Rumor: Galaxy S9 launching in India on March 6

After months of anticipation and endless leaks, Samsung finally unveiled the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on Sunday at a special event in Barcelona. Now that the official unveiling is done, details about availability and pricing are beginning to flood the Internet.

Fastest Galaxy flagship launch in India?

We have received a tip that the Galaxy S9 could launch in India on March 6. Samsung has not officially confirmed the news but considering that the company is already accepting pre-booking money in India, it won’t be surprising to see a launch event so soon. If the Galaxy S9 launch indeed happens on March 6, then this may be one of the fastest Galaxy flagship launches in India.

It is worth noting that while the official launch in India may be on March 6 in the form of a launch event, actual sales will probably kickstart from March 16 or later like most other markets. Pricing, variants, and availability should be officially announced at the event, but we have already seen credible reports about possible pricing in India today. From the information available so far, we also know that India will get the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

The Galaxy S9 brings many incremental updates to the already well-received Galaxy S8 lineup. It is not yet clear if any of the new features that Samsung launched with the S9 and S9+ are compelling enough for users to upgrade. While Samsung is confident that the Galaxy S9 duo will outsell their predecessors, it will be interesting to see how cost-conscious markets like India respond to an incremental upgrade.

In case if you have missed our exhaustive coverage from the Galaxy S9 unveiling, you can check our hands-on and specs comparison to get started.

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Samsung Sweden ship the S9’s to customers on March 9. The network providers one day earlier.