Samsung starts Android 4.2.2 update for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3100)

Well, the season of Android 4.2 updates to Samsung’s huge lineup of devices seems to finally be here, as just a day after the update started rolling out to the Galaxy S II Plus in Germany, Samsung is now treating the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (3G variant) to the newer (but not the latest anymore) flavour of Jelly Bean. The rollout has begun in France, with the build number P3100XXDMG6.

Android 4.2.2 brings a number of small but useful changes, such as a dedicated notifications panel in the status bar, lockscreen widgets, multiple user accounts, better accessibility, Daydreams screensaver mode, and also new widgets and launcher from the Galaxy S4. Expect to see improvements in performance and battery life as well.

It’s quite odd to see mid-range devices getting preference for the Android 4.2 update, though that does show Samsung isn’t giving as much special preference to their high-end device owners, and it confirms again and again that devices like the Galaxy S III and Note II will directly get updated to Android 4.3.

The update can be grabbed from Kies or via an over-the-air update on the device itself (Settings » About tablet » Software update), and you can also download the firmware from our firmware page to manually update (manual update can be done on any unlocked Tab 2 7.0 from any country, but outside France you may have to wipe data to make it boot up).

Firmware information:
Model: GT-P3100
Country: France
Version: Android 4.2.2
Changelist: 1198223
Build date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 02:17:49 +0000
Product Code: XEF




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  1. Where is update for SGS3?? and why T-mobile PL&DE forgot about tab 2 4.1.2 update. This is crazy.

  2. Now all must have new Samsung device to be first in line for update to new software. Shame on you Samsung!!!

  3. And what about ace plus :( waiting for it…….

    • you can flashed CM10.1(4.2.2)jelly bean!

      it works great but have some problem like flashlight cannot work or some games crash!

      But the developer from XDA would gradually improve it.

      I hope I can help you ! bro

      • Thanks dude.

      • thank you my gt-p3100 4.1.2 is now 4.2.2 thank you very mch…hope soon gt-p3100 have 4.4.2 plz…god bless more power…

      • can you give me 4.4.2 firmware for gt-p3100? plz?

    • You don’t want to have jelly bean on the ace plus. I have here at home a galaxy ace 2, ace plus and a mini 2. The ace 2 has recieved jelly bean but is so slow en laggy that i went back to gb and if you keep in mind that the ace 2 had 768 vs 512mb ram and a 800mhz dual core vs 1ghz single core, I think jelly bean will be really slow on ace plus. Samsung is so a stuppid company, not anyone can spend 500€ on a S3 or S4 so they have cheap galaxy’s for them but if you want want an update you have to live whit an unsuable device. Thanks samsung for notting.

  4. I know people ask this all the time..
    Do you know if Samsung is going to update Galaxy Tab 2 10.1? (I have the international wifi version (Finland))

    • Yes they will update it soon

    • This! The bloody thing is still on ICS!

      • It sounds like your tablet isn’t getting updates for some reason. I have a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and it’s been running 4.1.1 (jelly bean) for a while. Have you tried to update via kies?

  5. i have a p3100 and i live in iran
    when do you start 4.2.2 update ?
    i still have a 4.04 version


      • is it necessary to unlock my device for upgrade from 4.04 to 4.2.2 ?
        Hown can i unlock ? would tou please tell me about it ?

        • when u are in Iran,in means ur device is unlocked as well ;)
          feel free to use this update!
          before this one,i updated my Galaxy Tab2 to 4.1.2 of jelly bean!
          and it worth to update!
          but the problem is it’s not 4.3 ;)

          • so all tab 2 7 in iran unlocked before ?

  6. i have P3100 in Egypt , when will Samsung release jelly bean update for Egypt devises

    • لسه يامعلم شكله لسه جاى فى الطريق انا زيك مستنى نسخة الامارات
      للنسخه ال 10 بوصه

    • يا بلدياتى نزل التحديث من الموقع و سطب عن طريق اﻻودن طرية سهله و بعد كدا حمل الملفات العربى للكيبورد عن طريق التابلت و عيش يا معلم الى 4.1.2

      • طيب يا ريت تقولنا خطوات التنزيل عن طريق ال odin :)

        • طيب يا ريت تقولنا خطوات التنزيل عن طريق ال odin :)

          و ازاى انزل ملفات العربى بردو

          • الخطوات على النت اعمل بحث فى اليوتيوب عن how to use odin in samsung galaxy tab 2 7

  7. Sammobile,
    What about multiwindow?????
    Is the multiwindow feature present in the jelly Bean 4.2.2 update for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100?

  8. Any idea when will the Samsung GT – P6200 get the jelly bean update??

  9. How about Note 10.1?

  10. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1??? 4.2.2 or 4.3

    Thank you

  11. Screenshots please

  12. Finally android s unique feature came to skin multi users

  13. 7.7 please Samsonite 4.2.2

  14. In 4.2.2 for galaxy tab 7.7 pls. Sammy

  15. Does this update features Dolby digital plus in video player

  16. Multi window added?

  17. I request French users to post screenshots of 4.2.2

  18. i hope the update also comes for the gt-p3110 :)

  19. How about Tab 2 10.1 ?

    Egypt or UAE Version????

    • كبر دماغك و نزل برنامج الاودن و التحديث من هنا انا كلمت خدمة العملاء و بيقولوا قريب و بقالهم شهرين على الحال دا
      و بعد ماتحدث نزل الملفات العربى للكيبورد و خلاص الدنيا فل بعدها

      • اتصلت بيهم وقالولى مافيش تحديثات لسه

        انت كلمتهم امته ؟
        اصل اللى اعرفه ان التحديث بتاع مصر اخره 4.0.4

        وانا جهازى عليه 4.0.3
        يعنى مفرقتش كتير

  20. what happen to p6800 tab 7.7 ?? i think we have to wait another 3 years for this update,,, LOL


  22. In November 2012 I heard that GS3 will get 4.2.1 update in March 2013 but they skipped and told us to update the device directly to 4.2.2, now google announced 4.3 and they will update S3 and Note 2 directly to 4.3.

    May be in next few months google will Release 5.0 and Samsung will jump directly to 5.0 for GS3 and Note 2, lol.

  23. a few days back SG3 of india got a software update. but was again some bug fixed version of 4.1.2 (i couldn’t find any difference from my previous 4.1.2 though).

    Does this mean, that SG3 owners should not expect any software update to 4.2 or 4.3 in near future? :/

  24. anyone can tell me how to flash with odin

  25. how about p3110? does any one know about it? or we have to wait?

  26. Eagerly waiting for INU version of 4.2.2 JB

  27. cuando llega para la tab 2 7.0 p3113

  28. What are the languages ​​that exist in this version
    I hope you try it and let me know
    Thank you …….

  29. Does tab2 p3110 get this 4.2.2 update pleasee do reply..

  30. when india will get Anroid 4.2.2 update for galaxy tab 2 P3100?

  31. when VN-XXV will get Anroid 4.2.2 update for galaxy tab 2 P3100? i thinks android 4.1.2 VN (La Fleur) , it work not efficacious, it has updated from technical personnel of samsung service center.
    now my tab doing error, when the machine is charging a battery time 30 min to 45 min,battery has been alert full

  32. when samsung going to release the android 4.2.2 update for galaxy tab 2 p3100 in india

    • no need just use this france update file with odin

  33. hey sammobile, i m from india, i updated my p3100 with this rom, i have seen some interesting stuff, ram increased to 811 MB and got dropbox freebie

    • Hi dude,
      How its working ??? and what about multiple user a/c ?
      can you please upload torrent for this rom. cause I am unable to download this from hotfile because of slow connection.

    • Hey buddy I also live in I want to know that you unlocked your tab before flashing France rom ? Or it will work without unlocking ?

  34. ooo I think it’s very good revieview

  35. Hii Guys m From India using tab2 p3110 wifi model.
    can i use this France Rom on my Tab….??
    Plz Reply Bro’s
    Thanks in Advance

  36. Hey it is almost 15 days past that samsung released android 4.2.2 update for galaxy tab 2 p3100 in france. But still there is no sign of update in India.. why samsung is taking too much time to release it in india?? When we Indians can expect to get ot?

    • Just flash the French firmware on the your GT-P3100 just like i did last week but before that wipe your data first in order to make it boot and backup your files first and flash the firmware via Odin

  37. what about tab 7.7 ??!!!
    Why Samsung neglected this wonderful device?

  38. Can u please give the screenshot of daydream mode and launchers from s4 and multiple users account please

  39. when will samsung officialy release update for p3100 in india

  40. when for indonesia???

    • just flash the French firmware and there is a Bahasa Indonesia language pre-installed on the update

  41. oh,So indonesia will not take for official jelly bean 4.2.2?one question only is there smart stay?

    • Yes the SmartStay feature is still present on 4.2.2 French Update

  42. How does Samsung determine your country for the purpose of OS upgrades? Is it the country where you bought your unit, or the country that you’re presently located in, or something else?

    • However it is both it’s because Samsung puts CSC’s on every device to ensure that the device should be specific for every country in the world

  43. In France android 4.2.2 update rolled out almost 2 months back but still we Indians have not got the update.

    Do you guys know when Samsung roll out update in India?

  44. gamed

  45. Hi,

    Installed 4.2.2 in P3100 Brought in india , it is working like a charm

    • Hi ashish, plz tell me how u update your P3100???

    • Hi Ashish.
      Please tell me which country update u have done. When i check there were no updates for India.

  46. Is there a version in French or Arabic language only supports Arabic only
    I hope give me and thank you

  47. HI SamMobile/others, I have a challenge with my Tab2 7 GTP3100, yesterday it suddenly went off and restated back, and subsequently it has been doing that going off and restarting back only to go off again after few seconds. Please what do I do?

  48. succefully updated

  49. When 4.2.2 is coming to India?

  50. When 4.2.2 is coming to India for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3100?

  51. I have 4.1.2 now. I have updated my Kernel and after that my WIFI is not working. When ever i try to connect it is giving “Authentication Error”. Can anyone help me please?

  52. thanx

  53. thanx

  54. When we will get kitkat 4.4.2 for tab2 P3100 in India!

  55. Samsung P3105 update please?

  56. هل هذا التحديث يدعم اللغه العربيه لجهاز الاندرويد ؟؟

  57. hello all..i need samsung gt-p3100 bahasa indonesia [Indonesian language],please

  58. Samsung i hate ur company, Still we are waiting for tab 2 update (4.2.2) for India but ur guys are not at all giving any update. What happen n whats the reason for not giving the update, are u forgot to give update for india. We are waiting from past two years. Very worst response cant expect like this from ur side, pls respond to our indian peoples those are using tab 2…..Thanks in advance.

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