Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update rolling out now to the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE (GT-I9305)

Yes, you heard it right! Samsung has finally started rolling out Android 4.3 update to the LTE variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9305). Folks with the LTE equipped Galaxy S III have been waiting for this update since a long time now as the device is actually still running Android 4.1.2 because Samsung decided to skip the Android 4.2.2 update. Samsung is always unpredictable with its software updates. However, we must say that Samsung did a pretty good job with its Galaxy Note II as it started rolling out Android 4.3 update for the non-LTE (GT-N7100) and LTE (GT-N7105) variants at the exact same time, but its luck wasn’t so great with the Galaxy S III.

Samsung initially started rolling out Android 4.3 update to the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) back in the first week of November, but due to some serious issues with the firmware it had to pull the update and temporarily suspend the upgrade service. However, Samsung resumed the update service for the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) a few days ago. Hopefully, the new software update for the LTE Galaxy S III is stable enough for daily use and wouldn’t face any issues like its non-LTE variant.

There are quite a lot of changes and improvements in the new Android 4.3 firmware over Android 4.1.2. Samsung has completely changed the core UI to the one found on the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III. Unfortunately, Samsung is still using the old TouchWiz launcher and widgets from Android 4.1.2. Maybe Samsung will bring it in a future software update. Samsung doesn’t provide an official change log for its updates, so we have compiled our own list of changes and improvements that we have noticed.

- TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
- Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4′s theme all over)
- New Samsung Keyboard
- GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
- New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
- New Screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
- Daydream
- KNOX included
- Driving mode
- Actionable notifications
- Move-to-SD-card feature
- New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
- New Additions in Notification Centre
- Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
- Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
- New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
- Full screen Samsung apps
- New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)
- Found more? Tell us about them in the comments below!

The new software update is being rolled out in phases, so it may not yet be available in your country at the moment but don’t worry it will arrive very soon. If your device is carrier branded then it might take sometime as the update has to get improved by the carrier first and only then Samsung will make it available for your device.


To keep track of the countries and carriers receiving the new Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) update for the Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9305), check out our live feed below:

To update your Galaxy S III to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, connect your device to your computer and use Samsung KIES or simply use Samsung’s OTA service. To download and install the firmware via OTA, go to Settings > More > About Device > Software update > Update.

Model: GT-I9305
Country: Germany
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 2051278
Build date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 04:17:40 +0000
Product Code: DBT

All new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmwares for the Galaxy S III (GT-I9305) are present in our Firmware Section, as well. You can use our Firmware Section to manually update your device if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you might be using a Custom ROM or if your country has not yet received the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update. Also, bookmark this page as we will keep this page up to date with the latest information on countries and carriers releasing the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update.

Screenshots (from Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update)

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  1. hi everyone i can install this firmware on my GT-i9300 International version ?

    • no

    • NO !!!!

    • No you can not. The GT-i9300 and GT-i9305 are two completely different devices and the firmware for one doesn’t work on the other and vica versa

      • i would sale your S3 quick because it`s in the dark.

        there have upgrade the S4 to 4.4 and the S5 is coming out in Febuary.

        So the S3 will go the way of S1 and S2 in the BIN!!!

  2. any one can tell me if this firmware is branded or not ? thanks

  3. Hi SAMMOBILE guys,the screenshots u provided shows I9300 and MJ9 firmware.THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG HERE !!!

  4. Someones report that’s KNOX is present…

  5. Downloading, someone said that the german version breaks Wifi and LTE
    I´m gonna try it out and see for myself.

    • I’ll wait for your “test” !

      • Now flashing!

        • Is knox enabled ? Really smoother ?

          • Knox is enabled and yes it is smoother Wifi and LTE works fine for me!

    • for me Wifi and 3g break :(

  6. Finally a good news for me but still so late.

  7. Already installed 4.3 on my 9305 LTE with version Germany DBT (not Vodafone).
    I am in Portugal and works perfectly.
    No lag on wakeup and yes, knox is present but didn´t open it yet.
    Good battery performance so far.

  8. So, i flashed the rom, my experiences so far:
    - KNOX app is present
    - transparent status bar !!
    - really smooth ui, no s4 elements
    - some new widgets and apps, none of them seems too important…
    - settings menu redesigned
    - games run a little bit better
    - camera app didn’t change
    - new galery
    - lock screen widgets
    - new music player app, it’s the best part of the update, finally you can close the app from the status bar!

    These are the ones i found. If you have any questions, let me know :)

    • If want to flash a diferent modem, how can i procced?

    • so jealous about the great firmware for the s3 lte :( i wish s3 3g came up with good firmware as the 4g version

    • Which one you did?

    • I don’t have:
      -Lock screen widgets

      Can you tell me why?

  9. Hi sammobile. you posted a fake article about the galaxy S3 i9300 the other day without actually providing any download link.

    please stop destroying your article’s credits as it looks like this is another one.

    • Yeah, u said it right bro. These people who writearticles are living a reckless life by fooling others. Pity on them Been waiting for the update but had enough of this, going to change to Iphone…

      • +1 I for LG G2 or Nexus 5, there is tired of beings taken for idiots

        • U r right but a lot of people are happy with their jail broken Apples……….

          • I wouldn`t believe anything on this site.
            Been waiting for the update since October.

            This site keeps telling us that is on it way?
            PENDING PENDING lol lol.

    • Its not fake, for god’s sake. If you actually took the time to read some of the comments you’d know that:
      -Sammobile can’t upload firmwares if they aren’t present on Kies.
      -Samsung is first releasing a patch to existing MJ9 users in the form of an OTA update, NOT via Kies. This puts them on MK6 as well as fixing bugs.
      -The full rolliut for users still on 4.1.2 will come some time later.
      -Therefore, because Sammobile can’t upload OTA-only firmwares, they can’t provide any download links.

      Capiche? Or are you too far led into believing that Sammobile writes crap?

      • Oh yes, not to mention that there are download links for te I9305 in the Firmware section.

      • Oh yeah I agree with you, then what about 4.3 update for international GT I9300, is it available or not, let me know with your influence……. I live in India, and it’s been 2 months since i have been waiting for the update………

        • I did forget to mention that this is rolling out to users in the UK first (anyone with a CSC of BTU).

  10. I have a terrible wifi stability on mine (same with the Note 2 LTE my father have.) They both drop wifi and cannot reconnect, unless you turn wifi off and on again.

    Does this firmware helps with that?
    If yes, I will just wait for the update instead of returning the phones once again.

    One more Q: Which is the LEAST bloated firmware? We use Nova on both devices, and all we want is speed, reliability. No crapware involved. (I like XDA and the things they do, but I fear from all the random “uberMegaXxX” firmwares every member pushes out. Sure there are respectable people there, but you don’t know who to trust if you are not a regular over there. And finally, the “it’s not my fault if it bricks your device” attitude does not help either.)

  11. Instead of 4.3 getting 4.1.2 update on my gt i9300 via OTA…in INDIA
    wtf iz going on?

    • now u r having 4.1.2 update……?

      • My device running 4.1.2 already…but it seems like any stability update for 4.1.2…

  12. Somebody here knows ROOT the S3 LTE with android 4.3 ????

    • yeah it can be whit cf auto root easely
      after done just dowload the new super su and done
      and 4.3 works perfeck for me when rooted

      • I can not make it work. although the process with odin is successful, when i install and run SuperSU i get this:

        “There is not SU binary
        installed, and SuperSU
        cannot install it. This is
        a problem.
        If you just upgraded to
        Android 4.3 you need to
        manually re-root – consult
        the relevant forums
        for your device”

        Any suggestions?

        • i got this message then i rotted again and dowloaded the nevest from play store and it was fine

          • make sure than evrithing kies is closed

  13. Can the firmware be flashed on gt-i9305t …please someone reply:)

    • I think not, my friend. Wait a little longer..

  14. Someone have battery’s drain’s problem or is it all right ?
    Mine with 4.1.2 has been rooted and I puted “greenify”, cause battery needed to be charged 2 times for day.
    Now, whith knox, it’s a problem…. :-(

  15. @ bunyospityu….. but you
    don’t know who to trust if you are not a regular
    over there. And finally, the “it’s not my fault if it
    bricks your device” attitude does not help
    either.)…….In my opinions your comment is very true.

  16. WARNING: There’s no way to get rid of Knox (restoring a cwm 4.1.2 backup or flashing 4.1.2 will not work) once you’ve upgraded to 4.3 official firmware, any attempt to get rid of it will only result in warranty void!

    Why the hell did samsung included such crap on the new firmware…?!?!?!?

  17. Can anyone reply plzz!! Can i flash this firmware on GT-I9305T the australian…plz reply guys…

    • No mate.. don’t do it!

      • Bro i did it before with the cyanogenmod 11 the firmware was for 9305 and it work perfectly on my 9305T…nevermind i wont risk it…thank anyway cheif

        • I too have a i9305T fladhed and everything works fine. Just be aware that probably you will need to change the baseband, in my case i have battery drain when im on mobile network, it stays switching between 3g and 2g i think this is why the drain. I dont know if flashing just the baseband will trigger the knox flag

          • Everything works fine? No lagging, the cell wont get hot when u use it for a long time?…plz reply cz i want to flash it on my phone… thanks in advance

  18. Hi. Can anyone please tell me what is the kernel version in this update? Did they update it to 3.4? The screenshots are from I9300 so they’re no help. Thanks

  19. Help after flashing I am stuck on boot logo

    • Try to wipe your cash partition and data

  20. so sammobiles when is the update for I9300 international coming? cuz there is no link to the new BTU version in your article.

  21. Can anyone upload the firmware to any other website plz… this shit wont work… always said wrong ip !! Plz upload it to hotfile or zippyshare or any other website… i am trying since yest and always said wrong ip!.. help plz

  22. 9305 4.3 nasil root yapabilirim cf root dosyasi varmi yardimci olurmusunuz

  23. Hi there not bothered weather there upgrade my s3 now.

    tried of waiting for samsung so have gone to the sony which is running on 4.3 and been told that its going to 4.4 soon.

    which I trust will happen not like the joke phone Samaung S3 Lte which im selling for peanuts on ebay just to get rid lol

    • I recently bought my phone (okay, like a few months ago), and I did have my reasons against Sony.

      Yes, it’s got an awesome camera, it’s water-proof, and it looks A+ when it’s turned on.

      - Once you turn ON the phone’s display you see that there is a HUGE bezel all around (Z, Z1, Z1 ultra). That is disappointing. Especially compared to no-bezel like G2, S3-S4-Notes, etc.

      - The software buttons. Oh my god, how much I hate those. They eat up a huge chunk of space.
      Again, you can install a ROM with PIE menu, but then why would you go with Sony for the newer firmware?

      - It’s much pricier. In my country it was 2x the price of the S3, and 1.7x of the S4. That’s just a H-U-G-E difference which is not justified IMO. It was around 1000 USD.

      So yeah. And boy, do I like ZeroLemon and such.
      I want to love Sony, I really do. But they need to get their shit together.

  24. The MORELOCALE two German version does not work, I may use my language what to do please help me!

  25. is this the official samsung update for android v4.3 for GS 3 ?
    if not, when it will be ?

    • It is, but only for given countries as you can see at Firmware (on top). You should just wait.

  26. Received 4.3 this mornig for Germany Vodafone

  27. The German Android 4.3 firmware I9305XXUEMKC work excellent on my Norwegian S3-i9305.
    I did not even format my S3, just upgraded it and it`s all still there. No re-install of anything needed :)
    It works like a sharm and I am so happy :D

    • True that Even for me, German Android 4.3 I9305XXUEMKC working flawlessly on my S3-i9305(Finland) for the last 24 hours :). I was tired of waiting for OTA update, so did that yesterday. All my apps are working very fine plus few more new stuff already mentioned by a user above . Go ahead guys it works like a charm !

      Thanks Sam Mobile for posting firmware :)


      • Indeed :)

      • Totally agree, it’s simply perfect! (I performed factory reset just as precaution).

    • Have to put in reply after using it for over a week. Battery in 4.3 is still worse. 45-50 percent battery drain in night :( ! Moreover, in the day time when i am using my phone the battery stays for like 4-5 hours that too with normal phone :-/ . Today thinking of downgrading it back to 4.1.2 .

      • Greetings from Finland! I also installed the same unbranded Germany version of 4.3 but I made dalvik cache wipe and factory reset after firmware flash. I have not had any battery issues with this firmware. Works great! Maybe your battery drain problem would be fixed agter those two additional steps after flashing (Please do not forget to backup your phone’s internal memory!).

        Happy New Year 2014 to all! (One hour and 39 minutes old year left in Finland).

  28. I have upgraded my phone via OTA update. It went so smoothly. However, it lags, there are several delays, sometimes it responds very slowly, the battery time is very bad, worse than it was with 4.1.2.
    Might need to reinstall the whole new firmware. :-(

  29. Still waiting for update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Pleaaaaaaaaaaase update the sfr 9305 today
    Am waitin to long

    • Still waitin

      • And still waitin

        • And still waitin

          • And still waitin

  31. Still waiting for OTA upgrade. Almost 1 month gone. Is there any one who got the update

    • Some cuntries has it but we still waitin

  32. Still waitin sammobile !!!!!!
    Almoste All france carrires has it exept sfr

  33. Now rollin almoste 7580 – 7582 all around world and carrires
    So where the 9305 sfr

  34. Version already exists in portuguese?

  35. Just got mine today (Jan 10th) in the UK on EE….it was said to roll out between 09-15th January…. seamless upgrade as usual… just wait to see if battery life etc is okay over the next days

  36. Am still waitin

  37. More than month am waitin
    Sfr 9305

  38. I gusse there is no hope
    Waitin more than month and half

  39. Where the update sam team
    I think you didn’t care about your custmer or there commrnts
    So you didn’t deserve we buy your devices

  40. Hahahahaaaaa
    Releasd it after i change my phone

  41. But the link is not workin
    For 9305 sfr france

  42. My device running 4.1.2 already…but it seems like any stability update for … (4.3)

    More than month am waitin

  43. Still waiting for update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I am using I9305, it got updated with 4.3, Since the time it has updated to latest Android version, device performance gone down. Charging issue started coming in.

    Hanging in between.

    It was working absolutely fine with 4.1….

    Please let me know how to degrade the version to 4.1

    • I have the same issues with THP Android 4.3 Portugal. The downgrade to 4.1.x at this moment are impossible (via oficial method) due to Knox system security implemented on this firmware.

  45. i9305 with os 4.3 problem with network signal not stabil

  46. Hi
    . Some body help me
    i downloaded UK ( Vod ) version : and install it with Odin : and it showed pass : but when Phone is restarted i didnt see any change ! and same android ( 4.1.2 )
    what can i do ?

  47. when KSA people will receive 4.3 on i9305?

  48. Plss… Is there an international 4.3 update? My country (nigeria) hasn’t got an update yet. Or I there anyone I could use?

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