Patent shows possible revised design of the Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung may release an updated version of the Galaxy K Zoom at some point and a design patent recently awarded to the company hints at design revisions for this device. Published by the US Patent and Trademark Office these patents only give us a look at the possible design of an upcoming device, and don’t reveal any information about internal components or build materials. The Galaxy K Zoom seen in this patent appears to have cleaner lines than its predecessor and what seems  to be a S Pen slot at the top center. It is possible that the flash may have been relocated into the zoom lens encasement.

In FIG. 1 we can see a hole in the zoom lens encasement. It is possible that this is where the flash may reside or it may serve a completely different purpose. One can’t say for sure because design patents don’t back up these figures with information on features and internal components.

So far Samsung hasn’t said if an when it plans on releasing a refreshed version of the Galaxy K Zoom.

revised-galaxy-k-zoom-design-1 revised-galaxy-k-zoom-design-2

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