Samsung owns the largest number of LTE-related patents

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) said in its latest report on the patent trend that Samsung has owned the largest number of LTE-related patents over the last two years. The South Korean electronics giant has been in the top position among 66 global telecom business.

Samsung, with its 954 standard-essential patents (SEPs) in the LTE and LTE-A technologies, accounts for 12.7 percent of total patents. SEP are major patents that need to be applied to globally standardized products. Qualcomm remained at the second spot with 11.9 percent patents. LG, which shared the second spot with Qualcomm last year, fell to fifth place with 8.3 percent patents.

TIPO said a total of 35 experts including Taiwan’s state researchers, patent lawyers, and professors had analyzed 7,516 LTE and LTE-A-related patents filed in the US over the past three years for the report. All these patents have been registered to global LTE standardization organizations.

Huawei seventh with 5.3% patents while Apple has about 1.8% LTE-related patents. “Samsung’s LTE patent portfolio will benefit the company in dealing with possible patent disputes regarding telecom technologies in the future and in securing technological leadership in the fifth-generation telecom sector,” the company said.


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