Biggest Samsung community SamMobile voted, the best phone of the year is…

With over 20000 votes in our poll the winner of the best Samsung smartphone of the year is the Samsung Galaxy S III!
The Galaxy S III received 12811 votes where the Galaxy Note II is strongly placed second with 7964 votes. The third place of best device of the year goes to the Galaxy S III Mini with only 231 votes, really close to the ATIV S which scored 215 votes!

Gold SamMobile Medal – Samsung Galaxy S III
Silver SamMobile Medal – Samsung Galaxy Note II
Bronze SamMobile Medal  - Samsung Galaxy S III mini

SamMobile will use the medals in every news message about one of  the devices!



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  1. Uplne jednoznacne…
    One desing for all samsung phones? Very bad…

  2. Kiváncsi lennék ki szavazott mivel a Samsung Galaxy S III mini most jelent meg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Note II should have gold, just bcoz of that massive longlasting battery, huge beautiful display and spen with everything around it but i get it… “too big bulls*it”

  4. Completely expected, Samsung’s “Designed for Humans” trio dominated the 2012.

  5. Despite its huge size, I prefer the Galaxy Note, due to the more, rectangular shape. I find the Galaxy SIII’s shape horrible, just like the Nexus Series, but this is just my taste. I prefer the Galasy SII design a lot more, as I like more rectangular shapes on phones. Samsung ATIV S also has a very beautiful design and it would have been better if they had used that on Galasy SIII.

    I know some people mentioned over time that Samsung avoided using the Galaxy SII design in the SIII because of Apple Patents, but since they reused it on ATIV S and Note II, I see this as an invalid argument, so I hope Samsung will stick to it next year when they release the SIV. I don’t mind a bigger screen, but they shouldn’t increase the overall size of the device, the SIII is already big and a phone is still a phone, not a tablet or anything and should fit in pockets.

    They did a really good job with the numerous TouchWizz functions they introduced this year, although S Voice is a bad copy of Apple’s Siri and is pretty much bloatware, I prefer Google Now, way more accurate and faster than Siri or S Voice.

  6. Well the reason S3 won is because of the sheer volume it sold. I mean cmon, 30 millions and counting, thats crazy. Whereas the Note 2 was just released and is still warming up well till Christmas season and beyond March right before S4 announcement. So yeah, give it some time. It’s not about the size anymore since even a 5ft girl can use it

  7. seems like a fairly pointless poll to me, of course the largest selling phone was going to win, how about counting the votes against sales quantities, do you still get the same result?

  8. An overpriced phone S III mini

  9. Yeah !!! My phone is the number one :D

  10. S3 mini is only in there because the S2 was not in the voting list

  11. CrisR82, i agree to that comment. S2 would have been 3rd place.

    Anyway to be honest I like the feel of S3, those sexy curves feels good to the hands. I often remove my metal bumpers to enjoy the real feel while I text and call.

  12. “The Most Popular Phone in 2012″ is the S3.

    Far from the best… people vote with what they have, not for the best.

  13. Good news, God bless Samsung! ;)

  14. S3 mini not worth it the S2 Galaxy was a slot in for bronze.

    I own an S3 and have used a friends Note 2 for a while. Once I got used to its size I definitely felt the Note 2 was the better of the two devices.

  15. yes, we all ave to agree, S2 should be here

  16. S2 deserve the 3th place for both design and hardware (performance) at it’s time was the first 1,4 ghz dual-core smartphone in the world a bit after LG Optimus 2x (because that one was the first dual-core smartphone in the world with only 1ghz processor). In this classament S2 deserve the 3th place.

  17. to all those dumb people saying note 2 is the best…. note 2 is not a phone and it is definitely not an easy one to carry around and for daily use.. more over s3 has enough screen already…. so guys complaining about note2 not winning… shut the @#$$ up…. peace :P

  18. qwertyedu, sir you are by far the stupidest person I have seen write a comment. The Galaxy Note Series is the improvement of the Galaxy Series by far… the S3 has 1GB of RAM, a Quad Core at 1.4 GHZ, a Li-Ion 2100 mAh while the Galaxy Note 2 has 2GB of RAM, a Quad Core at 1.6 GHZ, a Li-Ion 3100 mAh, S-Pen. I do agree that the S3 is maybe a bit more portable but the Galaxy Note Series is not as umconfrobable as people think. So before actually talking about sizes read you freacking morron

  19. waa2398, you are an asshole. i own both the S3 and the Note 2 and there is no way i would use the Note 2 as my everyday phone. Specs don’t tell me anything, it is all about compromise and the best compromise is by far the S3. Followed by the S2 powered with Jelly Bean 4.1.2.
    Grow up dude!

  20. aamaro1971… he’s right. I highly doubt you have both in the first place. Also, maybe you’re a dwarf if you can’t use the Note 2 everyday.

  21. Galaxy S II is not there because it was not released in 2012, this was the “Best Smartphone Of The Year” which implies that it had to be released between January 1st and December 31st, or in this case, until yesterday.

    These 3 were chosen by the users that come in here, not all 30 million Galaxy S III owners are here and voted. Galaxy S III still wins over most phones and especially over the Note II because it’s a more mainstream phone thanks to its size and the huge publicity it still has compared to the rest.

    And that notion that “people who don’t feel comfortable using a Note II must be dwarfs, midgets, elves or whatever” is way out of line, my boyfriend has a Galaxy Note II which I have access to everyday; I also work with mobile phones on a daily basis since I’m a technician and I’ve had the opportunity to use both Galaxy Note devices many times and they are just not comfortable to use with one hand (as many people are used to), and I’m not precisely small-handed or a dwarf.

    The Galaxy Note series are not for everyone and were never intended to be, those who feel otherwise or own one should actually feel pretty good about themselves for being part of a very special group that are able to use and enjoy continuous use of a device that large and are a piece of the market that was never paid attention to and are now being pleased.

    That said, the Note series are not an improvement over anything but their own category since they are a category on their own right, the Galaxy S III is still what you could call a regular sized smartphone that caters to almost everyone and this is what will always make it far more accesible even if it has “only” 1GB of RAM (writing that “only” before 1GB felt really weird, almost as if 1GB is crappy for today’s standards which is absolutely not), has a “mere” 2100 mAh battery (a “mere” that’s way too far fetched) and does not use an S-Pen which is not really an improvement over anything.

    Battery life is too subjective and depends on the user, you could have a 5000 mAh battery and still spend it all in 8 hours while I could easily reach 15 hours with my mere 2100 mAh battery.

    Let’s try to be more objective about things and enjoy the fact that we all have the best phones in the market.


  22. Bronze to Samsung Galaxy S III mini ??? What a hell !

    That’s not true, in my opinion ……

    Who buy this shit phone for 449 euro ?! Naaaaaaaa

  23. waa2398… dude… i am not here to put a fight over this… to make it clear i have used note 2 … also i previously owned a note… i had to give away note to buy s3 simply because i could not find using the phone comfortably outside… note 2 is perfect for indoor use… and also please dont talk about ram and cpu power…. it doesnt make a difference….. note 2 has 2GB ram…. yes I agree… but have you ever checked how much ram is available for apps ??? if not pls do that :P.. and for the CPU part… it is nothing but and EXNOS4412 overclocked to 1.6GHz the same chip used in S3 :P one can always use a custom kernel to overclock s3 :D … i have mine clocked at 1.6GHZ :D :P…. and also remember the clockspeed whenever is higher and more the time the CPU runs in 1.6GHz, the chance for battery draining faster is more… so please stop blabbering about stuff you dont know… and about s-pen… it is just a gimmic.. tell me how much use have you got with the spen ?? forget the ads….. do u draw or paint ??? :P

    lcmazza…. if you can use note2 comfortably then good for you brother :P… i dont mind :P

    @above all… all I am saying is… if you have the money I would suggest you buy an s3.. and get a note800….. ;) …..peace….

  24. cegc135 … i read your comment and I absolutely agree to that :)

  25. @qwertydu Thanks =).

  26. @cegc135 :)


  28. Your EXYNOS are BROKEN

    Easy To Hacking
    Many Mulware to kill your PHONE
    It Will Broken when you open some application
    and.and.and MORE

  29. Your S3 is Gold
    Because It is High-end Flagship Phone

    CPU – Easy To Hacking
    Your Display – RGRB Pentile —>Not Bad
    Corning Gorilla Glass2 – Easy To Broken
    Your Plastic Cover – Easy To Broken
    Ram – 1Gb same S2
    Camera – Same S2
    USB Port – 2.0 Bad
    Fast Charging – Bad
    Wireless Charging – No This

  30. Giant Phone is S3 ,Note2
    and Iphone5 is Human Phone.

  31. @sucksung… bravo… :P you learned english from OXFORD right ??? I guess you need to learn better english from the slum :P… ///giant phone s3, note2 and iphone 5 human phone /// what the @#$% are you talking about ??? and about vulnerability in the os.. and patch is being made as we speak.. so #$^& off :x

  32. I think galaxy s3 should be the second not first…

  33. as expected S3 at the top of all the one…..

  34. @aamaro1971 do you even know how to use the work asshole, with that in mind, compromise might be a word out of your league? Dude obviously you simple don’t know shit regarding smartphones. We all can agree that the Galaxy Note Series is a “bigger screen” and few upgrades to the Galaxy S series. WTF are you talking about “compromise” and if you cant use a galaxy Note as a everyday phone then you simple dont get this line of smartphones. Only retarded people use the words “grow up”, “kid”…

    qwertyedu of couse you can basically pimp your phone, which I can do without the need of an app or custom kernels, pure coding. RAM is 70% free ALWAYS for me so is ready to be used at any time for any app. If the S-Pen is a gimmic, do you remember when the S3 came out with Smart Stay, Smart Rotation, etc. for some were “gimmics” but not for everyone. I do use the S-Pen for fun i do not paint or draw professionally but is simple amazing how a “gimmic” can change a phone.

    Not fighting simple putting the facts straight, to me a bigger screen is better % that im not missing anything and i dont have to force my eyes to see an email, photo, video, etc. The Note doesnt feel to big for an average hand.

  35. cegc135 – Samsung has by far the worst interface for android. TouchWiz takes 80% of an update and 20% is the actual AOSP original code. That’s the reason that extra 1GB of ram is very helpful and you will see that I don’t think they well use a 1 GB or ram for the new upcoming S4-S5-et, Note 3-Note 4 models.

    How much your battery can handle is a HUGE talking use for every single phone out there. You been a “technician” should know that. Even Google is working on improving this. I can use my note 2 for playing Gameloft games, (NFL PRO 13 – Heroes of Orden and Chaos), while on a 4G network chating, browsing, downloading, etc. and I stil l have enough battery to get me home using GPS navigation and after all this I put my phone to charge after almost 16 hours of heavy duty use.

    That to ME is simple amazing that only comes on the Note Series. By far, the Galaxy S3 is a winner to the everyday consumer and a big for that is the size. Just answering to this dumbass who posted “to all those dumb people saying note 2 is the best…” how the Galaxy Note 2 is the BEST….

  36. @waa2398…

    if u are so good at PURE CODING… do that :P first of all understand the facts that I put out there…. let us see for how many days you use the SPEN …. after that we will talk…. How can you compare SMARTSTAY with SPEN ?? smartstay is just facedetection s/w and SPEN is a hardware feature :P…. and if you are so particular about not being able to read emails and watch videos and stuff when you consider all other devices having smaller screens… i would suggest you go and meet a DOCTOR and check your eye … and 70% ram free all the time for you… superb.. that is the biggest crap i heard till now… who are you talking to ??? i am a pro at this poleyaadi mone… ninte ammede pootil anoda ninte kannu ??? kunna taayooli pootiladi mone… veliya oru poooran vannirikkunu… and show your fucking attitude to you family not the other members here… be polite.. if you cant do that… shove you head inside your ass and fuck off bitch …. peace…

  37. @qwertyedu — You are pro? Damn I didn’t know that… and first of all, read your fucking comments you retard and you will see who started with the “attitude” – also this is an English community, will strongly suggest you stick to language.

    Now, down to business. How in the world am I confusing SmartStay with the S-Pen??? (Dear God please forgive me for such an atrocity) Simple, quoting the PRO: “…and about s-pen… it is just a gimmic..” (BTW is gimmick) – SmartStay is also a so call a “gimmic”. If I want my phone to turn off then I use the Screen timeout option. I know, and I’m 100% sure, that my phone will go off after xx seconds. Why do we need SmartStay? Is it that useful? And the answer is……. no one know. Some people do use it other simple don’t.

    S-Pen is useful for some people, to me is a nice tool that I use once.. hmmm.. a day. Still, to you the S-Pen (a piece of hardware) is simple a “gimmic” to others is a life saver because they are constantly tacking notes or editing stuff.

    The S3 is a GREAT SMARTPHONE, hands down. The best compare to the Note 2??? Not sure., personal opinion. At best is right up there… (you can is it both ways – S3 == Note 2 and Note 2 == S3).

    “Peace” – there will never be one!

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