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Samsung C-Lab will showcase new VR projects at MWC 2017

Samsung today announced that its Creative Lab (C-Lab) team is going to showcase new virtual reality projects at the Mobile World Congress 2017 later this month. These virtual reality and augmented reality projects will be exhibited at 4 Years From Now, a platform for startups with potential to showcase their experiences at MWC.

For those who are unaware, C-Lab is Samsung’s internal venture incubation program which supports the company’s employees who come up with innovative ideas and want to work on them with Samsung’s backing. The VR experiences that will be showcased this year include a smart aid for visually impaired people, a VR home furnishing solution, monitorless PC viewing glasses and a 360-degree travel experience platform.


Relúmĭno is a visual aid application for the Gear VR meant for visually impaired and near-blind people. It enables them to read books and watch TV with new levels of clarity. Relúmĭno works as a mobile app when inserted into the Gear VR. It even has the ability to remap blind spots by displacing images.

Monitorless is a new remote-control VR/AR solution out of C-Lab which allows people to use devices like PCs and smartphones without a monitor. They use a special pair of glasses instead which resemble regular sunglasses. They can then be used to view content from devices like smartphones and PCs. They can also be used for augmented reality and virtual reality functions.

For those who are looking to furnish their homes, VuildUs is going to be a good solution. It enables users to see what a new furniture purchase is going to look like and whether it would fit in a particular room before they buy it. Users first have to scan their home using the camera and they are then able to view items of furniture in 3D. If they like how it looks in the room they can purchase it on the spot.


Last but not the least, Samsung’s C-Lab will be showcasing traVRer at MWC 2017. It’s a 360-degree video platform which enables users to experience virtual travel before and after a real trip. Users can visit famous places and landmarks across the globe complete with mood, noises and events. All of this can be down by switching seamlessly between different videos to go in different directions.


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