N9005XXUBMH1 – Leaked test firmware for Galaxy Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005)

Today we were finally able to obtain a test firmware for the Galaxy Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005), thanks to our trusted insider. We know that the Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t been released yet, so no one will be flashing this firmware, except Samsung employees. The main initiative behind releasing this test firmware is to allow 3rd party developers to port features from the Galaxy Note 3 to other devices and play with it however they like. Also, whenever the device itself goes on sale the users would be able to flash this firmware as well.

Model: SM-N9005
Country: Open Europe
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 1287056
Build date: Sat, 3 Aug 2013 01:17:38 +0000
Product Code: OXX
Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 19.57.11The firmware is a bit old but the thing is that due to the implementation of Samsung Knox many recent test builds are failing to boot and the one we have is the most stable test build, according to our insider. Though, We will keep you guys updated as soon as we receive new test builds or new information regarding release of official firmwares.

In case you missed it, checkout our full Hands-on video of the Galaxy Note 3.

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