Samsung may use a new ‘green battery icon’ to indicate ‘Safe’ Galaxy Note 7s

The whole ‘exploding Galaxy Note 7′ fiasco has caused a lot of harm to Samsung’s brand image all over the world as well as its stock price. We get to see at least one new case every day of an exploded Samsung smartphone. The company has recalled its latest high-end phablet in all the markets where it started selling one, but some owners are still not concerned about the issue and are reportedly not returning their Galaxy Note 7s.

The South Korean smartphone giant will mark boxes of replaced Galaxy Note 7 units (those with safe batteries) with an ‘S’ mark to indicate that they are safe. However, no one would carry the box with them all the times to indicate that their device is safe. So, Samsung is now planning to find a way to indicate airport authorities and airlines if a Galaxy Note 7 unit with a passenger is safe or not. According to a report from ZDNet, Galaxy Note 7s with safe batteries will have a new “green battery icon” in its UI, indicating that the device is safe for travel and usage. It is unclear at this time if the green mark will be present at all times or just while the phone is charging. This safety mark could also be limited to Korea. Replaced Galaxy Note 7 units in the US still show a white battery icon according to Android Central.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Samsung would roll out a new software update to unsafe Galaxy Note 7 units in Korea so that the charging stops at 60 percent, thereby keeping them safe from exploding. According to Chinese quality inspection authorities, some Galaxy Note 7 units have a tendency to explode due to a faulty manufacturing process. These batteries have a thinner than usual separator between electrodes, which leads to an explosion if the battery gets too hot while charging.

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