Breaking: Samsung officially delays global Galaxy Fold launch

Samsung has released a press release to officially confirm that it is delaying the Galaxy Fold launch until further notice. As expected, the primary reason behind the delay is to allow the company time to add more “guidance for consumers on care and use of the display including the protective layer.”

Samsung believes impact on the top and bottom parts of the complex hinge that makes up to 200,000 folds possible could be one cause for the display issues. It also indirectly references the possibility that the folks over at The Verge may have broken their Galaxy Fold by using molding clay near it, allowing some of it to seep into the device through the exposed part at the bottom. With the Fold lacking any sort of ingress protection, keeping it safe from the elements will be an important part of ownership and something both consumers and reviewers will have to contend with.

New release dates to be announced in the ‘coming weeks’

As we said earlier today, delaying the launch is a step Samsung should have taken right after the display issues were reported, rather than first saying it will not be delaying the retail launch instead of thinking things through. Better late than never, though. Samsung says new release dates will be announced “in the coming weeks,” and we’re guessing adding the necessary warnings and tips for the display and its protective layer won’t be too arduous a task given the limited production run of the Korean giant’s first foldable smartphone.

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  • Samsung says in it global press release it will “take measures to strengthen the display protection”. This possibly points to what I wrote earlier today in other posts. I went to one of the UK invitation one-to-one demonstrations and pre-order events a few days ago. A Samsung employee told me that Samsung was considering extending the top plastic film layer to go under the bezel. Could this be one of the measures to strengthen the display protection?

    • Hopefully, because having that visible edge of the protective layer leaves a chance, however small, that someone will try to peel it off.

      • Peeling off the protective layer is less worrying to me than the durability of that layer and whether it becomes quickly prone to nicks and dents from accidental fingernail taps. I guess this is one of the reasons Samsung is including additional insurance over the standard warranty. It is also interesting to note that one reviewer stated Samsung had specifically barred reviewers from carrying out impact/drop tests. The Fold feels very solid but the hinge mechanism, as Samsung has now hinted, might not take much in the way of an impact if dropped. The Fold requires care and attention if it is to be kept in working condition. Despite all of these concerns, I still love it and want one!

  • Just a DUD of an idea in a Durability sense...YES the idea is great but seriously did Samsung not robotic fold test, and please don't come back and say YES to 250,000 folds when live human testers can't get by with a few weeks of testing (real use) without the screen cracking or blacking way in the world would I pay $2200 for this, then again no way would I pay $1300 for a Galaxy S10, still loving my half brother S5, it does Everything I want a Phone to do and has VOLTE.
    Google will have a fight when they stop supporting 32 bit Apps in a few years also as there are STILL more S5 in actual use worldwide than ANY other Mobile Phone.
    BREAKING News 'the Fold' is BREAKING so lets put a BRAKE on

    • I know many people will jump on me for saying this, buddy, but your S5 has more features by a long-shot, compared to the expensive, irreparable glass slabs nowadays, which have a powerful CPUs to heat that shiny glass, and some super-duper-gigapixel camera to post high-res facebook selfies ... so have fun with it, and take care of it, cause when it will die, you will go with frustration in shops to try to find a replacement ... been there done that ... now I just use something which is stable, CBA about specs anymore as all of them are only on paper, but in real use they are worthless and unpractical, and are not worth the money they cost anymore ...

  • Oh well, better to hold back the stampede rather than needing to clean up after the horses :-D