Marshmallow for the Galaxy Note 5 has quite a few issues

Soon after announcing the global rollout of Marshmallow for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge Samsung released the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note 5. The update was initially made available to users in Cambodia (SM-N920C) through Samsung Smart Switch but from the looks of it the update isn’t without a few issues.

Many of our readers have pointed out that the battery is draining way too fast after the update is installed. Battery drain appears to be an issue that most people who updated to Marshmallow are facing. Others are facing issues with the Gear VR as it’s no longer working with the handset after it has been updated. Minor bugs have also been reported. It appears that Samsung still needs time to polish this update so that users no longer face these issues, it hasn’t halted the rollout yet so perhaps it might address these issues in an incremental update later. If you’ve been thinking about flashing this firmware on your Galaxy Note 5 you might want to hold off on that for now.

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6 months 15 days ago

whats annoying with this new Marshmallow update to the note 5, is that it now keeps hiding every photo in gallery and when i go to the storage directory i notice that there is a file in there at the bottom. Once i delete it, all my photos reappear, but after a while the file comes back……samsung really needs to rectify this problem, it was perfect when i had lollipop

7 months 19 days ago

I rooted my phone on lollipop. Have flashed 6.0.1 via odin, re-rooted my phone and then fixed the deep sleep problem provided on the xda forum. There’s no deep sleep problems or anything. Works perfectly smoothly and sleeps like a baby. But I notice that the battery drains during normal usage pretty fast, at least pretty noticeably faster than it did on lollipop. No, I don’t have a faulty device, and yes, I had COMPLETELY wiped my phone (Data, System, Cache, Dalvik/ART Cache) before flashing via Odin.
I don’t keep location, data, wifi, sync, auto brightness and the regular battery hoggers on & I greenify like hell!
Feels like I have to keep myself from using my phone when I’m outside so that it can last till I reach home at the end of the day.

Why does regular usage suck up quite a bit of juice from my phone (while it didn’t on lollipop)?

5 months 27 days ago

What steps did u take to flash Marshmallow on your phone? Could you help me out with that?

7 months 24 days ago

Marshmallow working very fast on my device with no battery drain….only issue is my Gear S does not reconnect automatically after getting within range which is very annoying. I have to keep going to bluetooth settings to connect manually. Anyone else experiencing this?

7 months 27 days ago

I made wipe and still have the problem with the battery. Vr didn’t work yesterday, it said network error when I connected the device to gear vr. But in this morning it works well.
Do you have a solution for the battery? Tnx

7 months 29 days ago

I installed this last night and noticed that the battery was draining faster than normal. So I did a factory wipe and set everything back up. So far its working great. I let it charge over night and I still have 75% battery life as of 8pm with light use today.
I had similar issue last year with my Note 4 when going to lollipop. Once I wiped partition cache and did a factory reset everything was working OK. It sux that we have to keep doing this! Hopefully Samsung will figure this out some day…
Really like Marshmallow on my Note 5! It looks slick and is very quick. I think battery life is actually better.

7 months 29 days ago

It drains my battery as f*** i updated only yesterday and slept fro 5 hours the phone was about 60% i woke up to found the battery is 0% what the f*** is this guys ???!!!!! and yes i rooted my phone before ??? any solve

7 months 29 days ago

Read two comments below this.

7 months 29 days ago

does anyone feel the camera bit noise after flashing MM….???

8 months 3 hours ago

Battery draining issue was only to those who have tripped their knox (After rooting on Lollipop). This is because of bug that preventing device to go to deep sleep on tripped knox device.
I have fixed this issue

Yet root is not working (Though it seems to be related to new Bootloader PA* and PB* and not actually Marshmallow. Awaiting update from Chainfire to get root issue to be sorted out.

8 months 3 hours ago

Well there are no issues as you stated … first problem as you claim to say that people face drain after the update are those who rooted before as you know a rooted note 5 won’t have deepsleep anymore doesn’t matter the build number ,
Second i have a gear vr yes it won’t work for me unless samsung releases the built for my country but it’s my fault and all users who cross flashed over there default CSC , as for anyone who cross flash firmware won’t be able to use gear vr and thats also from previous builds, it’s not the build problem, and speaking about marshmallow i must say that samsung did a great job !!

8 months 2 hours ago

It is possible to roll-back safely ??

8 months 6 hours ago

Flash 920C firmware after complete wiping the phone to Factory reset, because you may get issues and will not know why they are happening because old files may mess up with the new one.

Also for battery issue this is important that you are not rooted, if you are rooted then the phone may cause issues because Samsung has not fixed deep sleep bug for rooted users. You need to refer to XDA for Lollipop or Marshmallow

8 months 12 hours ago

I flashed the Cambodian Marshmallow update on my N920C. I did run a factory reset and cache wipe in stock recovery before putting my Note on download mode. I reckon people are getting bugs and battery drains because they didn’t do the above mentioned stuff. Old system files are known to clash with new ones thus creating bugs, lag and drains. Why has N920C been removed from sammobile?

8 months 12 hours ago

Buenas tardes y el note 3 neo sm-N7505L? Tendrá por lo menos lollipop?

8 months 13 hours ago

I flashed the Cambodian Marshmallow update on my N920C. I did run a factory reset and cache wipe in stock recovery before putting my Note on download mode. I reckon people are getting bugs and battery drains because they didn’t do the above mentioned stuff. Old system files are known to clash with new ones thus creating bugs, lag and drains. Why has N920C been removed from sammobile?

8 months 14 hours ago

there is no more Galxyy notee 5 N920C on sammobile firmware list…whats going on now??
Damn foolish me that i flashed this damn update…

8 months 4 hours ago

Its there, you need to search through model number, not the name, they haven’t stopped the rollout

8 months 13 hours ago

Why would they remove it? And besides they mention issues with Marshmallow, I didnt have any issues with it.

8 months 15 hours ago

is there any firmware or rom with android 6.0.1 for the S6edge+ ?

8 months 16 hours ago

What we were waiting for it with a Samsung Galaxy Note n920c
battery drain is loath noticeably slow in opening applications and games stopped what was supposed to be Atalv Marschmilo 6.0.1 supposed to call it 5.3

8 months 17 hours ago

More time? C’mon Samsung… you have had enough time to make things right… kinda tired already.

7 months 29 days ago

It’s not samsung issue and samsung have no responsability for this…it’s issue only when you update a “rooted” phone in lollipop in marshmallow so when you trip knox and you update you will not have deep sleep that’s why battery drains and now it’s fixed by xda even if you were rooted your phone ;)

8 months 18 hours ago

i upgraged mine with odin last night and the battery life is awesome. i don’t know about yours but mine is cool.6.0 is cool

8 months 18 hours ago

I Have Flashed n920c ..
Everything is perfect …

8 months 13 hours ago

I flashed too, couldn’t be any happier. People are probably complaining because they didn’t do it right.

7 months 29 days ago

they done it right but this issue is only when you update a rooted phone ;)

khushnood alam
8 months 18 hours ago

is there any problem with gear vr

8 months 18 hours ago

where is the update for galaxy s6 ?g920f??

8 months 19 hours ago

wrong forum on that post sorry, don’t publish! lol.

8 months 20 hours ago

The n910c got was a test release for that model.

Don’t know why they do this they should test themselves and them release problem free one.

8 months 20 hours ago

Samsung will need one year more to fix this problems, just before Note 6 and S8 launch …. like this year with the S6/ S6 Edge… pathetic costumer support

8 months 21 hours ago

Do a factory reset