Samsung appears to be testing a new Exynos processor

Import logs often reveal the components that Samsung runs tests on so they are a great source of getting an idea of what we can expect from the company down the line. Latest data from Indian import tracker Zauba shows that Samsung has imported a pair of boards in the country and the Exynos 8895 chipset is on each board. Samsung has not announced this processor yet and it’s not immediately clear which devices it will be powering.

Samsung’s existing high-end processor is the Exynos 8890 which powers the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge. Some rumors have suggested that the Galaxy Note 7 could be powered by the Exynos 8893 processor in some markets but there’s no confirmation of that just yet. Technical specifications of the Exynos 8895 are not available at this point in time so any and all improvements made to the chipset remain a mystery right now. It would be too soon to assume that this is the chip that’s destined for the Galaxy S8 which is due to arrive early next year.



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The 8890 is already top notch, beating the S6’s 7420 by ~1.9k points on GB. I wonder how far can the rumoured 8893 go.


damn bruh the 8890 must be the legit shit. It annihilates the old, rusty 7420