On ICS, finish on JB 4.1.2 to 4.3 . (KK 4.4.x Excuses).
    S3 Mini: Start On JB 4.1.2… never received Upgrades (4.2 ???).
    Bye Samsung… Bye…. never again

    • I’m angry this company!!

      Please roll out Kitkat for S3mini GT-i8190!!!!!!!!!!

  173. suwon firmware’e, hpku wes nyala maneh….

  174. LG L70 Dual D325 have dual core and 1 GB RAM And Have Android 4.4.2

    Why S3 with Quad Core Can’t Have That?

  175. Calm the farm guys. It’s pretty much common knowledge that Samsung only offers 2-3 updates per flagship. I’m aware you could probably just run Cyanogenmod so do that. Just because there’s no “official” way doesn’t mean there’s no way at all. Just be glad you got to 4.3 because I’m pretty sure that Samsung only did the update after pressure from consumers. So Samsung won’t provide a TW KitKat. Most of you seem to hate touch wiz anyway so what’s the big problem, especially with a massive ROM collection at XDA.

    • Camera’s are really bad on CM roms dude :(

  176. The statement has now been removed from all the Samsung Facebook sites, possible it was posted in error.
    It’s not the 1Gb of RAM that’s really the problem though, it’s getting knox to work with the I9300, so maybe you could say not enough ram for Knox maybe.
    It’s still possible a knox free version may arrive but not for a while if it does.

  177. Replace it with Galaxy S3 I9305 :)

    • SAMSUNG suck, Galaxy S3 Neo (i9301l with 1GM RAM) has kitkat so SAMSUNG is a scammer!

  178. I’m sure Galaxy S5 Will face the same, just like S2 & S3 Both has 1GB RAM, S4 & S5 both have 2GB RAM, so best of luck S5 Owners :D

  179. For those who are screaming “Samsung sucks with updates”, Goodbye Samsung. Mind telling us to which manufacturer you would migrate to next? I suppose it’s either Apple or Nokia, as they run closed-source OS(s). But there’s no better choice in terms of better updates for Android OEMs.

    Samsung did way better with the SIII update than HTC and Sony did with their HTC One X/X+ which was only updated to Android 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 respectively, and the Xperia S/T which both only ran up to Android 4.1.2. All the above devices were released in the year of 2012.

    HTC and Sony has upped their ante recently. But needless to say Samsung still performs rather well with providing updates to flagships, when compared to other Android OEMs. The Galaxy Nexus from Google also did not officially receive the Android 4.4 update. And that’s a Nexus device.

  180. Do a more Samsung? Never shall not be taken.

    Samsung unreliable.

  181. All custom kitkat s3 roms are unstable. I tested CM and AOKP, app and UI crashes cca 10 times a day. You have yo reboot everyday to make the crashes stop for a while. All those idiots here who write about how CM being better probably do not have even rooted phones .

  182. For me Sammy is right because Touchwiz is too heavy even for a 1GB ram

  183. Next phone for me is iPhone! Ciao samsung!!!! :)

    • Or note 3. Or sony x2. Or htc one ) galaxy s3 this is garbagee…

  184. Please update Samsung Galaxy S3

  185. Good run u said….galaxy s2 began with gingerbread 2.3 and it now has 4.1.2..thats alot of major upddates…for s3 its not good enough knowing that android 4.2 and 4.3 on s3 is nothing to write home about

  186. Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S 3 we seek to Iran. Otherwise we will not ever buy a Samsung brand
    goodbye samsung??!!!
    خلیج همیشه فارس

  187. bye bye Samsung, Welcome HTC it is really respected company

  188. The samsung galaxy s3 not updated for users to purchase the new galaxy s5 … I do not buy and I’ll let you have samsung. Does not fulfill the promises they make and are very weak in technical assistance. Goodbye samsung

  189. Last Samsung phone I’ll buy – enough of this crap.
    The Apple of Android you’ve become Samsung. Weak and foolish you are.
    Buy Oppo, OnePlus, Sony and LG I shall.


  191. Well done Samsung, you’ve lost another customer. I’ve just put my s3 (GT-i9300) up for sale and I’ll look for something better.

  192. Goodbye Samsung!

  193. This samsung is crap, so is losing market share to Apple. A tremendous slutty not release the Kitkat for S3 i9300. The Android 4.4 should be more inclusive of all, which should reach the largest number of devices, as Google claims that it was done in a way to run efficiently on all devices, including those with only 512 MB ​​of RAM . If this actually happens, the company can overcome the fragmentation of the system, a major problem for developers. Google says it runs with just 512 MB ​​of RAM. Shamelessness. Samsung nape more!

  194. A slap in the face given by the consumers of the Samsung S3.


  196. i cant believe that i bought s3 for myself and s3 mini for my wife. what a huge mistake and money wasted for those shit. i will never ever buy even chewing gum samsung produces…idiots…

  197. BYE, BYE, STUPID SAMSUNG, you can stick your new phones in your dark and damp down ass, I’ll never buy anything that has Samsung written on it again.

    I will never buy anything from Samsung!
    I had Samsung Galaxy SI, SII and SIII.
    Same old and cheap f..k`n plastic…untill toady acclaimed S5..
    But I’ve attached Samsung because I don`t like Apple…until I read this news about Galaxy SIII…
    What can I say?
    Only: f..k Samsung and you can stick your cheap plastic models in your butt!!!
    Evean cheap phones from China has Android KitKat…But samsung noooo…you want kitkat?
    Just get money out of pocket and buy S5…If you don`t, we don`t care about your SIII.
    Welcome Iphone or Sony or Huawei P7…At least it looks great.

  199. At least samsung release a lite version of kitkat……

  200. S3 international…. Not enough memmory???
    9305 has 2 gigabyte of memmory.

  201. I’ll turn away from Samsung. Bet possible finish for Samsung in this case release S3 KitKat this is only good way for their image. S3 update to KitKat will change my mind regardless Nokia or Samsung. Now Nokia is wining it and if no KitKat for S3 – Nokia my next phone 100%.

  202. I’m SELLING My S3 and I’m buying Oneplus One ! Bye bye Samsung !

  203. The SGS3 hardware is certainly capable of running KK, especially if you take away the bloatware. I’ve been running CM11 for a long time and it was fine. I ditched it recently as it became very unstable, regularly locking the screen itself and crashing on the camera. Been using OmniRom for a few days now and it’s been faultless. I’d certainly recommend trying it as it’s stable even on nightlies.

  204. Samsung is a big lied because galaxy ace style is 512 ram and has KitKat ?
    But s3 is 1 g ram and it is not enough . why sam

  205. Samsung has announced a new device: Galaxy ace style with 512 MB ​​RAM, Kitkat and Touchwiz Essence. It must be an endless joke…

  206. Note 1 gingerbread–ics–jellybean with note 2 features and ui
    Note 2 jellybean 4.1.2–jellybean 4.3–kitkat 4.4.2 with same launcher same wallpapers even with same kernel linux as 4.1.2 this is unfair.

  207. fuck you Samsung or fix the Rom for s3 i9300

  208. After Samsung did not take responsibility for the s3 sudden death issue I swore to never buy a Samsung again. And this just helps my decision. If I were to buy a new android device today, it would be a nexus. Samsung: your golden age is over.

  209. i’m very frustrated about samsung. they have no developers to make their customars happy ? i change to customs roms and will change for the next device to a alternative producer

  210. Moto G from Motorola,1gb RAM and Android 4.4
    Samsung had promised (kitkat for s3) only to attract customers

  211. samsung sucks just want to make money and then worry no longer. of waiting K. 4.4.2 because 4.3 is shit and that I have does not work well if you are smart enverdad not have to be like the samsung mierdad

  212. dear samee

    that’s very bad thing my next phone definitely not be the samsung phone because you are unable to update your handset properly as after updating my s3 GT-I9300 to 4.3 android which you gave after a looong time when all other companies already provided the same on there sets. then after also it’s the garbage update that u give of 4.3 which have lots of trouble like battery drainage, lots of errors of operating system apps and application errors due to same bug update, if you can not updated touchwiz of your’s so why u imposingly sold this garbage to us as we are not the software engineer dear and sudden u stop the update of this set with the excuse i don’t know.

    But i would like to inform you that i was purchase this set on July 2013 from Bansal telecom located in rohini sector-8 and you gave excuse it’s 18 month old that’s why u r not updating ?????? today is 22/5/14 it’s only 10 month old as per my calculation dear.. stop breaching the innocent indian customers dear.

    So i want to suggest you that first of all you need to stop selling these products in the market before the timeframe you excuses then only these crap is acceptable.

    my next phone definately will be either HTC, nexus & iPhone but not samsung they are crooks ….

    very bad response is going in indian market about you by your this decision and you will have to pay for this like the nokia..

  213. And for this my next phone for sure will be something different not samsung! “Thank you” …

  214. Last ROM for i9300 = Last Samsung device bought

  215. I will never buy Samsung mobile again….

  216. SAMSUNG running out of money…

  217. very disappointed

  218. bye Samsung mobile
    and by the way fuck you

  219. Fuck the Stock Rom,
    I’m Rooted n running Custom,, There’s XDA that going to give me 4.4 kitkat..
    Fuck u samsung.. I don’t want u anymore.

  220. galaxy s3 is good enough I think. This is injustice.


  222. y por que no lo actualizan el s3 mini al meno a 4.3 Jelly Bean o 4.2
    y no enmtiendo por que las roms cocinadas si tienen soprte y las stock no
    por favor almeno actualizen algo

  223. i love my i9300. just have to use the AOKP for kitkat update.

  224. hello what is the update for the i9305 and when you will be

  225. bad investment… pay $845 us in my country by the S3 and what would change for S5 but I will not make another bad investment, it’s time to switch phones and brand for another more liable.

  226. Well, gonna sell my s3 and buy a iphone. Fuck you samsung




    NO MORE SAMSUNG…………………………………………………

  228. bULL SHEET

  229. Damn you and your products

  230. Where does it say that the S3 mini can get Android 4.2? The latest version I can find is only 4.1.2!

  231. There was already another Samsung phone and always had to be renewed because of the updates but this was the last one! How is it that external developers can team Kit-Kat magic system from S3 onto itself but the company did not? Pathetic! Way comes Samsung to cast dear customers! way to go …..

  232. any other update?

  233. You said ‘Android 4.3 is the last update the Galaxy S III will get (and Android 4.2 on the S III mini)’ but s3 mini is still 4.1.2 where is the 4.2.2 jelly bean?Why samsung mhy!!!!


  235. CyanogenMod Installer = Galaxy S3 i9300 with Android Kit Kat 4.4.4… Updated in 2014.08.03…. Leave Touch Wiz behind and be happy :)

  236. S3 is top n best selled phone compare to s4 n s5 samsung provide only 2 updates to s3 this not fair the above products will failures ur market will go down….. take care off it?????

  237. samsung device s 3 a lot of problems with procesador,and then no kitkat.
    thank you ,on the future i will think better.

  238. i know that my question may be a little bit stupid but i need to ask it…if kitkat has been or let’s say that it had been canceled for galaxy s3…does that mean that it’ll never get any future updates??
    for example JG 4.2.2 was totally (skipped) for s3 and note 2 but they subsequently saw the 4.3
    so if kikat 4.4.X is canceled so next android 5.0 may be released again for galaxy s3 ?
    i need an answer please or even a comment

  239. Fuck you Samsung i purchased this mobile for bloody 28k in India in hope that it will atleast get kitkat but you morrons fuck you

  240. when to Update Galaxy S3 i9300 to Android 4.4 KitKat

  241. Say that Samsung has not mock us! After smartfone has pulled the market that has obtain technically characterized as one with the S3! Is the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE. So there I … there I will not because I have other interests.
    Sorry for my bad English

  242. And got updated to 4.4.4 KIT KAT the Samsung Galaxy Ace Style LTE

  243. jag ska titta download button

  244. That is not fair. There are many devices that are launched in india with 4.2.2 preloaded and these devices have 512 ram. If these can rin 4.2.2 why not S3 Mini or S3. At least not 4.3 update can be given to thede devices. Not fair samsung. You just want us to buy new devices and dump the old one. I have purchased my s3 mini in 2012 and from 2012 to end of 2014 i have received no update.

  245. When there is gonna be an update of 4.2.2 for S3 Mini

  246. shame on u sammi u forget your old phone just because of your benefit i have a s iii mini and it was my last sami phone thanks for your debacle support


  248. Please

  249. Please

  250. Try harder

  251. Samsung I know that _____ _____
    I \ I I
    I \ I I
    I \ I I
    I \__ I I
    I I\ I
    I I \ I
    _____ I \_______I O body is going to see this but Samsung please try for all s3 i9300 users out there and for me please try harder please :( try anything DO IT PLEASE



  254. I love this phone iam said I will never buy sam

  255. Fuck……… SamSunG

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