Samsung’s new Ultra Black technology will improve picture quality in bright conditions

It’s a well-known fact that most people watch TV with a light on and not in a pitch-dark environment as intended, but what they may not be aware is that doing so actually hinders picture quality as both excess artificial and natural lighting creates a glare on the display which leads to discoloration and oversaturation. However, Samsung has today unveiled a new technology, coined Ultra Black, that it will bake into all of its upcoming SUHD TVs in order to deliver an “optimum viewing experience, regardless of consumers’ indoor lighting conditions.”

We’ve already reported that the firm has started producing a unique Quantum Dot panel, which significantly boost brightness and clarity compared to the standard OLED display while at the same time keeping energy consumption to a minimum, but it now looks like the manufacturer will apply the new Ultra Black coating to the screen, too, with the hope of eradicating glare from unintended light sources. The technology behind the Ultra Black covering isn’t overly complex, either. The coating itself consists of a layer of bumps that can either absorb or redirect external light without hindering light emitted from the panel.

Ultra Black


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