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Sprint’s Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy Mega 6.3 also getting KitKat today


It seems to be an interesting week as far as updates are concerned, as there’s word on yet more KitKat updates rolling out today. Verizon’s Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy S III started receiving KitKat today, and it turns out the update is also going out to the Sprint variants of the Galaxy S4 mini (with build number L520VPUBNE3) and the Galaxy Mega 6.3 (build number L600VPUANE4). The updates should start rolling out later today, and as is the standard drill, can be accessed from the Settings » About phone » Software updates menu.

Expect to see the usual changes, which we are frankly getting tired of repeating now that KitKat is rolling out to all and sundry – wireless printing support, better performance, white status bar icons, enhanced lockscreen with full-screen album art while playing music, closed captions support for videos, expanded emojis, and updated and new versions of the unnecessary apps that all carriers feel the need to add to their phones.

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24 comments on “Sprint’s Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy Mega 6.3 also getting KitKat today

  1. wolverinex 7 months ago said:

    just downloaded on my galaxy mega,cool

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  2. Lasentenza 7 months ago said:

    It’s not serious from samsung… Concerning Galaxy note 10.1 edition 2014 only one country in Europe (Spain) has been update. Why samsung does it country by country? Would it be the same for Mega or other models? A lot of people are waiting something already available on other country.

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  3. deya987 7 months ago said:

    when i receive 4.4 for my Galaxy s4 mini GT-9190?

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  4. mixtegaolin 7 months ago said:

    cuando llegara esta actualizacion a mexico?

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  5. samuellau 7 months ago said:

    how about i9305? i have been waitting for a month !!!

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  6. winsy manoppo 7 months ago said:

    When Galaxy Mega 5.8 duos up to kitkat…???

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  7. hiagovg 7 months ago said:

    the i9192 update too?

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  8. roberto1524 7 months ago said:

    Faz 2 dias e até agora nada de atualização para S4 mini GT-I9195.

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  9. GolliasFerrari25 7 months ago said:

    Quando chegará o Android 4.3 para ir 4.4.2 para o S4 Mini Duos para o Brasil

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  10. sanjay prajapati 7 months ago said:

    What about gt-i9192??

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  11. rusko1980 7 months ago said:

    someone is definnitly laying about s3 still no kitkat on verizon s3…….

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  12. apple5013 7 months ago said:

    when note 3 neo update for kitkat?sm-n750

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  13. caddiboy17 7 months ago said:

    Sgh-m819n need update metropcs still running 4.2.2 firmware build# jdq39-m819nuvuamk7

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  14. arrostos 7 months ago said:

    if there will be release 4.4 for S4 mini, why they don’t release for Ace 3 LTE too, they have same specs…

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  15. racslim 7 months ago said:

    when i receive 4.4.2 for i9190

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  16. muath salah 7 months ago said:

    When arabic country receive kitkat for mega 6.3 i9200

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  17. sajjad3425 7 months ago said:

    4.4 for i9190, where are you boy?!

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  18. morad1984 7 months ago said:

    4.4.2 Mega 5.8 ?????

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  19. AD2008 7 months ago said:

    you say so but i could not see it on anywhere. where is the 4.4 for s4 mini and mega??? is that a joke for sammobile users?

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  20. osama4456 7 months ago said:

    9190 s4 mini update 4.4.2 18.07.2014 rusia very very great :) :)

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