Red Galaxy Buds+ confirmed for Taiwan, will hit the shelves in late April


Last updated: April 13th, 2020 at 13:45 UTC+02:00

The Galaxy Buds+ in red saw a more limited release compared to the standard colors, but after going on sale in a few markets including South Korea, the USA, and Russia, the red flavor is now making its way to Taiwan.

Samsung’s red Galaxy Buds+ will be available for purchase in Taiwan in late April through a variety of retail channels including Samsung, PChome 24h Shopping, MOMO Shopping Network, and Yahoo! Shopping Center.

Same price, different flavor

Despite the red Galaxy Buds+ having a more limited reach, the earbuds will be priced the same as the black, blue, and white models. Prospective buyers will be looking at an NT 5,490 ($182) price tag, and aside from a different exterior flavor, the hardware is unchanged.

The biggest strength of the Galaxy Buds+ lies in battery life, so much so that our review was titled accordingly. It boasts an impressive 11-hour battery life on a single charge, and you can get a total of 22 hours if you consider the extra charge carried by the case.

You won’t be getting ANC (active noise cancellation) with the Galaxy Buds+, and if you can’t do without this feature, you may have to wait until the Galaxy Buds Bean will be introduced. Reports suggest the Bean will be Samsung’s first ANC-enabled wireless earbuds model, and the new design will likely be introduced alongside the Galaxy Note 20 later this year.

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