Galaxy Watch Active 2 launch gets closer as demo models get certified

The demo models of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 that Samsung will use to show its new smartwatch to the public at retail stores around the world have been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, hinting at an imminent official launch. Model numbers SM-R820X, SM-R825X, SM-R830X, SM-R835X were certified on July 24 – the letter X usually denotes a retail demo version of Samsung’s mobile devices, and that means the Galaxy Watch Active 2 may be unveiled in the near future.

And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Samsung will most likely unveil the Galaxy Watch Active 2 alongside the Galaxy Note 10 at its Unpacked event on August 7, which is less than two weeks away. In fact, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 models that will actually go on sale were certified back in June, so Samsung has been making preparations for some time. And for more proof that the watch is very close to a public debut, one need only look at the real-life photos of the Watch Active 2 that we leaked a couple of months ago and all the official-looking renders that have made the rounds in the last few weeks.

As we had revealed in our exclusive report, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will come in two sizes: A 40mm version and a 44mm version. Both versions will have Wi-Fi and LTE-enabled variants. Samsung’s intuitive rotating bezel wheel will be replaced by a virtual bezel called Touch Bezel, and the watch will have multiple new health-related features. Those will include ECG and fall detection, although the former might not be ready at launch thanks to the approval it needs to get from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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Just like the original Active – half baked product brought to market promising functionality (blood pressure monitoring) that never came to fruition (unless you had a flagship Samsung device) False/misleading advertising and awful returns options for users who were sold and waited on the false, never delivered promises.


What about Stainless steel and aluminum version ?