Posted by Abhijeet M. 11 months ago

Samsung admits KitKat on Galaxy Note 3 broke third-party accessories, working on fix


6 comments on “Samsung admits KitKat on Galaxy Note 3 broke third-party accessories, working on fix

  1. djmax81 11 months ago said:

    Bull shit samsung take knox off our note 3 too …we pay so much money ..for nothing …and now even sview cover issue …why are not free buy accessories …we like or can afford …shame coz android is open source. .not samsung Os

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  2. jodeduyo 11 months ago said:

    It’s really annoying and makes me fuming mad after this update and I thought of giving-up Samsung Mobiles….

    I’m about to start a crusade against Samsung Mobiles with this experience (on Galaxy Note 3 update to Kitkat) but nevertheless as long as they admit their mistake and willing to offer the fix for this issue, I’m satisfied !

    On top of this, Samsung until not yet give me my extra battery that they promise after buying Note 3.

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  3. jodeduyo 11 months ago said:

    Forgotten to mention that my NOte 3 is having occasional hang after this Kitkat upgrade…It looks like a downgrade rather than upgrade…this must be the start of Samsung dark days ahead!!! hmmmp…

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  4. n900mixalot 11 months ago said:

    And now they are liars! Bye bye Samsung.

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  5. hogar 11 months ago said:

    I bought an OEM S View Cover and it sucks, now with this I can return it hahaha. I’ll get the original one

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  6. prettyboy70 11 months ago said:

    Also not work on S-View Cover!!!

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