Samsung updates its community on its fight against coronavirus worldwide

Samsung’s contribution to fighting the spread of coronavirus is felt in many regions across the globe. The company’s activities in this time of need have covered various countries and numerous areas of expertise, and in a recent statement addressed to its global community, Samsung has provided an update on its response to coronavirus (COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2) so far.

In navigating these uncertain times, Samsung has an important role to look after our employees, support our customers, and aid our communities. We are dedicating resources to help those in need and help us, as a society, emerge stronger on the other side.

Supporting the global workforce

Samsung has a responsibility to keep its employees away from the threat of coronavirus as much as possible. To this end, the company has strongly advised its employees to work from home and has provided its workforce with resources and updates on guidelines issued by health authorities to combat coronavirus.

The company has restricted business travels except for when they are deemed critical. Likewise, Samsung mandated temperature checks and health screenings for employees working in offices and facilities that need to remain operational to provide services and products to customers. They have also implemented regular deep cleaning to decrease the chances of infection.

Meanwhile, countless facilities and stores across the globe – including but not limited to Canada, China, Malaysia, and the USA – have been temporarily shut down in support of social distancing.

Maintaining customers and partners relationships

It must be difficult for a company of Samsung’s caliber to maintain its relationships with customers and partners in these tumultuous times, particularly when many of its operations have taken a hit or have been shut down.

The company’s online customer care lines have remained operational, but its service centers have been shut down due to COVID-19. Therefore, customer warranties that were bound to expire while services are unavailable have been extended by one month.

Samsung has donated $29 million worth of funds and goods since January

According to Samsung’s recent update on coronavirus, throughout the year so far, the company has donated $29 million worth of funds and goods to communities and governments, including medical supplies and hygiene kits.

Meanwhile, one of Samsung’s facilities in South Korea has become a care center for COVID-19 patients. The company’s engineers have lent their expertise to domestic manufacturers, bolstering the production of face masks, creating molds, and establishing smart factories. With Samsung’s help, the South Korean government was also able to secure critical material for mask manufacturing from overseas.

Samsung is donating equipment, smartphones, and tablets

Samsung is also donating air purifiers and appliances to hospitals and quarantine centers, including in India. Likewise, it has donated smartphones to patients in quarantine to help them communicate with their friends and families. Tablets have been donated to educational institutions, and the company’s CSR education modules are made available online.

The company had concluded its recent report on the progress against coronavirus by thanking its customers, partners, employees, and communities for their support, adding that Samsung will stand strong with you as we look ahead to a promising future.

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