[Poll Results!] Will Galaxy Note 10’s 256GB storage make you care less about the microSD slot?

When we asked our readers if they’d skip the Galaxy Note 10 if it has no microSD slot in a poll a month ago, we saw more than 50 percent voters respond in the affirmative. We published that poll just a couple of days after the first rumor about the possibility of the regular Galaxy Note 10 lacking expandable storage came out, and recent leaks and reports have pretty much sealed the deal on that front. Yes, Samsung is yet to make the Galaxy Note 10 official. Still, it does seem the microSD slot is going away, along with the 3.5mm headphone jack.

256GB base storage a good way to make up for no microSD slot?

Not all is lost, however: It’s said that both the Note 10 and Note 10+ will have 256GB of storage on the base variant. We had discovered signs of a 128GB model a few months ago, but it doesn’t look like that storage variant is on the cards anymore. Samsung has always taken the lead in the smartphone industry when it comes to equipping its flagship smartphones with higher base storage – the company made the switch to 128GB of base storage with the Galaxy Note 9, and it’s not hard to believe it is doubling that with the Galaxy Note 10.

Perhaps Samsung wouldn’t have done it if it hadn’t decided not to put a microSD slot on the smaller Galaxy Note 10 and make it more of a Galaxy-S10-with-S-Pen Note than a proper powerhouse. But it did, and the higher out-of-the-box storage means not everyone will need to use a microSD card. Which brings us to the question we’re asking today: Would the 256GB of base storage make you care less about not having a microSD slot on the Galaxy Note 10?

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Results: The highest percentage (39 percent) of voters said they would still need a microSD slot, although almost as many folks (35 percent) said they think 256GB storage is good enough. 17 percent of voters believe they should have the option to expand storage if they are paying so much for a smartphone, while 8 percent of voters say they are okay with even 128GB of storage without a microSD slot. The remaining 2 percent would be fine with the smaller Note 10’s lack of microSD expansion if the Note 10+ didn’t have a microSD slot, either.

Will Galaxy Note 10's 256GB storage make you care less about the microSD slot?
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