Leaked video allegedly shows the Galaxy S9 in action

Well, there we have it: an actual video showing Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S9. Or at least, a device that could be the S9. Needless to say, you should consume with a grain of salt, or two. So, what do we see, then?

Leaked Galaxy S9 video

From deep within the Chinese interwebs comes a short video that clearly shows a Samsung device with an Infinity design. In it, we see someone allegedly doing some type of touch sensitivity test on a device with a screen protector. In fact, the video was taken from a screen showing another video, rendering the entire thing rather unclear.

Though we would like to believe that we are indeed seeing the Galaxy S9 in the flesh, there seems to be no way to confirm all of this. Does the bottom bezel look a tiny bit thinner than that of the Galaxy S8? If not, then how can we be sure we are not looking at an S8?

You should decide for yourself that the answers to these questions should be. We like to believe but remain unconvinced for now.


No matter if this video shows us the real deal, the launch of the Galaxy S9 is approaching fast. With Samsung’s next Unpacked event scheduled for late February, it is only a couple of weeks until we get to see this year’s top-Galaxy. The device is expected to look very similar to the current Galaxy S8, though we can expect some major upgrades on the inside.

The new Exynos 9810 soc promises a major boost in performance. While only the 6.2-inch Galaxy S9 Plus features a dual camera on the back, the single cam of the ‘regular’, 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 will bring a few neat tricks of its own. We expect the Galaxy S9 to go on sale mid-March, with a price tag that will match or exceed that of last year’s Galaxy S8.

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