Samsung Exynos confirmed LTE Exynos 5 Octa

Samsung Exynos reported to SammyHUB about the Exynos 5 Octa processor for the Galaxy S4. According to SamsungExynos the Exynos 5 Octa will support all the bands of LTE (20). So in other words, the Exynos chip  from Samsung supports the same things as the Snapdragon 600 by Qualcomm. Because Samsung couldn’t produce Exynos 5 Octa on time Samsung decided to use the Snapdragon 600 in some countries!


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  1. Great news ! Now we know which version to choose :)

  2. i hoped for.

    really great news

  3. Waitin for clean benchmarks of both variants.both processors are awesome to say the least.gota wait til Xmas for my upgrade to have my S4.unless I win the

  4. Quess what, I hope they could announce S4 just month later and deliver Octa to all countries, true modern processor with benefits, how to get excited about less interesting Snapdragon 600 if you a techfan? :P impossible, full hd machine on market ASAP was prioritz I understand, pls understand request all countries could choose to buy Octa if they like to , is it abnormal request or am I alien thinking like this ? :P I have exynos S3 , from Slovakia , and I want to buz onlz OCTA S4, finished :P don`t care about background reasons of Samsung, it just upsets me… great news are LTE in Octa not reliable excuse for no OCTA in many countries, it is not only 3G telefone finally, now give us real argument. S3 with dualcore in USA because of LTE last time and now for what reason? production of Octa capacity, not finished on time processor, now guess what, it is called later announcement of new flagship, that should do it. Pls reconsider confusing many versions strategy, who wants this? no brand has few flagship versions on same time annnounced only you, I simply don`t like it at all… pls Octa for all Europe…

  5. Alas, as I suspected… Why would Samsung make Exynox 5 octacore with no LET support, of course that didnt make ANY sense it was always a question of supply problem, here in Denmark and Sweden of North Europe we are getting the Snapdragon version, and only with with 16Gb internal memory, unexplained…these two countries are highend markets and this is how Samsung treat their hardcore hightech fans, go figure, this is bullshit….

    • absolutelly in my mind in markets which are very high tech motivated and many people care about what exactly the are buying the won`t offer the best version Octa version, this is no good signal. whichever I must say snapdragon600 is for many people plenty fast to not complain, but Octa is just another level better from power consumption and performance point… Samsung pls treat demanding markets with best, and with choices , if you could produce Octa why not to sell to high tech hardcore fans, don`t steal your unique chances to satisfy high tech phone customers, for which is S4 aimed :)

  6. Now Samsung confirms the Exynos 5 Octa version will also get LTE too! :)

    • how did u know that? its not like its the name of the thread

      • Exynos 5 Octa supports LTE.

        Gotcha bud!! :P

  7. I ant ask you,if you do it best,why you can’t do the galaxy note2 best tp,you must do it by update it with new version,thank.

  8. I Want ask you,if you do it best,why you can’t do the galaxy note2 best tp,you must do it by update it with new version,than

  9. Good. So even the countries that will take snapdragon, will take the octa version also?Can someone tell us this?

  10. i don´t think so.

    the snap is, cause the exynos can´t to be produced so fast til release date

    for all. and they won´t to change release date…

  11. Hopefully they can produce enough of it for the Note 3 release :)

  12. Does this mean the octa core processor will support 4G too? I kinda don’t get it.

  13. They say “octa supports lte”, does that mean : all the octas are LTE, or octas are going to be LTE ?! The question under that is : can I buy an octa version immediately when out, or have I got to wait cause actual octas are 3g ?! Imagine the mess : s600 version, octa 3g version, octa 4g version. (Or only s600 and octa 4g ?!) Hope someone can answer…

    • Good question chaugaugau, lets chase it, let me know if you find out, will do the same.

  14. I live in the U.S. and I will wait to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 until it comes with the Exynos Octa CPU. Logically, the Snapdragon 600 is a cheap, stand-in replacement until Samsung can manufacture enough Exynos Octa’s to replace it for the countries that are afflicted with the Qualcomm CPU.

  15. Sammobile—- Can you provide all the 20 LTE Bands which Exynos 5 Octa supports…

    • I will wait till i could buy an exynos in Romania. I don’t want adreno320 and snapdragon. I want PowerVR, is 3 times better then crappy adreno.
      Adreno320 is identical with mali400@500mhz.
      Al customers with S2 and S3 will wait to get an Exynos, because gpu is Awsome. If some looser buy an S4 with adreno is like paying 600euros for an nexus4.

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