[Video] Watch how Samsung surprises everyone with the virtual reality experience on the Gear VR

In 2014, we saw the emergence of two new kind of mobile products, smartwatches and virtual reality devices. Samsung was one of the first brands to invest in the R&D related to these kind of devices, and release such products in the market. The Gear VR, which is Samsung’s first attempt into virtual reality, is already available for purchase in the US through Best Buy for just $200. However, selling a virtual reality headset would be a tough nut to crack, since it is such a different product from smartphones, tablets, or smartphones, so Samsung has decided to showcase the Gear VR directly to the people, and let them experience the immersive content on their own.

In a latest video by Samsung, you can see people getting amazed by the virtual reality experience on the Gear VR. The video showcases people experiencing swimming through fishes, looking at the city scape through a helicopter, and playing a game in a virtual world.  Samsung has already launched an SDK for developers, so that they can create content specially tailored for the Gear VR. Samsung is even selling a dedicated gamepad which can be used to play games on the Gear VR using the Galaxy Note 4.

Users can also download suitable content through Milk VR service. Oculus is providing a number of 360-degree videos, but the users can also watch movies and their own video files using Oculus Cinema.

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Will this be available for note edge?? Pleas samsung!!


Sorry but no…. the screen is an irregular size and that curved edge is a problem now. But…. will make an adapter for Edge screens? Well it seems that they indeed are making one ones for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge too. But maybe that’s because S6 and S6 Edge will have 4K screens. I’m not sure, but they could compensate with optics easily on GEAR VR and that’s what we got to hope for. But…. it seems to me that they want as many people as possible to be able to get into using GEAR VR!!!