Exynos Galaxy Note 3 receiving yet another stability update (N900XXUCMK2)

While you’re waiting for Android 4.4 KitKat to arrive on your Galaxy Note 3, Samsung is continuing to push out stability updates for its latest phablet. A 30 MB software update with build number N900XXUCMK2 is rolling out to the Exynos variant in Russia, Thailand and a few other nations, and as with the previous updates, the changelog mentions stability improvements and nothing else.

You should get an update notification on your Note 3 soon, though it could take a few days before the rollout finishes. If it makes you feel good, check manually through the Settings » About phone » Software updates menu, or grab the full firmware from our firmware section once it’s available for your country.


Thanks Geoffrey Whall!

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  1. what the hell and gs3 when will get the update 4.3, waiting to much for nothing

    • Samsung are now reviewing updates entertained their new toys, and S3 GT-9300 which has sold millions worldwide that give it in the ass, never buy anything that is called samsung.

      • +1

      • i agree with you samsung own name called theft & cheater world biggest third class service provide they copy instument from ale but note services because

        biggest basteeerrrrr…..


    • +1

    • Concordo pora a Apple e careira mas sao justo i iphone e os apad sempre com a versão mas nivas e o sistema e bim demas, eu samsung nunca mas.

      • They don’t speak Portuguese

      • Not to mention that you’re on the wrong site
        Like Apple? visit 9to5mac.com

        • Owning Samsung flagship, premium class Note 10.1 2012 has turned me to feel like you said above. Budget price devices like S3 is getting an update, even lower costs devices, but no single news about their flagship still running Android 4.1.2. Never actually liked Apple, feel likes toys when using them, two years behind Android and Samsung, but…! Apple releases updates for old devices too! My next device might be ipad if they add full support for a pen. Atleast it wont be Samsung again.

  3. What about Note 10.1 3G ?? No news at all? Atleast Samsung could say yes or no.

    However… I can always say NO MORE SAMSUNG!

  4. samsun fuck

  5. After this update my phone is getting dam hot..android system is consuming battery more..

  6. this update only sm-n9000

  7. hi sammobile
    why samsung dont want to update i9500 and N900 for Iran???
    im waiting long time to update my phone!!
    i have S4 And Note 3
    Come on give us update
    why there isnt any 4.3 for Iran?
    why there isnt any Bug Fix Update For Note 3 N900????
    why you upgraded all other countries but there Isnt Iran???????????????????//
    its about more than 2 month from starting update 4.3 for i9500 ant UAE and Other Arab And Afghan countries got that!!!
    but THERE ISNT IRAN????????????

  8. This update removed the ripple effect unlock effect, the only available effect now is water color!…

    I hope you add again the ripple effect, plus add the light effect in the next software update

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