Opinion: Samsung needs to update its multimillion selling devices for longer than 18 months

Google has a simple policy that all Android manufacturers follow: any Android device will get a software update for 18 months after its launch. That is usually enough to get every flagship device two major updates, something that has been true for all of Samsung’s flagship phones since the original Galaxy S took the smartphone world by storm. The Galaxy S III, a device that has sold more than 50 million units, started at Android 4.0, and thanks to Samsung skipping Android 4.2, it now runs Android 4.3. People were expecting it to get KitKat as well, but alas, due to memory issues, Samsung decided to axe the update for its best-selling phone.

Now, we realize that the memory issue could actually be the case here – the Galaxy S III is a flagship device and hence has more software features than mid-range or low-end phones, so adding newer ones over the existing features could have resulted in a very poor experience on the 1GB of RAM that the phone has. It wouldn’t be a good move to strip the phone off features to fit KitKat on it, which is supposed to play well with as low as 512MB RAM but only on devices running Google’s version of Android, which is minimal and more optimized than Samsung’s or any other manufacturer’s customized version.

But it’s clear that sales is also one reason Samsung is looking to stop updating the Galaxy S III any further, as that would mean it would lose some consumers who would otherwise think of upgrading to a newer device. However, we think it’s something the Korean manufacturer needs to rethink and go beyond what Google’s policy dictates.

There’s a simple reason for that: the Galaxy S III sold 50 million units. That’s a huge amount of consumers that are rocking the device, consumers who spent their hard-earned money on a phone Samsung told them is the best thing ever, “designed for humans” and better than that iPhone everyone keeps talking about. For those who bought the device in its second year only got updates for six months, and when you consider the fact that the phone is still available for purchase, there are many who will only be updating to an OS version that early buyers already have.

Compare this to Apple, who managed to update a three year old phone like the iPhone 4 to iOS 7, and you get a good picture of how poor the situation is in Android land. Samsung needs to understand that the only way to keep all your consumers is to provide them with continuous support – in case of the Galaxy S III, those 50 million customers mean more people expect an update than with other phones, but will have no option but to buy a newer device if they want to enjoy the latest and greatest.

Our advice? Well, first of all, stop selling the Galaxy S III and take it off the market. Second, and more importantly, offer a longer support scheme for flagship devices. The 18-month rule is all fine and dandy for an ecosystem where there are a plethora of diverse hardware, but when you’re selling millions of phones, it would be a nice gesture to go against the norm and give those software updates that a vocal part of consumers want, or risk losing them to the competition (which, to be fair, isn’t any better than Samsung in terms of software updates.)

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  1. :):) samsung bye bye.

    • Error. Samsung is the right choice now. The best android manufacturer in the world, for sure. And now the best mobile devices in the world.

      • “Samsung is the right choice..” zuhahaha.. This is the word of the crows even laughter.

        • The fair thing to do, is for Samsung to keep supporting a phone for at least two years (That is what the average phone lasts) being counted fron the dte the LAST phone is manufactured. Samsung it is still assembling S3s in VietNam.

          We pay a premium for the brand….we expect premiun service. I got the S3 a little than a year ago. I had the option of buying a very similar BLU for much less. I opted for the S3 because the 4.4 update had been confirmed. By not doing the update, Samsung turned out to be a second rate company. At lest the people at BLU were honest. I email tehm, and they told me there were not going to be an update. Samsung is the opossite. They confirmed the update, and then they took it Back…LIERS…..that is call BAIT AND SWITCH…..and in some places it is even a felony!!!!!!

          Net phone. I will look for an HONEST suplier. SAMSUNG IT IS NOT!!!!!!

          • In the future, Phone manufacturers MUST feature their update policies in their phones. Things like “Gurantee updates till 2020″. That way, us consumers, will be able to make a more informed buying desicion.

      • Let me guess you work for Samsung.

        • The “right choice ” might be a subjective point. Samsung is by a wide margin the strongest Android option… But I do admit that the S 3 issue has me a bit miffed off

      • Samsung please release 4.4 for s3 i9300 . I have just bought this phone in april 2014 .you were about to update it..now please do best anf give kitkat if lately. .we can wait.

    • :)

    • See you in 5 years. :)

    • People are buying smartphone to use it’s features. Make phone calls, sending messages, taking photos, using navigation, listening to music, etc.
      People are NOT buying smartphones to have latest software version. You’re buying phone “as it it” with the features already in it on the day of purchase, not for the feature You might have in year or two from now.
      At least vast majority of people are doing it.
      I would like always have latest firmware version but it is not the reason why I’m choosing particular handset.
      P.S. I’m not working for Samsung.

      • becuase those people are ignorant people that don’t know how to explode all the potential of their device. our android knowledge has adifferent viewpoint and that’s why we want the latest firmware. because we know… i’ve asked people about S3 mini stuff and they’re like: WTF!? does my phone do that?…

    • The fair thing to do, is for Samsung to keep supporting a phone for at least two years (That is what the average phone lasts) being counted fron the dte the LAST phone is manufactured. Samsung it is still assembling S3s in VietNam.

      We pay a premium for the brand….we expect premiun service. I got the S3 a little than a year ago. I had the option of buying a very similar BLU for much less. I opted for the S3 because the 4.4 update had been confirmed. By not doing the update, Samsung turned out to be a second rate company. At lest the people at BLU were honest. I email tehm, and they told me there were not going to be an update. Samsung is the opossite. They confirmed the update, and then they took it Back…LIERS…..that is call BAIT AND SWITCH…..and in some places it is even a felony!!!!!!

      Net phone. I will look for an HONEST suplier. SAMSUNG IT IS NOT!!!!!!

    • Why only Samsung Galaxy S III Mini GT-I8200 gets Android update 4.2.2 Jelly Bean? Should Samsung Galaxy S III Mini GT-I8190 also got Android update 4.2.2 Jelly Bean because Samsung Galaxy S III Mini GT-I8200 with GT-I8190 same all its specifications, except for the speed of the processor. If the GT-I8200 with Dual Core processor speed 1.2GHz and GT-I8190 Dual Core processor with a speed of 1.0GHz

    • Yep agreed. SIII was last ever buy from Samsung as still having problems with jellybeans and Samsung don’t bother to fix it with kitkat. Now back to apple.

  2. Phones with less ram run KitKat, the Snapdragon US version of S3 run with KitKat, i think Samsung doesn’t update your Exynos processor drivers , then all don’t buy S5 or phones con Exynos processor, Samsung doesn’t update drivers for this processor home made!

    • Lo más gracioso es que el procesador es de ellos, si no podes hacer un fix algo que vos mismo hiciste, estas en un problema muy grave.

      • y no sólo eso, sino que la versión 4.3 que ofrecieron está plagada de errores. Que si fuera buena y dejará contenta a la gente, serian menos los que esperarían la nueva versión (KitKat) que debería mejorar todo lo malo de la 4.3 y hacerlo más fluido ya que es más pequeño, pero lo malo y más cumbre es que ellos lo saben.

        • al parecer me quedaré en 4.2 con mi S3 mini :( el problema es el bloatware que ellos meten como la interfaz. el galaxy ace 3 viene con 4.3 y probablemente actualizen a 4.4.2 y ese creo tiene la misma RAM que el S3 mini. en soporte me dijeron lo mismo de las capacidades de RAM..

          • Pero tu S3 mini es superior y en mucho al Ace 3. Lo que pasa es que están obligados a actualizarlo ya que está dentro de los 18 meses después de fabricado y el nuestro no… Así de simple..

    • No samsung updated its exynos processor according to dev report posted on sam mobile and also note 2 has same processor and is updated to kitkat .. The main problem with s3 is it is not capable to run touchshit ux of samdung.

      • Because of the low ram. No phones running KitKat have just 1 gig.

        • Moto G has 1GB RAM and runs KitKat just fine…

  3. so disappointed… i dont know what to say, to express my feeling now… good bye samsung… i swear i would not use samsung devices any more… so disappointed…

    • I disagree with you. Samsung is the best choice now.

      • “Samsung is the best choice..” zuhahaha.. This is the word of the crows even laughter. :@

    • Tell me which Android phone will you choose? HTC? Sony? LG? Sorry to say that but they haven’t update any of their 2012 phones to 4.3.

      • LG Optimus G has kitkat now and it’s 2012 phone you dumbass

  4. Bye Samsung. HTC it`s better

    • NO. Completely a mistake. Samsung is much better than HTC. Related to updates, HTC do no update any phone. Samsung ALL their flagships. Better buy samsung, the correct decision

    • If you think that HTC will update your phone better than Samsung, think again =)))))))) !!!!!

  5. Awesome “speech” you got there, Samsung won’t care about its customers! Samsung mobile sales will decrease after this news I think!

    • NO. Samsung release official updates for flagship for 18 months. It is the ONLY manufacturer offering official updates on android. Check sony, , motorola, htc or any other. Zero updates

      • Yeah? And tell me now please why Galaxy S3 got just 1 “big” update in 18 months, from 4.1.2 to 4.3(and 4.3 shitty as hell, ram usage: high and so on other bugs). Galaxy S3 was a very good phone, but they just broke it with their fail firmware. On the other hand Galaxy S2 Plus has a fine and optimized 4.2.2, Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 etc.

        • s3 is a 2 years OLD device, extremely OLD now. Out of updates.

      • When kitkat was released S3 wasn’t 18 months old .and if buggy 4.3 can run on s3 with 1gb ram then why not kitkat which is supposed to be less ram hungry?

        • that’s what I wanted to say, but these guys do not understand

  6. Fuck off samsung phone

  7. Samsung give to Kitkat update S3mini GT-i8190. And not in the bloatware. Just do this! Or share source code for develepors! (For example: Novafusion Team xda) You should do it! Or go to hell!! and bye bye!

    • Use any custom version on XDA forum for unofficial updates. YOur device is OLD my friend.

      • My device is old?! No! I give the money for this phone. And i want to Official Kitkat update. I didn’t get it for free this phone. i give the money for phone and software updates. It’s my right to ask my phone updated.

        • There si no doubt that you gave you’re hard earned money for it, but I’m afraid that Spec/ Tech wise it’s somewhat absolete.

          It had / has weaker spesc’s then the S3 , anyone?

          • Weaker meaker i dont care this. Ace Style have a 512 MB RAM using Kitkat. S3mini have a 1024 MB RAM. And no officially Kitkat! I hate this!

        • You have a 2 years OLD device my friend. It has bypass the 18 months period from launching. Better buy new s5

          • Really? I bought my S3 only 3 months ago

  8. You’re right Abhijeet, and I understand everyone who is disappointed in Samsung after had bought the S3 with 2 years contract and won’t get any update. The fragmentation is the main and the worst problem of Android, and I hate to develop onto it. :-( Google need to care with its mobile OS better too.

    • 2 years contract do not mean updates for 2 years!!!. The 2 years contract is for a price reduction in compensation for the mobile carrier. Nothing related to firmware here. Related to firmware: 18 months official samsung updates with 2 major update version is OK. I dont see the problem here.

      • I did not say that 2 years contract is equivalent with 2 years support! Please read my comment again. Where did I write that, huh?

        Please think before reply: if a man buy a phone with 2 years contact, then he have to keep/use that phone for 2 years (except that the man get thousand of dollars salary in a month). And top of these Samsung is STILL SELL THE S3!!!! Imagine that you would step into the store tomorrow, you’d buy the S3 with 2 years contract and afternoon you’d read that you won’t get any shitty new useful/candy-featured OS for your phone, even if you could, but the manufacturer is too lame to develop it. Got it? What would you feel?

        IMHO 2 years is a very huge amount of time in IT, but a very small amount of time in giving support. Nothing is more important than consumer satisfaction for a company. Why? Because the consumers give money for the company, without doing this the company will be become bankrupt.

        • Where are those “major” updates? 4.1 – 4.1.2(Small ones, nothing changed) and 4.3 (let’s say “major” but still little buggy, ram usage etc.)

        • there is no s3 on store for sale now. S3 is extremely OLD my friend, more than 2 years old. I agree with samsung NOT to update this old device

          • HEY You, Samsung Lover! Think on this. The last update was from 4.1.2 to 4.3, jumping 4.2.1 because no time to improve this version to functionality, ok and we wait MORE time to wait for a good update like SEEMS TO BE 4.3, that was a Samsung promise. BUT, time after began a 4.3 that was worst a green custom rom. ALL WE KNOW THAT the last version on S3 is a crap THEN all we need a best effort by Samsung for to be a best company on SMARTPHONES!!

        • I’d feel about the same as if I walked into the store and bought any other piece of ‘previous generation’ technology – I’d accept that I paid a significantly lower price to have an older feature set.

          I wouldn’t go around screaming at my TV manufacturer about the fact it hasn’t been updated to the latest SmartTV platform they have on their new models. I don’t scream at my laptop manufacturer if the $400, last generation laptop doesn’t come with a free upgrade to Windows 8.

          It’s easy to point at the iPhone 4 running iOS7 as a ‘guiding light’ of providing updates but have you seen it run? It’s horrendous. You’d be better NOT upgrading to iOS7.

          It’s irrelevant whether the device is still on sale more than 2 years after the initial release, it’s still older technology for which you are being compensated by a significantly lower price then at the time of its launch. The compromise for this is that you accept that the feature set is the feature set and it’s not reasonable to demand continued investment by the manufacturer in a product that is 2 generations old.

          Would I like KitKat on my S3? Yes, of course I would. Will not getting it make me jump up and down screaming like someone that has been hard done by? No, it still does what it promised to do when I bought it.

          I bought my S3 around 12 months ago, it’s been a great performer and to this day runs like a dream. I knew I was buying a last generation phone as the S4 had just launched and I got a price I was prepared to pay. I was realistic about the likelihood of it missing out on future Android updates and was comfortable with the idea of switching to a custom ROM down the track if I felt the need to run anything beyond that.

  9. FUCK YOU samsung.The last samsung product for me.Never again!Bye bye!

    • Samsung actually is the best choice. I guarantee this.

      • I’m tired! Samsung worker! You can not guarantee anything.

        Don’t feed the troll!

      • Seriously? WTF bro, what happened to Samsung’s future proof thing? Samsung is just all talk, just like you.

  10. totally agree with sammobile. if s3 were not capable of handling kitkat how would cyanogen kitkat run on it so smoothly. low memory issue was a lame excuse by samsung. since there is no change in the interface on US S3 which was updated to kitkat, i dont see any reason why bumping up the android version keeping same interface was difficult for them. this was the least they could do; but cancelling the update was a bad idea. the news will go viral and definitely affect samsung mobile sales, flagships in particular.

    • cyanogenmod is not samsung firmware. Most of the features do not work stable and do not have samsungs stability test and user experience. I personally test cyanogenmod and kill my battery, camera do not work, etc, etc. Uselees now. Better keep original firmware from stock

    • Like we said, CyanogenMod is closer to stock Android, so it is much lighter than Samsung’s software, which has a plethora of added features and apps and stuff. Samsung’s software is bloated and slow, so adding even more stuff has a chance of ruining the experience completely. Stock Android/ROMs like CyanogenMod are not a good example for what’s the issue here.

      • Even running stock KitKat on the Galaxy Nexus is smooth but it kills the battery and is clearly not the best option. Just because it works doesn’t mean it is practical and usable.

  11. Jebać samsunga!!!!!!

  12. i completely DISAGREE with sammobile here. Samsung is the MOST updated firmware manufacturer on the android market actually. Check Sony, HTC, even motorola from google do not update their devices. Comparing to APPLE, apple is completely another story. Apple do not have fragmentation of devices, and moreover their updates are just cosmetics. They only change icons are mini fixes and launch them as a superupdate. i remember microsoft doing the same on msdos, they just change the version number to an increase value so people think it is an update!. Related to S3, nowadays samsung release S5, which is 2 times AHEAD model. So, updating firmwares should be for s4 brands, NOT old S3. Thats business my friend. If you update a samsung s1 to kitkat, most people would buy s1 cheap instead of latest flagship!. I agree 100% with samsung here. Also 18 months update is great. Maybe this could be official, 2 firmwares updates during 18 months period from launching date. I think this is how it works.

    • but updating one version and not the other is not fair..they must have not updated the us version as well. even that is same age as the international version. that means their business strategy is only for the markets where 1gb ram version was released and not for the markets where 2 gb ram version was released. wow samsung why this partiality.

      • Samsung as manufacturer must update each country UNBRANDED version. Thats how it works. Then your CARRIER takes the unbranded version for your own country and adds changes or logos, themes and update YOUR carrier branded phone. If you want to be always updated, buy an international version and flash the unbranded version which samsung must released.

        • Of course, let’s go and buy the GT I9300 to get the updates! Then, what happens is that Samsung updates all the variants of the phone except international version.

          The thing is a lot of people (me included) is re-thinking about buying the international version of S5 because of it’s 2gb’s of ram… In 1 year, samsung will do the same with S5 (stock firmware + all the bloatware crap + android update can’t run with 2gb’s of ram, then no more updates)… Let’s wait and see.

          And, other thing to think about is: if millions of customers get angry, they will re-think about buying a Samsung flagship again. Of course, the other companies are not good in terms of software updates either but this kind of practices aren’t good either.

          I’ll be happy if they at least release the source code of 4.3 update, specially wifi direct driver, camera driver and kernel so developers can manage to make all work on custom versions. But… one moment… is not good for business so forget about it :P

    • And you are working for samsung upsss…shitsung ;-)

      • no man i dont work for anybody..dont u realise i am not appreciating their work.

        • Then stop talking nonsense!

          • Why are you trolling so hard. We heard you the first time. Get an HTC phone and stop crying.

    • Yeah, and that’s business too when a lot of people buy another manufacturers’ phone and only say sorry for Samsung. Is Samsung really want to get close to bankrupt as HTC did? Well, good luck, it’s business man.

    • … wait what?, i’m sorry I don’t get what you say…, first (a basic first) Motorola it’s not from google but from Lenovo now, also, the only phones Motorola did under google control where Moto X and Moto G (and we know how well they’re selling (especially the Moto G), (PD: Moto G has 1GB ram and has 4.4.2), second, true, sony was a ***** in regards to updating its devices, but pretty much, know that Samsung is making worst and worst phones and failing to do properly updates, the other brands (say sony, htc, etc..) will take that opportunity to win customers over Samsung (yeah, for me S5 is a downgrade from S4), then it comes apple, (btw, maybe its a completely different story, but it’s still valid from a consumer point), a phone that gets more updates than the other ones (even if they’re cosmetic or for another os), has a better reputation, more accessories (the thing I dislike about android :( ), and yeah, that’s pretty much for a consumer to take an iPhone over an s5 (maybe the s4, or s3 will have a more impact on consumer than that “new”, old s5, and no, 18 month update is not great, (not that they should update a 10 years old phone neither), 18 months should be a standard only for phones (or tablets, rather android devices) that sell…. well, that at least sell, but for their devices that sell well, it should be another history, for as long as the hardware support it (kitkat supports devices with less than 512mb, so yeah, stop making excuses for it Samsung), say, I personally only see galaxy tab 3 on stores (but never seen a person with one, rather with a tab 2), same for s5, (not every person in the world will upgrade devices in a rather stupid way), and also, then, if kitkat can’t run in s3 because of it’s 1gb ram, then stop selling (and making) crap with 1gb or less, (see all those different -and unnecessary- devices that will come with 1gb of ram and kitkat)

    • BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA…… Samsung lover!!!

  13. Is it necessary to push all those nonsense unnecessarily huge bloat-wares with each update ? those shitty bloat-wares are the reason for the incapability of 1GB RAM (or less) devices to handle KITKAT ,, It’s your choice to make it run flawlessly even on the low RAM devices , but you won’t do it , you know why ? = in order to force people buying those much meaningless variants ,, this is your marketing policy SAMSUNG , all what you care about is selling , non of those billions of users around the world have your concern

    • i agree samsung must remove their own applications which are horrible, and nobody in the whole world use it. This will increase ram optimization. But i agree with samsung not updateing extremely OLD phones such as s3

  14. I am very disappointed with Samsung’s decision and I agree with Sammobile. However Samsung is a corporation just like any other and care mostly about profit. I always regarded Samsung as an innovator and it’s sad but true that they don’t care much about loyal customers who make them have that profit. Alas there isn’t much we can do if they don’t want to provide the update for the S3. I also share the opinion of someone else here, that the same decision should have been taken for all versions of the S3. Some consumers paid the full price for the device without a carrier contract. The least they can do is to actually provide a real fix to the problems Samsung created to a beautiful devi with their crappy 4.3 update.

    • S3 is OLD device. Market moves my friend. A company could not update old 10 years devices!”!!!!! Valid 18 months is OK

      • Dude, is Samsung paying you?

        • What are you talking about? 18 months from the release date has passed. IfI buy a brand new 2012 car, how could I expect features from a 2014 car? That’s just dumb.

          • So you don’t expect any support for your car in 2015? Thats extremely dumb

  15. Nice text sammobile and bravo!

  16. Kitkat came out 6 months ago so technically (kitkat came out within the 18 month period) the S3/i9300 deserves kitkat with or without the bloatware. The only reason Samsung skips kitkat on the S3/i9300 is SALES. Why buy a S4 or S5 (with features most people don’t even use) if you have a good working S3/i9300 with kitkat ;).

    • +1 bro’

    • True

    • Thats why samsung do not update old devices. I agree with samsung decision.

      • Of course you agree since your paycheck depends on it

    • +1
      S3 is my last samsung smartphone.
      If you think commortial, you will not have loyal costumers.

  17. Someone should start a petition for phone manufacturers to extend the 18 month policy for flagship devices and/or devices that reach large sales. That way they’ll actually listen.

    • The person who wrote the petition, please also add S3mini GT-i8190.

  18. If samsung still update it’s devices only for 18 months, the owners of s5 will disappointment in the middle of 2016 and start to think to throw thier devices and search for other companies like s3 owners doing now.

    My new device will be IPhone 6 specially after the new specifications.

    • There are no android manufacturers that update more often tham samsung. Check sony, htc or motorola. Old 4.1.2 in most cases. No kitkat. Related to iphone6, apple is really a joke. They increment the version number just adding cosmetics such as few icons or a menu change. This are not major updates, you have the same horrible iOS running. Just they modify the version number on code. :) and release for people like you that do not understand nothing about mobiles. You see iOS8, iOS11, and it is same old 4 years iOS jajaaaa

      • Ehm, sorry to disappoint you, even though I dislike the iPhone (not getting one unless its free…. because it would be free (?)), but iOS is way superior in respect to android, (pretty much no lag, better control over its devices os updates (even if iOS is developed for devices under apple control), more support for external devices, and other stuff that NORMAL people, (the people that doesn’t know, or care about rooting a device) would mind at the moment of buying an iPhone or an Android device (especially Samsung ones that are more and more disappointing now =( )

      • I am a Samsung fan even until now. However, I do not agree with your comment “horrible iOS” because I believe that the smoothest OS running in the world is iOS. I do hope that one day Samsung would give us a system as smooth as iOS so we can enjoy more their products.

        • Windows Phone 8 is actually the smoothest. It just doesn’t have the apps which is really sad.

      • I have S3 and I root and mode my device with s5 theme which work perfectly. Samsung disappoint me when they release s5 with FHD Screen, 2 GB ram, no IScroll in camera and the same design, so why i should buy S5???
        Samsung should look at what customers need not what their wallets want.


  20. Okay – they just don’t want to update i9300. I understand.
    I just want they to share source code. That’s all…

    • Please share source code S3mini too. Please.

  21. Yeah well said but we all atleast deserve 1 more major update ie. Kitkat. Ironically s3 was the best phone of the year in 2012 which s4 lost out on badly and I’m sure S5 will also lose out on. Maybe Sammobile can start some petition so atleast Samsung can see the anger and frustration amongst us and probably rethink their decision.

    • AGREE!

    • Agreed

    • s2 is from 2012….. 2 years old devices. I will make a petition to samsung to update my 10 years old bada phone jajajaa come on!!! buy new devices

    • AGREED!!!

    • We should call our carriers why Samsung aren’t going to update their most successful smartphone.

      Heck, even Apple updated their 2011 Iphone 4 to IOS7….

      • Apple changes are cosmetics they change version number and some icons jajajaa. If you want that as an update…. you are very silly

        • The latest Touchwiz update for the GS5 isn’t really IOS7 ‘like’. Yes, I want that design to be included in my GS3, but no because, I highly doubt it, that it will cannibalise the latest smartphones!

          Currently, my GS3 runs on 4.3 Android Jellybean, and it still lags like HELL!

          Hate it!

  22. Samsung starting kitkat test end not stable and cancelled update Kitkat firmware leaked please sammobile :(

    samsung turkey :Global stability and performance information that resulted in a negative way is not available for the project.

  23. The only thing that’s left is wait for the XXUHND1 update leaked,and make a better custom rom with the CPU, GPU drivers

    • Yep! I think the same… With at least the drivers and kernel, it’s possible to port the system from LTE version, cut all the bloatware crap and make KK run well on our phones…

      Personally I don’t care about the official update anymore. I’m only interested on it because of the newer drivers for custom roms :D

  24. XXUHND1 Leaked please sammobile

  25. why is sammobile behind of SIII. I didn’t understand their logic. please stop this news. If samsung decided not to give update okay why you guys keep on telling this?

    • me also. I dont understand why sammobile promote an update of a 2 years old device!!, it is non-sense. Maybe the author of the article is a poor man that do not want to invest in moving to a new device jajaaa

      • Because it sold more than 50million units, so yeah, maybe not only the author of the article, but also a lot of people that own the device and don’t have the money to afford a new one every 1 or 2 years (mind you if you’re from U.S, but everywhere else, there are places where the s3 keeps selling at a relative high price point for the income people have)

        • What about same os 4.3 with new features which supports s3. Definitely they can do this to keep customers happy but this is some sales strategy then they will not update if they want to increase sales of s4 because the s4 didn’t do well and also there is some patent issues with S3 I don’t know whats there in there mind they just just some bullshit reasons even for 4.2.2 they did the same thing.


  26. “so adding newer ones over the existing features could have resulted in a very poor experience on the 1GB of RAM that the phone has.”

    This is not true, I have the SCH-I535 (S3) and it has 2GB of ram.

    • You have a CARRIER device. Not international device.

  27. I8190L :(

  28. Other brands are worst. Try them and you will see.

    • droopyar. I’ve been reading your comments and your replies.
      You are annoying.

    • es injusto que la variante internacional del galaxy s3 no se actualice a KITKAT, solo porque Samsung quiere impulsar las ventas del galaxy s4 y su “GRAN” Galaxy s5, eso de que el s3 no soporta KITKAT por la ram son puras patrañas…….

      Una pregunta al famoso droopyar, me imagino el galaxy S3 Neo si se actualizara a KITKAT ya que se puede decir que este equipo esta dentro de sus 18 meses, o es que Samsung planea burlarse otra vez de sus clientes y dejarlo ahí nomas como al s3 mini

  29. Lo mismo paso con el galaxy s2. Cuando salio android 4.2.2 el dispositivo todavía estaba dentro de los 18 meses, y por causa de que la UI no se adaptaba, no lo actualizaron
    A pesar de que el gs2 plus tiene las mismas especificaciones a este si lo pudieron actualizar.
    Pasa solo por vender mas dispositivos nuevos

    • Lo hacen TODOS los fabricantes del mundo sin excepcion. Pero samsung al menos actualiza

      • Y según tu, “drooyar” hay que permitírselo? Cuando tu sabes que NO hicieron un buen trabajo con la 4.3, que es una calamidad y tiene un extensivo listado de irregularidades, y todavía quieres que la gente se quede de brazos cruzados porque se venció el plazo de los 18 meses, sobretodo SIN HACER BIEN SU TRABAJO??? Donde están los vidrios de SAMSUNG para tirarles PIEDRAS?? Porque eso es lo que se merecen!!

  30. I really expected to be the last 4.4.x update, well polished, not the 4.3. Endure sudden death, years without updates, and leave us with a terminal with a full operating system failures, prefer for my next buy something built with the much finest materials. Nexus, Nokia, HTC, iPhone, Sony. Actually I’ll never buy again Samsung.

  31. The problem is WHY do we accept this with a mobile phone? What if Microsoft would say: oke were going to support windows for only 18 months and everyone has to buy a new windows every 18 months, I think all hell would break loose.

    They are forcing us to buy a new phone every 18 months because (they make) the old phones are to sluggish/buggy

    • I bought an HTC HD7 and that only got one update.

    • I imagine that the announcement by Microsoft that they won’t provide security updates to the 8-month old Windows 8.1 and insist on you using Windows 8.1 Update will see you moving to Linux or OSX then?

  32. Maybe we should put our hands together and sue there asses ;)
    It’s possible if Samsung ditch some of the bloatware….choices…

  33. If I’m going to buy a new phone this year it will be Z2 or a Nokia with windows. Samsung is doing the same thing as Apple. Making the same device every year but with more useless functions. At least their 4+ years phones are getting the latest updates.

    • If Samsung do not upgrade S3 i9300,
      I will never, ever buy Samsung again !!!

      • i recommend you buy from another manufacturer, all of them are worst. I assure this.

        • I will buy Xperia E1, low end device with 512MB ram, because it will get Kitkat

  34. Recap
    S1: Start ON Eclair, Froyo, finish on Gingerbread.
    S2: Start ON Gingerbread, ICS Finish on Jelly Bean. (4.2 excuses).
    S3: Star On ICS, finish on JB 4.1.2 to 4.3. (KK 4.4.x Excuses).
    S3 Mini: Start On JB 4.1.2… never received Upgrades (4.2 ???).
    Bye Samsung… Bye…. never again

  35. Bye bye samsung!!!!!

  36. Bye Bye samsung .. S3 can handle touchwz .also capable of run appliction without any problem with 1GB RAM .. please open all the source code to us we will prove it

  37. If Samsung do not upgrade S3 i9300,
    I will never, ever buy Samsung again !!!

    • Man, are you crazy? ask samsung also to update my 10 years old bada phone. market moves!

      • Dude actually you are crazy samsung employee.bada isn’t 10 years old. Your bada is not android and samsung dumps that os and most importantly bada phone was not multi million selling phone like S3.

        • s5 is selling 10 millions in 10 days. thats a super seller. Market moves my friend….

  38. This is exactly the reason I’m considering replacing my S3 with a One Plus One. The people of cyanogenmod are already providing longer support than Samsung is. Imagine how great it will be on an official CM phone!

    • cyanogenmod are unstable, camera do not work, videoconference crash in most devices, battery drain, etc, etc. Only for fans, not for daily use

      • It’s only unstable for nearly all Exynos (read:- Samsung’s own SoC) devices BECAUSE OF Samsung’s crappy kernel sources and ZERO Exynos docs my dear uneducated Samsung fanboi.

        Learn stuff before you pollute this comments’ section w/ your nonsense.

        • Why are you on here then?

          • To keep up with firmware news for my previous GT-I9100G (TI OMAP 4430 variant of S2, which thankfully is a lot better xda devs supported than the main Exynos inside GT-I9100 and 99% stable). Now that I’m using a gnex maguro I’m saved from any Samsung official + Tw dependencies, distinctly different from being a blind fanboi like that droppyar guy I’ve replied to.

            So what was your point again?

  39. Samsung should get rid of the amount of bloat-ware that the Touchwiz Kitkat version has, in order for the GSIII – I9300 to be compatible.

    Silly Samsung, they don’t know how to use their brains.. :P

  40. Faite comme moi n’acheter plus d’appareils samsung c’est tout.
    Après l’achat du S3 puis du note 2 lte je suis dégoûté par ce que je viens d’apprendre du coup j’ai pris la décision d’acheter tous appareil sauf samsung un point c’est tout…..
    C’est la seule manière pour qu’ils arrêtent de nous prendre pour des pigeons !!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Ps: celui qui a dit que samsung est le meilleur c’est une personne qui travail pour Samsung donc e vous laissez berner par c’est escrocs! !!!

  42. The thing is a lot of people (me included) is re-thinking about buying the international version of S5 because of it’s 2gb’s of ram… In 1 year, samsung will do the same with S5 (stock firmware + all the bloatware crap + android update can’t run with 2gb’s of ram, then no more updates)… Let’s wait and see.

    • ALL manufacturers do the same. windowsphone, htc, sony, motorola, etc, etc.
      ANd apple just change the version number on code and send you an update jajajaa

  43. Bye bye samsung???…
    The Galaxy S3 better than the LGE LG-65 then it has right out the Kitkat … So Samsung, please stop taking us for cows that sucks milk. One year after S3 S4 and S5 less than six months and less than one month you speak already S6? Side apple from S3 that there’s Iphone 4 and 5? … My personal opinion is the happiness rang to change the brand.

  44. Really most customers here complains about updating an old 2 years device jaja. I will ask samsung to update my 10 years old bada device also!!. Very silly users here.
    Also people compare with apple. Apple updates are nonsense. they just change an icon on the menu and release it as ios10, then change one line and put ios11. Thats why always your device is compatible with updates. there is NO updates jjajaaa just cosmetics and change the version number. Check also windowsphone, they do not offer updates to first lumias!! This is how market moves. If samsung update a 2 year device, people will not move to new flagship. But on android, just flash obsolete and crash cyanogenmod or check any almost unstable custom firmware on XDA that will kill your battery. I 100% agree with samsung here. But s4 brands should be all updated to kitkat

    • bla bla bla bla ,,samsung is great, I agree with samsung” BUT MAKE SURE YOU WILL UPGRADE MY S4… LOL

      • S4 is updated to kitkat in june worldwide. See it on sammoble the paper leak.

        • @droopyar: you’re either a samsung employee, or you’re just a samsung maniac. As you’ve commented on ALL THE POSTs that criticize samsung. And let me tell you my friend, my s3 is running on CM and it isn’t anything less stable than samsung crappy 4.3. They atleast could’ve providied us with an update only to fix the goddam craps on 4.3.

  45. I ‘ ll never buy samsung phone again #boycott samsung !! never never never ! always same story new phone has extended ram , extended cpu and very very bad design and very very bad price and very very bad sofware support !! s5 definitely doesnt deserve it’s price. SAMSUNG IS FALLING DOWN !! BYE BYE SAMSUNG.!! My new phone will be HTC OR APPLE.

    hey do you think is major update 4.3 ? 4.3 is full of bugs. BATTERY DRAINING , SCREEN WAKE UP PROBLEM , FREEZINGS , LAGS , BAD RAM CONTROLLING , even battery filling time is extented 2 hours to 5 hours. SAMSUNG YOU ARE CRAP !!

    • If you dont buy samsung, which is your alternative??? all other brands are WORST. Just put one device better than samsung s5. It do not exist my friend

      • Maybe not for now, but wait few months-samsung will forget S5 exist!!!

      • droopyar, There is a brand far cheaper then any flagship devices found out there. It’s called OnePlus 0NE. That, I can guarantee you updates will keep rolling out to it because it is on Cyanogenmod. You may say I could buy s5 and root it, but whats the point when I could get same performance for half the price I’m paying for an S5. Consumers know what is best for themselves and doesn’t need your fanboyism to convince them over a brand. Please grow up and get a life.

      • dude don’t make Samsung as best thing people don’t like it deal with it don’t force anyone …….. for the love of god you are in every comment

  46. I’ve had S1,S2,S3,S3MINI….but I also had enough… by by SMSG

  47. They are few problems with upgrades policy. First one and biggest is too many devices for support (like Samsung) but as customers we do not need to care about it. Other problem is that other brands support same upgrade policy.
    Why manufactures do that well the thing is obvius because of sale of new products.
    But manufactures have strange explanations of that 18 month policy. Is it support of device or is it for OS? No matter how manufactures know to update device a year after official OS come to market and customers lost minor and mayor improving of OS.
    Who can help with that problems? Google only with changing update policy rules. In other hand projects like Tizen which is Samsung in house OS can bring updates in a level of iOS. Otherwise, we will have same problems.

    • iOS upgrades are cosmetics. They change an icon and the version number and thats all. IF you want this trick, it is your choice. I prefer features like android updates.

  48. this is the reason you my next device will not be samsung.. recently i purchase Galaxy Grand 2 Duos SM-G7102 phone is superb but firmware update is worst.. and no quick firmware updates available.. so its useless to use such devices.

  49. Samsung has no idea how they losing the market even here in my small country sri lanka too. I was about to get a s5 and give s3 to my gf. I just bought s3 year ago and I kept it this long for the features and trust we had with samsung. but i saw how xperias getting their updates. even huawei xiaomi updating their not only flagships. and of course LG. samsung skipped 4.2 and then delivered rather buggy 4.3 which is samsung fault as I have used chinese phones runs on 4.3 better than my s3. it doesn’t hurt that we wont get knox, smart scroll smart pause improved multiwindows etc that consumes lot of ram. just deliver hassele free kitkat base with improved camera with mali drivers and what we had with 4.12. If not u gonna lose at least 20million out of this 50 million of s3 buyers like me dcided to go for xiaomi and like me who directed my friends buying entry or mid samsung to sony and LG and asus. hope you get this perfectly clear.

  50. If s3 wouldn’t be almost 2 years now (was released end of may 2012 i believe) i’d say update is a must, but it is 2 years old now, so why bother?

    They have to update for 18 months, they did, s4 exsists, so does the s5…

    People who want kitkat on s3 and say no more samsung if they dont get it are idiots… look at it from company perspective… if i dont give you kitkat, you buy some other brand, if i give you kitkat you dont buy a new samsung phone either… so why would i listen to someone who doesnt want to spend money on my products anymore?

    I had an s3 from the beginning, now i got an s4 on kitkat (bought it a couple months back), but honestly… daily usage wise there is not much difference between 4.3 and 4.4… so why complain?

    And yes, apple updated iphone 4 to ios7, but does it have the same functions on the iphone4 as it has on the 5s? Nope, also… did you try running ios7 on an iphone4? Laggy as hell and somewhat buggy! So better ios6 on iphone4 than ios7!

    Also, as a last point… samsung is the best choice out there… go on and buy another brand out of spite… you’ll come back to samsung sooner or later anyway… and if not, there are hundrets of millions of other possible consumers out there

    • We dont need taouchwiz ui kitkat update for i9300, we only need new kernel source & newer driver for s3 int i9300 for stable AOSP rom for i9300 coz we have HWC PROBLEM CAMERA AND MANY MORE, PLEASE SAMSUNG OPEN YOUR SOURCE FOR SMDK 4X12 DEVICE

    • Best choice now doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Competitions will rise and fall. It’s up to the company to hold what is best for them to maintain its status. If you say samsung offers the best hardware to date, well every year they would release something better then its predecessor. And what will existing consumers do with the older tech? Collect them all as if money grow on trees and put the old one aside? We still think s3 is a capable phone so why not give it a chance? We will upgrade to a new phone when we see a phone worthy of our money. Let’s hope the worthy phone would be a Samsung or else it will lose its edge. I’m not a blind loyal consumer because I rather have my money well spent then to miss what other company could offer. If u say samsung updates their flagships, well they will lose their update streak to Oppo and OnePlus cuz these company uses Cyanogenmod with top tier hardware for half the price for a Galaxy S5.

  51. Samsung thinks about it that they give us before a 4.3 update which is full of shit no more smooth like 4.1.2 lock screen lag and many other issues facing people around the world…

    I am waiting for the official kitkat for a long time and feel relax that every issue will be fix when 4.4.2 update comes out.. But now samsung said no kitkat i am very disappointed and yeah its true S3 is most popular phone of Samsung… Think about it pleasee otherwise people will hate u…..

  52. seharusnya samsung berfikir kembali dengan tindakan ini.samsung akan kehilangan banyak pelanggan.fikirkan itu samsung

  53. If you don.t update the s3 you will lost much consumers , i will never buy samsung mobile .

  54. After 2 and a half years with Samsung (Tab 7.7 and Note8) I have to admit: I am an idiot.
    How could I buy the Note8 (GT-N5100) after my experience with the Tab 7.7 (GT-P6800)?
    Tab 7.7 was soon not available anymore on the EU market and Samsung support with OS-updates was poor. Ater a few month of using it, I tried to sell the device on Ebay: But price I could achieve was so low, I decided to give it as a present to the 10 year old sun of the neighbors.
    Then I purchased the Note8. Again I experience a dramatic loss of price and now, not even 1 year after buying a new Note8 I can just throw it away: Price of used devices is so low, because, who will buy a used device, which has an old software? When you can get used devices with up-to-date OS.
    Now, I feel like an idiot, because in the same timeframe I changed by selling on ebay iPhone4S and iPad2 agains newer devices (iPhone5S and AirPad) and could achieve good “return on my inverstement”.
    Since I really do not like to be an idiot, I promissed myself: NEVER AGAIN SAMSUNG.

  55. in 18h month will come more than 3 new version of android

  56. I am both Apple and Samsung user. I have a 3 years old Iphone 4S and 2 years old Samsung Galaxy S3.
    It is really shame that Samsung stopped supporting this device in 2 years while Apple continues giving updates after 3 years.
    Samsung really disappointed me by neglecting 50 million buyers of S3…

    I believe Samsung is not updating S3 to KitKat in purpose, for selling new released models…We should have received at last 4.4 KitKat update.

    I was already upset with Samsung when my S3 burned microSD card for 3 times, but with Samsung abandoning S3 users made me more upset.
    From now on, I decided not to buy any Samsung mobile for future uses. I will continue with Android of course, but it won’t be Samsung anymore…

    • Again, your iOS update is a fake and cosmetic. They change the version number and adds some new icons thats all. Instead, android updates adds many new features, new layout complete code rewritten, etc.

      • Seriously, you are drunk you moron. I am sick of your crap comments. I read 300 comments and all i see is your piece of shit comments everywhere.

        Sorry moderators but this guy should not be allowed to be born as human being.

  57. 18 month should be counted from the day the company stops production of that model!
    Customers who bought this phone in Europe two month ago,
    are within their two year warranty and entitled for updates and bug fixes too.
    SAMSUNG must remember that they issue bugged devices!
    Customers are their Q.A.
    We are entitled for these fixes!

    I will boycott them if not.

    • Disagree. From launching date is ok.

  58. Samsung can’t get the KNOX Spyware to run on 1Gb Ram, that’s why!

  59. LG Optimus L9 II vs Samsung Galaxy S III.If we compare these two mobile phones.You will see that they wear almost the same spects,just L9 II has a lower front camera and dual core(but Qualcom) so not so big differences.The sarcasm in whole history is that LG updated before couple of days that mobile phone on KitKat.And Samsung just lie so make it client go and upgrade their phone. GJ Samsung

  60. I’m going back to Motorola, Samsung Bye, 50 Miloes … make sure that you will lose more than that ….

    • Where we saw, Moto G is lower and KitKat wheel!!

      • Motorola now is lenovo a bad chinese manufacturer. Better keep samsung

  61. The solution is to stop the shit out of Samsung, definitely by strategy I’ll buy the new smart phone brand new Chinese one plus one, the company update it for 2 years but the advantage is that your operating system is a version slightly retouched by one plus the Cyanogenmod-11 (kit kat android 4.4.2) therefore would follow even supported by Cyanogenmod for much longer

  62. I bought I9000, I9100. I9300, I9305 and I9500 and now I use my wife I9505 and my whole family enjoys Galaxy S4
    but I buy samsung nebudu more until they will not remove the stupid regional blokirovkub because I give to their relatives every year new Galaxy and now I have to unpack it and use it to unlock it.
    very stupid idea from Samsung, because they had the best record sales have not done that stupid thing
    I personally would not buy anything until they fix this lock …!

  63. I bought I9000, I9100. I9300, I9305 and I9500 I use now, and my wife enjoys I9505 and my whole family enjoys Galaxy S4
    but I do not buy samsung until they will not remove the stupid regional lock because I give to their relatives every year new Galaxy and now I have to unpack it and use it to unlock it.
    very stupid idea from Samsung, they had the best record sales have not done that stupid thing
    I personally would not buy anything until they fix this lock …!

  64. I wonder how long it will take Samsung to release Android 4.4 for the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, this is becoming mediocre! A top line device takes so long to receive the most updated OS.

    • Please don’t make me change my mind about Samsung devices…

  65. #NoMoreExynos and #NoMoreSamsungAndroid

  66. I no longer buys Samsung mobile phone including their Tab/Note because of poor updates I am switching back to Apple products.

    • Apple updates are cosmetics. just version number change and icons. If you use an android and an iphone, you will see android is superb.

      • Hey asshole. stop your trolling.

  67. First of all I got an i9305 and I hope it will get kitkat so you all can port the drivers and kernel.
    But as S3 and Samsung update policy all I can say is that they are doing it wrong.
    As long as you still sell S3 or you sold a device over 50 mil the your updates shall last at least 36 months.
    Because you need to understand 2 things first is the best selling device on the market and 2 there are lots of country’s where people only make 200 euros or less a month and even an year so S3 is so hard to get and people only dream for s4 or s5.

  68. “Google has a simple policy that all Android manufacturers follow: any Android device will get a software update for 18 months after its launch.”

    And is there any conctract that manufacturers have agreed?

    Lets talk about N8000 and the “the policy of 18 months updates”. I thought so…

    • yes, there is an internal contract. All manufacturers must check their devices against google verification center before launching it.

      • Wrong. The 18 month update is a pledge of commitment,not a binding contract.

        And it is also not possible for Samsung’s updates to be a complete rewrite of the code as that will take far too long. They simply modify and adapt the code to the New Android version. Take some programming lessons before defending them with unfounded claims.

        With regards to Apple’s iOS upgrades, unless you are an Apple employee working on iOS you Will be most unlikely to be privy to their code, so how can you say that they merely changed the version number? The fact is New features did arrive on the iPhones with each major iOS upgrade though not all are available on every model due to hardware limitations.

        I would say back your claims with evidence and logical arguments if you expect people to buy your pitch.

      • samsung idiot.my not samsung

  69. I have a better idea. Switch phones for cheaper price. I mean there are other companies trying to give us phones with cheap price and performance as the S5. They are also premium phones. I regret buying Samsung phone. Switching to hauwei or xiaomi or LG. And they give updates also.

  70. The firmware debacle on Samsung phones has already made me dump the Android platform for phone use. When I contacted Samsung about KitKat for my Galaxy S4, they told me it was not them delaying it but my carrier. The only problem with that excuse is that my phone is not locked to a carrier and was bought outright.

    Right now I am using my Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8.1 until I see what what the new Lumia 930 or 1030 is like. Apple will also entice me with their new iPhone 6 with a larger screen. I doubt I will ever buy Samsung again.

    Fool me once Samsung, but not twice :P

  71. Bye bye Samdumb. You have only releasead one decent software for S3, and it was 4.1.2
    Then 4.3 was a SHAME , it seems to have been created by an idiot. And now you are not able to upgrade to 4.4 and come out with a bullshit about RAM.

    Next device? Nexus.

  72. maybe just release your failure project to us, so at least we can help you to build a best kitkat rom for S3. we don’t need rubbish touchwic and app installed, we need your better kernel and driver. release it!!

  73. Never more plastic Samsung! I give HTC ONE M8 – it’s perfect!

  74. iOS 7 is slower than crap on my old iPhone 4. It always crashes or just won’t load apps. Apple shouldn’t have pushed an update to the 4.

  75. when CM relases CM11 stable I will switch my S3 to it, and never again buy a samsung device. Last week my dad bought a Nexus4 that have same or better hardware than S5 for less than half price of a contract free S5, and it will have official android updates for at least 2 more years.
    Damsung is killing itself wth this crappy desicions…
    If they cant fill the firmware with all they crap bloatware, relase a official firmware of S3 google edition. 4.4.2

  76. es injusto que la variante internacional del galaxy s3 no se actualice a KITKAT, solo porque Samsung quiere impulsar las ventas del galaxy s4 y su “GRAN” Galaxy s5, eso de que el s3 no soporta KITKAT por la ram son puras patrañas…….

    Una pregunta al famoso droopyar, me imagino el galaxy S3 Neo si se actualizara a KITKAT ya que se puede decir que este equipo esta dentro de sus 18 meses, o es que Samsung planea burlarse otra vez de sus clientes y dejarlo ahí nomas como al s3 mini

  77. Samsung

    Lessons Learned about solving knowing problems.

    When you have just one user point a call at your support, it is just an “ISSUE”. You can take a while to solve it.
    When you have a lot of users with the same problem at your support, it is a “PROBLEM” that should have your attention, and quick solve solution!

    In Fri, 15 Aug 2014 14:55:27 +0000 (Build date), Samsung delivery their Android 4.4.2 version (Product Code: ZTO, PDA: I9505VJUGNH2, CSC: I9505ZTOGNH1, MODEM: I9505VJUGNH2) to all GT-I9505 users in Brazil.

    This version was delivered with some problems that have been pointed out by users in Samsung support site, and various websites specializing in Android. However, so far, Samsung only suggests users to wait for a new version of the OS that will fix the problem, but not informs WHEN this will happening!

    The IR Blaster problem is a knowing issue (BUG), but there are others problem with this OS version,like: “com.google.process.location” process stops.

    I have no idea how many devices were sold in Brazil but, as far as I know was a lot. Which mean, many users with the same problem! Which should draw the attention of Samsung to quickly solve those problems, isn’t it?

    Strangely, even after 54 days, Samsung has no provision to resolve the problem, and let all your users literally unsolved.

    Possible quick solutions:

    The best one: Identified the problem (not functioning IR Blaster), compile a new version of the OS with the problem solved and immediately deliver to all users (via Kies or OTA);

    The second one (workaround): Compile the previous version of the OS with a new number and immediately deliver to all users;

    The third one (the worst): Leave everything as it is, because this is really the intention of the company (SAMSUNG) remove intentionally the functions of devices, so the users consider buying a new device, which is ILLEGAL! Or maybe users choose to change its choices and buy others companies devices!!!

    For me, or they show a solution, like first or second presented here, or it will be consider relevant when I will change my device to consider other players. I still believe Samsung is better in hardware and software, but after that episode I start to consider other options!

    Or I’m taken in serious, or I’ll not take them as well.

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