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Galaxy Note III may use LCD for better SPEN experience


Internal is Samsung’s Galaxy S IV project almost done. Samsung already started with the Galaxy Note III discussions. The insiders of SamMobile started to send us information about this new upcoming product. According to him Samsung is busy to make a final decision about what kind of screen to use for the Galaxy Note III. LCD by Sharp are according him the best LCD displays ever. Samsung could make the SPEN experience better with LCD than with AMOLED / PHOLED. Even the latest Note serie by Samsung the Galaxy Note 8.0 uses an LCD display. Samsung recently bought a part of Sharp with the focus on LCD panels.

We also asked our source what Samsung will do with OLED panels.
Samsung’s focus is to use OLED products in bigger things like tablets, flexible display and high-end smartphones. But the insider confirmed for the second time, LCD is better for the SPEN experience.

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18 comments on “Galaxy Note III may use LCD for better SPEN experience

  1. okizen 2 years ago said:

    I hope Samsung doesn’t go with the LCD option but sticks to AMOLED / PHOLED. I will buy the Galaxy Note 3 when it becomes available but I don’t see myself using the S pen

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  2. PiotrekDG 2 years ago said:

    I’m not buying Note III then.

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  3. Manum 2 years ago said:

    I can’t understand this. It doesn’t matter at all, what kind of Displaytechnology they use. The only thing that matters is the Touchpanel, which could be the same for LCD and AMOLED/PHOLED. So there’s no point for Samsung to use the LC-Technology for their Note III. They will stick to AMOLED/PHOLED. And if they want to increase the SPEN experience, they’ll have to use a better Touchpanel.

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  4. Suo.Eno 2 years ago said:

    I’m up for this if it means substantially improved batt life. Don’t really give a toss about S-Pen tbh. But it better not be a crap washed out screen either.

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  5. darooz 2 years ago said:

    yes it does matter. amoled has richer colors and brighter display.
    lcd’s brightest looks almost like amoled does when battery is low.

    i dont know how it is with note 2 but on note 1. the screen register spen touches even when the pen is in the air. so using spen is close to hopeless.

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    • MarionCast 2 years ago said:

      I beg to differ. LCD is way brighter than AMOLED. Put an iPhone or HTC One X side-by-side with a GS3 or Note2. While I’m perfectly hapy with my Note2 screen, looking at it side-by-side with the HTC One X makes me a bit jealous. Well, until I notice the impure blacks on the One X. :D

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  6. romain27111 2 years ago said:


    If it’s true i may be really interested to buy a note3 to change my note2!

    Because i not really like AMOLED, PHOLED and OLED screen all of them have “burning” problem if the picture is not moving, unlike of the LCD!

    And with AMOLED the colors turn more yellow or green after you used it many hours!

    Sorry for my bad english i’m french!

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    • MercuryStar 2 years ago said:

      Have you ever actually seen the “burn in” problem or have you just read about it?

      I’ve never actually noticed it on my Galaxy S2 which is over a year old and gets regular use.

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      • romain27111 2 years ago said:

        I have not seen it myself, only read about it and i know the AMOLED can have this problém.

        I’m really careful on my note2 to avoid it, i never keep a not moving picture for long and almost always use low brightness.

        I have see so many burn in on CRT screen so i’m a little scared of it!

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    • 87Revo 2 years ago said:

      To be fair, you do have a point. I have never really seen any burn in on my s3 but that is because of all the precautions I take. I always use lowest brightness and avoid using a blue wallpaper. However I think I still would prefer AMOLED…every other display type just feels washed out after getting used to AMOLED.

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  7. bladehawk 2 years ago said:

    I really wish there was a better explanation than “better SPEN experience” what does that even mean. I don’t have a note 2, but was the pen fundamentally broken? What difference would LCD make over AMOLED? Wouldn’t it be a sensor array issue?

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  8. TheNeighbor 2 years ago said:

    I adore the Super HD AMOLED screen immensely for its angled clarity, high color contrast, and readability against sunlight. They should not lose those properties as well as the usefulness I find for the Wacom S Pen digitizer system they have in place.

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  9. hp79 2 years ago said:

    I didn’t like their AMOLED on the Note 1. Gray colors are all chopped up and very messy. Pentile sucks balls too, although it got better with Note. Either way, my next phone will be HTC One. I’m tired of the cheap plastic design. My 1 year old Note has 5 micro cracks on the thin plastic rim that wraps around the screen, no scratches anywhere on the phone, never dropped or mishandled.

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  10. bladehawk 2 years ago said:

    There is one other reason they may go LCD, PPI. From what I’m reading as of now LCD has higher PPI, on a 5.9 inch screen LCD may improve the resolution and clarity. I just hope they can make it light enough.

    Samsung is having production issues supplying their own phones and may want to reserve AMOLED for their flagship devices. (I consider the note one of these, but they may not).

    Given the size of the battery and the new CPU, the efficiency of the AMOLED may not be “needed”. LCD is supposed to be better in the sunlight and produce more accurate colors.

    I’m not saying LCD is “better” AMOLED is super saturated, and blacks are completely black which I like personally. I don’t hate my iphone’s display (just Apple) and it uses an LCD screen.

    I’d prefer the Super HD AMOLED screen, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

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  11. bladehawk 2 years ago said:

    I do hope they stop with the cheap’s probably easier to make the battery cover out of it, but I’d pay more for good construction.

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    • MercuryStar 2 years ago said:

      What would you rather? Metal or glass? Metal dents and scratches more easily than plastic and is overall a poorer choice. Glass is pretty hard and strong and can be made virtually scratch-proof, but it is more likely to shatter on impact than plastic, even though modern glass can be fairly sturdy (think current gen iPhone, or Nexus 4) it won’t flex on impact like plastic.

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  12. sidneyleejohnson 2 years ago said:

    sorry to put it this way but these rumors aren’t even a week apart. Clearly they discredit each other. So what are we left with?

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  13. canmin83 2 years ago said:

    nooooo Pleaseeee use Pholed ( hope change to this ) / amoled. don’t use LCDDD it feel like old fashion phone if use LCD.

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