Samsung is back on track with its Galaxy S21 FE production plans


Last updated: July 27th, 2021 at 15:41 UTC+02:00

There’s been a lot of uncertainty surrounding the unannounced Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition), but even if the device won’t be present at Galaxy Unpacked 2021, production of the S21 FE is reportedly back on track, according to industry watcher @rquandt on Twitter.

The Galaxy S21 FE was previously rumored to have been delayed due to the global semiconductor shortage. Subsequent reports claimed that the phone might not be released outside of major markets like the USA and Europe, but other clues indicate that the device will also hit the shelves in Japan.

It still remains unclear whether the Galaxy S21 FE will be released globally or in select markets only, but for what it’s worth, production of the device is now back on track after supposedly being halted due to supply shortages.

Remember that the Galaxy S20 FE wasn’t present at last year’s main event either

Although it would be a pleasant surprise to see the Galaxy S21 FE at Unpacked in early August, we probably shouldn’t view the phone’s absence as a bad sign for the sequel. Let’s not forget that the Galaxy S20 FE wasn’t unveiled along with the Galaxy Note 20 series at Unpacked in August 2020 either, but at a separate event that took place a month later. So it’s not like Samsung is breaking an established convention by not unveiling a new FE device on August 11.

There’s no official word yet on when the Galaxy S21 FE might be unveiled, aside from a vague “Fall 2021” timeframe. However, if the global semiconductor shortage won’t cause any more issues, it’s possible that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S21 FE in September, exactly one year after the original model was unveiled. We’ll keep you posted ass soon as more details emerge.

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