Posted by Adnan F. 2 weeks ago

Galaxy Note 4 lock screen wallpaper available for download


Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 4 yesterday in Berlin. The newest flagship has formally been confirmed but those who are itching to pick one up will have to wait for some time. Galaxy Note 4 won’t be hitting shelves until later this fall. One can find solace in the fact that Galaxy Note 4 home screen wallpaper has already been made available for download by SamMobile, and today we have the Galaxy Note 4 lock screen wallpaper for our readers.


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5 comments on “Galaxy Note 4 lock screen wallpaper available for download

  1. ryu99 2 weeks ago said:

    Non official.. xda version by HITMAN-CREED

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  2. SmartGalaxy3 2 weeks ago said:

    Can you please add the new font which is used for the Clocks in Lockscreen and Weather Widget?
    Can’t unpack the firmware of the Alpha (the font is already included in this model), always get error messages.

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  3. williamhaven 2 weeks ago said:

    What’s up with Sammy and these ugly wallpapers?

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  4. talhadx 2 weeks ago said:


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  5. gtone339 2 weeks ago said:

    Any news on 4.4.4 KitKat for existing flagship?

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