Linux on DeX app updated with support for more Galaxy devices

Samsung DeX allows select Galaxy devices to offer a desktop-like environment when connected to an external screen. This cool-in-concept idea looked a lot more promising when the company announced the Linux on DeX program last year. It allows DeX users to run Linux OS and applications in the DeX environment, thereby turning supported Galaxy devices into full-fledged computers.

Although DeX is available on all of Samsung’s flagship devices since the Galaxy S8/S8+, the Linux on DeX app has been limited to the Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 so far. The Korean company is changing all that with a new update to the Linux on DeX app that adds support for the Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+/S10 5G, and the Galaxy Tab S5e. The Galaxy Tab S5e’s addition may seem odd considering it’s not a proper flagship device, but it does pack high-end specs capable of powering Linux on DeX and is also the latest tablet with an AMOLED screen in Samsung’s tablet lineup.

Do note that the Linux on DeX app is still in beta and requires prior registration if you want to try it out. Unfortunately, it appears Samsung is no longer accepting enrolments for the beta program. There are, however, reports online that just installing the APK will work. While we cannot guarantee the same, you can try your luck by downloading and installing the latest APK from our APK section here.

Even as Android OEMs, including Samsung, continue to pack PC-level specs into their smartphones, they haven’t really found any compelling use-cases for the resources. Initiatives like Linux on DeX have the potential to fill this gap and transform the modern-day smartphone into a single, all-purpose computing device.

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