Here is how much the Galaxy Buds+ could cost

The Galaxy Buds+ are expected to be bundled for free with Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra pre-orders in many countries, but for those who will buy them separately, how much will Samsung’s upcoming wireless earbuds cost? That’s a question we may finally have a proper answer to thanks to the always-churning rumor mill. According to Max Weinbach from Twitter, the Galaxy Buds+ will cost $149.99.

The Galaxy Buds were launched with a price tag of $129.99, so Buds+ buyers will have to shell out just $20 more to get the upgraded earbuds. And the rather small jump in price makes sense. The Galaxy Buds+ will not feature active noise cancellation, though Weinbach says the regular sound isolation will be improved. That should also be a welcome improvement, as the Galaxy Buds are already quite good at drowning out external noise when they’re placed in the ear.

As we had revealed in our exclusive report, the Galaxy Buds+ will have double the battery life of their predecessor. They will last up to 12 hours on a single charge, and their charging case will have a slightly higher battery capacity as well. The original Buds charging case has a 252mAh battery, while the Buds+ charging case will have a 270mAh battery. The Buds+ will feature four microphones, and the general sound quality has apparently been improved as well.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the price tag for the Galaxy Buds+ and for all of the upcoming Galaxy phones isn’t confirmed yet. That will only happen once Samsung makes the official announcement at its Unpacked event in San Francisco on February 11.


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“A rather small bump in price makes sense” – Why does everyone count on companies charging more each year for the same product? It doesn’t bring nothing new to the table. The same exact product with some little generational upgrades. Does it really make sense to cost more? It should cost as much as the Galaxy Buds with the Buds being discounted, at best. It just pisses me off that you count on Samsung charging more each year. The Buds+ is just a name, call it Buds 2020 as they have no ‘+’, they’re the same thing but with some… Read more »


4 microphones on each bud?


What are you talking about? Like buds 1: X, apparently four: D where would they put them you don’t know? : D