Could the Galaxy S2 still get Android 4.2?

By now, it’s become pretty clear that chances of the Galaxy S2 (and Galaxy Note) getting updated to Android 4.2 are slim to none. Our insiders said the device has reached end of support, and later Australian carrier Telstra confirmed that the update won’t be coming, at least on the 4G variant of the device. However, it’s possible there still might be a slight chance the update will arrive at some point.

In response to a question about whether the Galaxy S2 will get Android 4.2 (or 4.3), Samsung Mobile’s Facebook account answered rather vaguely on the matter, while neither denying nor confirming that the update is planned for the company’s 2011 flagship. Most likely, this was just a clever attempt to not accept the fact that update support has ended, so don’t read too much into this, as the S2 is long past the two years of support that Samsung provides to every flagship.

But still, nothing wrong in hoping, right?



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