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Virtual Reality

Last updated: March 3rd, 2017 at 17:28 UTC+01:00

Samsung has brought its C-Lab division along to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2017 where it’s showcasing four new virtual reality projects. The four projects that have been showcased include Relumino, TraVRer, Monitorless and VuildUs.

In this post you’ll find out everything there is to know about VuildUs.

What is VuildUs?
VuildUs is an app that transforms parts of your own home to a virtual one which you can then see on your Gear VR. With the help of VuildUs and your Gear VR you can completely create your own virtual world and measure and re-decorate it all on-the-fly.

How does it work?
VuildUs is actually very easy to use, you place the space scanner in the middle of an empty room and let the scanner scan the room. You’ll put on your Gear VR and open the app VuildUs and will scroll between all that VuildUs has to offer you.

For example, you can pick up a couch and put it against the wall. Once you have done this you can measure the size by simply securing two points. This gives you a line that says how long it is between the two points. Go on so that the entire space is filled as per your own wishes. Buy the products with Samsung Pay and enjoy your newly decorated space.

Did VuildUs impress us?
Yes, it did impress us, it was something we did with a smile on our faces. Nothing is more fun than decorating your home to your own taste. Choosing products or measuring from wall to wall; everything went very well. Also, the option to buy the products was very convenient. The team VuildUs told us their space scanner in Korea has been working well, but from the concept point of view, it wasn’t finished enough to take it with them to MWC.

When can we expect the project?
VuildUs is still in development. Therefore, it is the question of whether Samsung will release VuildUs to the market. We can not wait, this was definitely one of the best projects alongside Relumino that Samsung’s C-Lab demonstrated at MWC 2017.


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