Buy a Galaxy S20+ in the USA and you get an A50 for free / $50

Samsung USA is offering yet another interesting deal for its latest Galaxy S20 flagship, whereby customers willing to acquire the Galaxy S20+ 5G on a carrier financing plan will receive a Galaxy A50 for free. The offer is valid only for the Plus model from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

If you’d rather buy the factory unlocked Galaxy S20+ 5G without any strings attached to a carrier, you can get the Galaxy A50 for only $50 along with your new flagship. Normally, the factory unlocked Galaxy A50 would set you back $224.99 (after a limited-time $75 discount). But if you buy the Galaxy S20+ 5G for its full $1,199 retail price, you can pair it with the Galaxy A50 for just $50.

The Galaxy A50 remains a decent mid-range phone

When we reviewed the Galaxy A50 last year, we considered it to be Samsung’s best value-for-money solution at the time, and it remains a great device to this day. On the other hand, the Galaxy S20+ is a solid flagship that bridges the gap between the standard Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It has a fantastic 120Hz display and offers all-day battery life.

Both of these ongoing deals involving the Galaxy A50 are valid even if you trade-in your older phone for a discount on the Galaxy S20+ 5G, or if you sign in for the 50% guaranteed buy-back program. Visit Samsung USA’s online shop for more details.

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