Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S III causing major issues, might have been put on hold

Well, it looks like Samsung may have skipped properly testing the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III in a bid to get it out there as soon as possible. The update, which started rolling out to unlocked international variants of the S III today and to Vodafone-branded handsets a few days ago, is causing all sorts of issues for users, and as a result Samsung might have pulled the plug and paused its rollout.

The issues the Android 4.3 update has introduced are pretty major, including reduced battery life, app crashes, inconsistent Wi-Fi connections, laggy performance, and even complete lockups of the device on the lockscreen that can only be solved by pulling out and reinserting of the battery. The folks over at Phones Review report that the update was initially available on their UK handset, but after ignoring it and attempting to update the next day, their S III simply said the latest updates were installed, which is a pretty good indication that the update might have been pulled by Samsung, and the Note II update might be put on hold as well, considering how similar it is to the S III in both software and hardware.

From the comments on both our site and our Facebook feed, it seems these issues are affecting more than a few users out there, in which case we hope Samsung is working on fixing things as soon as humanly possible. The wait for Android 4.3 has already been quite a long one, and a few more weeks won’t be too bad if it means users can get a stable experience. In the meantime, do try to refrain from updating your S III at this point, at least not before we can get some more info on the matter.


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  1. Samsung once again wants us to wait. Seems lyk it would release 4.3 jelly beans only after android 5.0 is released by google.
    Nyway waiting for the updates. :P

  2. Oh come on!!
    i’ve been waiting the update so long ago and got excited when it started rolling out.. now they say they paused it!!
    i believe they will not start it again soon, at least they will take a month from now

    • it could be worse, you could have updated your phone with practicaly no way of going back without rooting it and whatnot.

      And performance with this 4.3 update is simply abysmal while it chews through battery like there is no tomorow (20% in 5 hours pure idle, I only checked what time is it few times)

      • People reported this with 4.1 as well when it first came out. The reason is that some apps don’t handle the update process well, so they run amok after the update. Some do a reset after, and then re-install their apps to correct the problem, while others just uninstall and then re-install all their apps one at a time until they discover which one causes the problem.

        • install it without apps, you will find same problems.

      • I have the same problem, the battery get empty fastly! It aint acceptable!

  3. Hopfuly they send out an update to fix the ones who had all ready download it

  4. Well, since they have delivered 4.3 to date and 4.4 is already out, I don’t see the sense of bringing 4.3 out anymore. They can might as well give us 4.4 which would bring a breath of fresh air to our devices like the Note 2 and SIII considering the fact that it uses less memory, better performance and less background processes running which improves battery performance.

    And otherwise… it looks like they are just forcing us to use custom ROM’s. Man, I switched from HTC to Samsung because of HTC’s refusal to upgrade their yesteryear devices, but Samsung is really making a total F**K up in my opinion on this one. I mean, we’re still stuck on 4.1 and in the mean time 3 versions have already been released! WTF?!

    • 4.2.2 works for me (was available on Sammobile)- don’t see much point in 4.3 really in the circumstances

  5. My SIII gets stuck and I have to get the battery to get it working again

    • Did u download the uk update?

      • I have download UK update 4.3 it’s working pretty well so far, But before I had a German Update it was awful…

      • I have the version for Germany. Does the UK version is better than the version in Germany?

        • It’s the same version, same build…

          • hab UK Rom gestern downgeloadet und via Odin auf meinem S3 installiert, vorher war der deutsche Rom 4.1.2 drauf installiert, 4.3 ist schneller und fliessender als 4.1.2, aber ich glaub, 4.3 verbraucht mehr energie und Akku wirt schneller entleert!
            Ich bin im Iran und mein S3 ist aus UK!

  6. Boot into recovery and do a full wipe Partition/cache etc and a factory reset all will be fine then did mine this afternoon everything’s okay now.

  7. Samsung will probably skip 4.3 now that 4.4 is available, then when 5.0 comes out, they will skip 4.4 as well for 5.0 and so on. WE WILL NEVER GET THAT FREAKING UPDATE!! (sarcasm)sigh

    • neither will we ace plus,mini 2,s dous and galaxy beam users get AN OFFICIAL 4.1.2 OTA UPDATES ! (not to talk about 4.4) all these devices are running on a 3 years old android os by the way.

    • Really true…

  8. A mi s3 tambie le pasa lo mismo, el de tardar en regresar la pantalla de bloqueo se soluciona al desabilitar despertar SVOICE al presionar dos veces, los de inconsistencia del wifi no se soluciona, y no se decarga la aplicacion group play, y no se actualiza samsung hub

  9. I already got this update OTA on virgin mobile uk and my phone now is barely usable once on standby locks up, or takes 3-4 minutes to come back on and cant get a day at work out of the battery also app are seemingly corrupting and need uninstalling and reinstalling :-( not happy.

  10. Also did the dalvik & cache wipe with factory reset and whilst it was a little better my phone is as above

  11. There is no change in the new ROM
    Not even nuclear change
    No value

  12. There is no change in the new ROM
    Not even nuclear change


  13. What an earth were samsung thinking to release such a bad update my s3 is now unusable screen won’t turn on battery runs and switches off in a couple of hours you can’t answer calls it’s ruined. And it’s only 4months old might aswel throw it away I paid for sim free thanks samsung no more samsung products in my house again

    • Don’t worry guys, S3 is outdated device because of the fact that Samsung didn’t upgraded its RAM after S2; so basically cores doesn’t matter unless their is enough RAM, All Android versions can even run perfectly on single core processor, we will see no lag on Note II, Because it has 2GB RAM.

      • Those of us here in the USA have the 2GB RAM version, but we are stuck waiting as well.

        • Bro Question is not about availibility of Update, its about the user experience and bug free Firmware, and The current S3 which suffers with unstability are i9300 i.e international versions, its because of lack of RAM, i actually refrained from buying this after seeing it has only 1gb ram, i knew that i will witness poor experience after few upgrades, then i get Note 2 coz it has 2gb ram, which i believe will be enough for at least 2 more years, and believe me, test firmware we received is so smooth and snappier that we once thought its final version, so i am telling these international users don’t get impressed with the cores of the phones, always check the ram first, i understood Android and what should be the priority for us when we buy phones, Android depends on RAM more than Cores, i believe S2 can perform the same way i9300 can, if you have enough money get a quad core phone that has 512mb ram, and get dual core or single core phone with 1gb ram, you will see no/fewer launcher restarts when going back to home ui after surfing heavy websites etc.

          • i mean no lags or fewer lags in phone having 1gb ram

          • I agree, but was simply pointing out that if the issue really comes down to RAM issues, the North American version of the S3 may not have all of these issues. Samsung has been throwing so many features at phones that we are starting to see the negative effects on those who have only 1GB of RAM. As far as availability, those of us here in North America don’t have 4.3 as an official update, and MANY are under contract(two year contract with our cell phone carrier in exchange for very cheap prices on phones). Those under contract will often avoid rooting, because buying a phone at full price isn’t in the budget of most people.

          • Yeah, Your S3 has 2gb ram, and you guys will find the updates lag free, I also think the same way, that Samsung put so much bloatware in 4.3 upgrades, that needed more than 1gb ram to run properly, if they provide same update like i9300, then surely your i9305 will not face such locks ups and lags etc :)

        • the LTE is an international phone not exclusive to America. get over yourself ..

          sent from my s3 LTE running 4.4.1 KitKat.

  14. come on man.. waoting 4 note 2 4.3 update.. now they say put on hild.. this is not fare 4 note 2 users..totally disagree 4 put on hold.¤

  15. for stable experience use a custom kernel like kernel…

    I have no problem or lag with 4.3 ;)

  16. Installed uk BTU, factory reset and cache. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Same with the wife’s S3. Running nice and smooth for 48hrs so far. Battery life about the same as 4.1.2.

  17. Also Take this as advise from now on, DON’T EVER buy Android phones which has higher CPU than older one, CPU has nothing to do with performance of Device by long way, its RAM that matters most, If you buy a quad core phone with 512mb ram, you will see frequent lags, if you buy dual core phones with 1 or 2gb ram, you will find it way faster than the phones having 512mb ram with Quad-Core CPU, if you don’t believe me, experiment it yourself. Understand the gamble by manufacturers, and don’t get attracted by great CPU and ignoring checking ram completely, they will bash hard about cpus to take your mind away from ram.

    • +1

    • The real issue(which applies to normal computers as well), is that if you don’t have enough RAM, performance drops by a considerable amount. On the flip side, more RAM than is needed will not improve performance, so 3GB of RAM vs. 2GB may not matter from a performance standpoint. With the Note 3, it is possible that Samsung is simply making the Note 3 a bit more future-proof when it comes to updates, or some of the new features just require a lot of additional RAM.

      • I agree, but I believed Note 2 or S4 with 2gb ram are also future proof device, but take it as Samsung’s policy or something, they deliberately put such bloatwares in older phones which makes them laggy, and we consumers start feeling like its time to buy new phone, 4.1.2 updates on S2 also lags alot after few days of clean install, i9000 on GB, and now i9300 with 4.3, this is a trend, they magically put 2gb ram in note 2, which is indeed future proof, and surely it can manage various future upgrades if Samsung provides, Same with note 3, just like you, I also don’t think 3gb ram is needed at this moment, and with 4.4 KitKat, which can reportedly run nicely on lower spec devices, 3gb ram doesn’t needed, spare of thought for s3 users, they should have been provided at least 1.5gb ram.

  18. I knew it was was too good to be true. Oh well the S5 will be out just in time for my income tax return.

  19. They will delay a few more months, so they can say the phones is to old to be updated.

    But for now the problem is the lack of Ram, the leaked Updates for the Note 2 are working nearly perfect.

  20. Has anyone written to Samsung to find out exactly what’s going on and to tell them how embarrassing this is for them?

    • Do you wanna see the answer???


      I’m writing you because I just received the update to Android 4.3 today.

      I’ve updated my phone and the software is the worst I ever seen.

      There are bugs everywhere. The home button doesn’t work properly as the power button. Lags every 2 seconds. Wi Fi doesn’t work at all. Battery drain so fast.

      Why did you release this 4.3 if there are a lot of problems?

      The bad thing is that I’m not able to downgrade my phone, otherwise I’m gonna lose my warranty.

      This is ridicolous.

      I hope you are releasing a patch ASAP.

      Best Regards

      Counselor answer
      Customer reference number: *******
      Please quote your customer reference number when contacting Samsung
      Email response ID: ******

      Dear D,

      Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Support.

      I’m sorry you are having issues with your GT-I9300 after upgrading the firmware. I can understand your frustration about this as updating your GT-I9300 should be an easy process.

      Old systems settings can be left on the phone after an update occurs, which is why we usually recommend a full factory reset after updating. If this isn’t done your device may begin to give false readings from system resources, or experience technical problems, which may explain the issue you are having.

      We would advise on doing the following, which is designed to reset the settings on your device. Please back up your device using Samsung KIES before you do this.

      1) Remove the battery for at least 40 minutes, put the battery back in and allow it to fully discharge. Afterwards, perform a full battery charge with the device turned off. Do not interrupt the charging process.
      2) After the battery is fully charged, we would like you to perform a full factory reset, which can be done Settings > Backup > Reset.

      This process will reset your device, remove old system files that are no longer needed and enable your device to operate normally again.

      Please let us know if your device continues to experience problems after the reset so we can investigate further.

      If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know.

      Our Customer Support Team love feedback! Share your thoughts on this response by completing the survey at the bottom of this page.

      Kind regards,

      Online Support Team
      SAMSUNG Customer Support Centre

      • Interesting. I’m going to do a full reset / format of the device and try flashing it to 4.3 later using Odin. Might be pleasantly surprised versus all these difficulties people are facing.

  21. Am I the only one who’s pretty glad about this? Like seriously, can people not wait a bit longer for stability?

    • That’s not more of the issue, the issue is that we have waited so damn long for this update when other devices are on 4.4 and we have not even moved from 4.1.2..

      • And? The Nexus devices are also a point as to why sometimes its better that you should wait. Just about every single point upgrade has brought with it its own bugs since Jelly Bean. Wifi prolems or touchscreen sensitivity problems or so on. Yeah they get fast upgrades, but I’d rather wait a bit longer and get a mostly bug-free update rather than update quickly but have quite a few bugs. We’ll see if the Kitkat update brings any bugs with it initially.
        The recent S3 firmwares are buggy as hell, yeah. That’s why I’m willing to wait.

        • People are different, they are a massive company, probably bigger than Google itself, idk but there would’t be so many problems if they didn’t try and brand everything related to their devices, Nexus is just a bare boned OS with bugger all issues at all, so Samsung is doing something daft.

  22. Абе вие нормални ли сте бе? Никога повече няма да си дам парите за тъпите Samsung! Август трябваше да получим 4.2.2 и в последния момент през септември се оказа,че ще го прескочат и направо ще получим 4.3 . 1 година мина и пак се осраха и пак проблеми и пак нищо. Хората от днес получават 4.4,а ние още циклим на 4.1.2…..Ебал съм ти и гаранцията,ЕБАЛ СЪМ И ТЪПИТЕ SAMSUNG,слагам си 4.4!

  23. It does not surprises me, even an excuse for not updating the S3, Samsung is too busy with Tizen, it is the policy of this beautiful company, prospective customers pass before old customers. Still in 4.1 while 4.2,4.3,4.4 came out and not to damn us correct update! Samsung is finished, this is the last device that I have purchased from you! I do not like that you take me for a fool and I do not think I’m the only one …!

    • Amen. If they don’t back their ideas up, getting me a Nexus. At least you can trust the people who made the OS in the first place and not have all the Samsung crap on it from boot!

      • If I had $350 I’d buy me a Nexus 5. Oh well, time to start begging for Christmas!

        • I did buy a nexus 5 32 gb for 399 c $ + 80 c$ tax&shipping from canada, it’s wonderful! I have a to 4.3 upgraded S3 too, it works faster but the battery drain too fast, shit!

    • Oh, go cry somewhere else. This isn’t the place. Nexus devices have their own problems, so do Samsung devices.

      • i agree, nexus are crap, all nexus follows icrap trend by not proving card slot and battery thats removable, i dont know why they provide 1080p support in 32gb fixed storage, whats the point of that? what you can do in 32gb? (even lesser than that after reduction of system rom space) whether you will play hd games, download hd movies, put music collection, capture moments via photography or via camcorder? ohh yeah i heared someone said why do phones need all these? copy them to computer, delete it from phone and move on, this means people start taking computers everywhere along with phones :D

  24. Samsung phones are pretty damn good, but lets be honest they are completely rubbish on updates, dude 4.4 is out! :/

    • They are rubbish on updates. But at least when they do deliver updates its (usually) bug-free.

      • Yeh you’re correct there. There is some silly bug on the 4.1 update I think, my farther upgraded his and said he has lost like 24 hours of battery in the process. They are pretty good though when they do EVENTUALLY come out. :)

        • My own S3 on 4.1 has one bug I’ve noticed – to do with the NFC toggle – but that’s about it.

          And yeah, EVENTUALLY being the key word :P


    • Exactly, stop messing around with Samsung crap and go with Cyanogenmod… you won’t go back… The Samsung hardware is not so bad… Cyanogenmod gives you a whole different positive experience…

      • Except the camera is rubbish on custom roms.

    • Exactly, that’s what I did and am definitely not going back. Am running 4.3 and the phone is fast and responsive, a beautiful experience.

    • Fully agree. A month ago CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) was not good enough for me, but now it is. Absolutely no problems with the latest nightly update (14th Nov). Fast and smooth. No lag in Chrome either. Even the camera works fine after the Gallery app clear data, and wipe cache & Dalvik in recovery (have been switching between different ROMs you see). Bluetooth was no good in CM 10.1, but in CM 10.2 no problems.

    • I noticed that the latest CM is 11 now in alpha mode. Does CM provide OTA? I mean if a fix has been released or beta has been released, wouls CM update itself?
      And can the 4.4 CM 11 be used as a daily driver?
      Thanks :)

  26. I’m was a Samsung Fan… But Believe me my friends… This S3 is the last shit that i bought from samsung and I will never do this mistake again

  27. I need bluetooth LE on my s3. It should work with android 4.3. This phone is +1 year old and BLE is waiting for some code to work. Hardware is there. Really bad. When finally arrives its buggy, still hasn’t arrived in my country and it’s a mystery if it will work on 4.3. False advertising, Samsung.

    And why shitty software developers can´t do as hardware engineers? Hardware works or not, period. It should be done correctly first time on release, if not somebody is going to loose a lot of money.
    But the monkeys writing code can release a buggy s*it and say : it will be corrected next update when we realize what is wrong.
    I’m not a apple fanboy, but somebody can learn what apple has been doing for ages: hardware+software is a product, let’s do it well.

    • Its odd because usually Samsung DOES do it right on release. A lot of the time their updates come with only very minor bugs. The fact that this S3 update was a total shitfall is a bit unusual. You have to admit, every time Samsung DOES release a new update – and let’s be honest, that’s not often, obviously – they do it pretty well.

      Good thing though that they seem to have realised its a total calamity.

      • Yeah I agree with you, and honestly my s3 has performed really well and is a good device. Samsung supports my local language even if its not a major one and problems in software are due to poorly programmed apps on market. Maybe they rushed in order to be compatible with galaxy gear. Let’s hope Samsung doesn’t disappoint us!

        • Yeah. Here’s hoping they can put some quality stuff out. The firmware leaks and everything always seeme unfinished so I’m looking forward to what they can do. I only got my S3 recently so I haven’t tried the 4.2.2 leak, but that seemed really solid, so we know they can do it.

  28. It was obvious, I was a Samsung fan, but next time I’ll just buy a Nexus, because Samsung don’t give a f**k about their customers and like everytime when a new Samsung phone is out, the old ones disappeares from their list…

  29. Stupid samsung.
    We give money to billions but get a crappy software support… I’m bored of waiting… Android 4.4 output, but I am currently using 4.1.2, damn samsung.
    After this I think to use iphone.

    • iPhone waited 2 years for a serious update and it’s looking more like Android with 1 year old features lol!

  30. This, my friends, is why I use CyanogenMod, or more recently Carbon. Since Carbon has the transparent status bar I can apply the Galaxy S4 theme and do some tweaking to Nova and I will essentially have Touchwiz on Android 4.3.1. I have seen CM11 popping up, which is KitKat, so hopefully they will have transparent status bar and I will be running KitKat instead of 4.1.2 or 4.3 whenever Sammy releases it our poor phones :/

  31. Quando sai para o Brasil?

  32. Guys i said again before.That its better to have some delay and in the end ll get a complete stable firmware than this silly things by fast updates with many problems and bugs.They know that now cause they make this they must release something like perfect to make customers smile again for them

    • Thank you. Exactly my thoughts.

    • but the release was far from fast… they did not test it properly, that is the only feasible reason, because they want people to go for S4…

      but many like me spent a lot on accessories for S3, so will stick to S3 until we get a return on our investments…

      upgrading phones every six months is crazy, manufacturers must become more realistic, this is hardware, not software…

      unless they make the phones much cheaper, that is…

    • Test Firmware 4.2.2 runs stable and did not make it onto the S3!
      I wonder why…Samsung is far from pleasing their customers with actual FW.
      Next summer Samsung has lost a customer, and I bet I am not the only one…

  33. I had download the I9300VFGGMJ5 and did not work fine, but the United Kingdom I9300XAGMJ9 is working fine for me.
    Download it :)

    • where are you at Sir?

    • does your phone charge well !? as i update my s3 it charged very slowly ….

      • Yes, it does. With the original charger.

        • I can vouch for that. The UK update doesn’t have the wake up lag and battery drain. Installed it yesterday. Took 16 hours to get down to 77% with normal(wi-fi and facebook) use. Just remember to deactivate the constant wi-fi scanning and you’ll be golden for now. It charges normally with the original charger and USB (PC) even. Until Samsung releases something more polished, it’s either the UK version or Custom rom buddy.

  34. I was very close to updating a second time to BTU 4.3 thinking it improved on VDI… VDI update bricked my phone and I had to revert to the 4.2.2 official leak…

    so I am glad I did not upgrade…

    when an official leak performs better than an official update for a mobile manufacturer, that is a major PR disaster in my view…
    Samsung needs to learn from Apple…

    why did they not release 4.2.2 instead? it was good, and it would have given them more time to improve and test 4.3…
    what a corporate decision shamble…

    I am very happy with 4.2.2 and will stick to it for now…

    • Many cell phone service providers(carriers) delay releasing OS updates for months after an OS is handed to them to release. Samsung knows this, so since there was only a 4 week period between when 4.2.2 was ready and when 4.3 was ready, they decided to go with the 4.3 update. 4.3 is also needed for the Galaxy Gear, so Samsung invested resources to get the 4.3 update out quickly. Unfortunately, it seems that this investment is wasted since we are still waiting, and with no word on when the release will be for the S3, we may very well miss the holiday shopping season, meaning Galaxy Gear sales will fall short due to a lack of 4.3 on the S3.

  35. Yes use 4.2.2. I updated to 4.3 and it sucks so went back to 4.2.2 but had problem with not able to register to mobile network, after so many reflash of older roms, I finaly solved by iserting back just the modem MODEM_I9300BUUGMJ3_REV02_REV04_CL1413323.tar from the first leaked 4.3 rom to my I9300XXUFME7 4.2.2 rom and running like ligtning and good battery life too ;-)

  36. The issue causing lockscreen hanging is that KSWAPD0 process is using 100% CPU. Now it’s time to some smart guy tells me how to prevent this high cpu consumption.

    • For me problem fixed by flashing custom kernel(googy-max2-2.0.3)
      On XXUGMJ9-BTU

      • I’ll give a try! Thanks!

        • Today I flash Latest googy-max2-2.0.4

          Now Rom is very smooth and fast

          Actually I feeling an extra gig ram

          on my GS3

  37. My Galaxy S4 has same sort of issues since the update via FOTA. Though it was some issue with the 4.3 version in general, my mistake.

  38. My S3 battery doesnot charge in this android version of uk !it charges very slowly..i put it in charge in 12 pm and in 6 am my phone charged only 40% ! what should i do !?

  39. Will we recive update to 4.3 ??
    please update galaxy s4 mini to android 4.3

  40. If the update for S3 is a total disaster, I wonder what it would be like for the Note 2 with the addition of s-pen\air view features. Will the device explode in my hand when I pull the s-pen out? I love the Note 2, but I don’t love Samsung. It’s been my first Samsung device, and most likely my last.

  41. that is very true. I flashed the UK version 2 days ago and I have been dealing with a lot of trouble ever since. waking up the phone into lockscreen is as hard as waking my self up in the mornings! hope they fix it asap

    • How can Samsung possibly fix your Narcolepsy? ;-)

  42. Samsung should just skip 4.3 and gives us 4.4 kit kat which is designed to run smooth even on weak android devices using 512mb.It is pretty clear they messed up big time, why waist our time fixing an update that is behind.

  43. I hate Samsung because they didn’t give the customers they needs .

  44. I am a UK user who received and applied the OTA 4.3 update on Monday. I have the same issues of lag and battery drain experienced by others. The lag seems to affect the home button when using to switch between running apps or returning to home screen. The biggest issue is the phone doesn’t seem to wake up. Perhaps I’m being impatient but after 30 seconds I just go for the reboot. The worst problem is if I receive a call, the phone will ring but the screen lag means that I can’t actually answer it. So I have a phone that can’t be used to answer phone calls.

    After customers were returning Galaxy Gear watches being incompatible with their phones Samsung have rushed out an unfinished firmware upgrade to their S3 users of whom many are still in 2 year contracts. Those who installed it now have phones that don’t work either so we’re doubly screwed.

    In 6 months time when it’s time to upgrade Samsung may not be the obvious choice given how slow they have been to get stable upgrades out to their top end phones over 1 year old. I avoid Samsung’s horrible apps anyway and find the worst part of the phone all their bloated customised Touchwiz ones. Perhaps the Nexus line is the safest way to go. My Nexus 7 (2012) just works.

  45. Nearly 50 million users, Samsung S3 phones are required to undergo a favor. We expect to update for a long time. If I had known I would not update. My battery is running out in 4 hours. Wifi is not available. Lock screen does not open. Phone is locked. I turned a lot of times I opened my samsung phone to correct this situation. Samsung must not ignore this situation. Emergency assistance.

  46. Hello. Firmware upgrade is always a gamble.
    I used to own Google nexus s(i9023,which was incidentally made by samsung and my first android phone)and the first major upgrade for it(4.0.3) was a total trainwreck.There were so many errors that I was astonished by the amount of them. Some of them were critical:wi-fi malfunction,battery drain,lags everywhere and no backlight in recovery). Google played slowpoke and the users had to wait few months for another OTA update.
    Now i just want a proper OTA update for my Note 2.

  47. P.S. As mentioned above in comment section sometimes Flash and reboot can solve the problem. Last winter I received a gift:chinese certified Galaxy Note 10.1. First thing I did was surf the web for a CIS firmware. After installing it things started to get messy. After turning the tablet on every program crashed nonstop, leaving it absolutely unusable. i had to go into the recovery mode again(first was for firmware flash) and do a factory reset. After this simple action everything turned back to normal

  48. I don’t know why Samsung waste it’s resource for development of unnecessary app like s-voice, wallet and unnecessary modification to the stock contact/dialler app. These applications are rarely used and google itself provides better stock features. It will be better for Samsung, if they use these app developers for testing and bug-fixing of new Android upgrades.

  49. After restoring my i9300 to 4.1.2 UK BTU from 4.3 BTU tried to update manually and OTA is not available anymore same thing with KIES.Lets hope that they will get it the second time right.

    • pls tell me the procedure to get back to 4.1.2 my country is uae

  50. SAM you close to Samsung I presume?
    Let em know buying S3 was my first and at the same time last purchase.
    Flashed 4.2.2 test firmware month ago…Why did that not come? Oh yes…problems with Samsungs TW?
    Fool some1 else…working perfect that version…
    Really enjoyed that S3, next will be a Nexus (and some pocket cash on top for my next vacation)

    • Agreed!
      Just going next time for Nexus, LG or HTC.

  51. Hahahahahaha
    Why am I not surprised?! :/
    Samsung is one of the worst companies in terms of software, software update and customer support! Samsung always fixes 2 bugs in the coming update and comes up with 200 new ones!
    It is really strange that S III records hell more than Nexus 4 in benchmarks, but still performs horribly slow, laggy, buggy and battery drain!
    Samsung, we are not looking for features, just make a fuckin stable software!

  52. Upgraded mine to see how bad it is. Honestly it’s not bad bad for me. Battery sucks big time, its a tad slow but nothing major and the wifi just takes the biscuit constantly telling me it’s unstable then changes to mobile data. But apart from that, looks pretty nice. As the post said, do not upgrade unless you know how to get back from it if it’s too bad for you.

  53. Tired of waiting Note2 update……..shame…

  54. google quiere imponer 4.4 a sus aparatos… supuestamente es un sistema muy optimizado el cual cualquier tlf de menos de 1 giga de ram puede con el.
    las compañias tienen una politica de actualizacion de 18 meses (como maximo); por tanto ningun smartphone de mas de 18 meses sera actualizado.
    Al galaxy s3 le queda tan solo dos a tres meses de ser actualizado por ultima vez de forma oficial por samsung… (segun tengo entendido),
    y samsung se ha pasado la actualizacion 4.2 por el culo,(supuestamente por fallos del touchwiz, ahora el 4.3 vuelve con errores y vuelta a esperar… llevamos SEIS MESES esperando alguna actualizacion… Y la tuvimos: una actualizacion de la misma que se tenia, la 4.1.2
    samsung se esta comiendo dos actualizaciones dentro de su periodo de actualizacion oficial.
    y lo peor de todo es lo que esta por llegar:
    considero que si hay una actualizacion por parte de android dentro de un rango de actualizacion oficial de samsung, este deberia actualizar su telefono independientemente de lo que la compañia tarde en hacerlo.
    Es decir: 4.4 se lanzó dentro de la fecha en la que samsung actualiza por lo que samsumg deberia de actualizar tambien el s3 a 4.4. pero si aun estamos esperando la 4.3 no creo que el s3 se vuelva a actualizar.

  55. I want to install the Chinese rom install? whom and not bring the same faults than the other?

  56. I am in kuwait and I install irish vodafon 4.3 manually so far I got only battery drain problem and lock screen late wakeup late means 3 sec other than all is well … my quastion is if in future samsung fixes thes bugs then should I get that ota or not bec I update manually and its not belongs to my country pls any one help I m worried for that pls reply

    • You can not get that ota update. You should make again manually with odin.
      My advice to you, wait for Kuwait version and make odin update. After this, you can get ota update again.

  57. i was really exiting when i know that it was rolling out because i was waiting from October and know you just say will be put on hold easily after all this waiting and you say that???i hope to fix it soon and when it fixed release all countries ROM PLEASE

  58. I am starting to get sick of Samsung. I was not in favor of own an Iphone but even they update their previous smartphones. If they don’t update my freaking SIII soon I will consider to switch to HTC or even Nokia

  59. Is the culprit possibly memory management ??

    If have installed the BTU upgrade and am suffering somewhat poor performance and excessive battery drain.

    Using the “OS Monitor” App I can see that process kswapd0 is using about almost 100% CPU on one of the 4 cores. This process is tasked with freeing up RAM by swapping memory resident processes to the slower FLASH based internal SD Card swap partition.

    On my S3 I have 832MB of usable RAM (Out of my 1GB), and typically about 700MB of this is used. I suspect that because of the larger (less efficient) memory footprint of 4.3, the kswapd0 process is working harder to free memory to keep the phone running. This is using more CPU (increasing battery consumption), and slowing the phone down. (High CPU plus a requirement to swap back into RAM processes that are sleeping and been swapped out to the SDCard) – If this is the root cause problem, then I am sure Samsung can tweak the configuration to improve things.

    Interestingly the KitKat 4.4 kernel has been optimised and made more efficient on phones with less memory. (Apparently KitKat can work in 512MB) . So the solution here may be for Samsung to retire 4.3 and get Kit Kat 4.4 out to S3 users quickly.

    • Perhaps they only tested on 2GB RAM variant?

      • I think the GT-I9300 only ever had 1GB RAM. It was the LTE Version (GT-I9305) that came with 2GB RAM.

  60. this is why i’m give up on samsung device …8/10 of my friend change their phone… :(

  61. The problem also lies with those of us who have already upgraded and are unable to revert back to 4.2, as then upgrade has cause the modem to stop working when reverting back. So now we sit with a problem phone and wait!
    Cynogenmod 4.3 works wonder, ive heard.

  62. Got email from Samsung after I complained. Clearly blaming Google for the mess! Read on….

    “Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Support.

    I was sorry to read that you are experiencing issues with your Galaxy SIII after the last software update and I appreciate your frustration on this occasion.

    Please be advised that we are aware if the issue and Google is working on the resolution at present. I would kindly ask you for your patience on this occasion and as soon as Google confirms that the fix was prepared we will make sure that all users are immediately informed.

    As we are currently investigating the reported issues with Galaxy S3 4.3 Jelly Bean update, the upgrading service has been temporarily suspended. We are committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience, and will ensure to resume the upgrading service at the earliest possibility.

    One more time please accept our deepest apologies on this occasion.

    If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know.”

  63. Here no problems for now and use the 4.3 version now 1 week. Only thing I have is the late responce if I want to unlock… If I not use the phone for a while and I tab on a button the phone reacts late but thats the only problem I have for now… I have NO battery drain or NO apps that crached or annything else.. Firmware works fine (only unlock reaction problem) I have the Czech Republic version on my phone…

  64. The problems I’ve noticed so far :

    - Random app crashes (Google Now, Play Music – apps that I never use)
    - Lag when pressing on/off or home button in lock-screen
    - Battery drainage
    - WIFI sometimes slow, some times fast
    - Screen doesn’t turn on when I remove the phone from my ear
    - Huge RAM usage (4.1.2 needed 540MB, 4.3 needs 650MB+)

    The interface does work pretty fluently though. Maybe a bit better than 4.1.2. However, the rest of the functionally is pretty horrible. Downgrading to 4.1.2 this afternoon

    p.s. haven’t found a working root for 4.3 as well, so I’m stuck with bloatware like Chrome, Play Music, Play Video and crap like that which can’t be removed because it is installed as a system-app (WHY ???)

  65. Why my comment left on 15 November 2013 at 11:09 is awaiting moderation since now??? Sammobile, can you reply to my request? Thanks!

  66. UPDATE: – Remove Memory hungry or Network active Apps to fix

    My phone got progressively worse. To the point where incoming calls were not being notified on the phone and would only be seen as missed calls after waking the phone up.

    As this is a memory management issue, as a last ditch effort to get my phone working in its most basic and fundamental use case, I removed Facebook, Twitter and eBAY Apps. This effectively increased my phones free memory (RAM) from about 120MB (Ave) to 300MB (Ave) and the the phone is happy doing the right things and behaving itself.

    The kswapd0 memory/swap manager is now hardly active (It was using about 25% of CPU = 1 core @ 100%, but now is less than about 5%)

    Phone now wakes up immediately, battery life is good, no missed calls. (My Facebook friends wont miss me :-) )

    When Samsung fix this, I will apply the patch and reinstall the Apps and see what happens then.

    • Thanks for the tip. This also worked for me. Removed all social apps(Facebook, Twitter etc.), flashed to 4.3 and phone is running pretty smooth.

    • Members –

      My suggestion above about reducing the memory footprint works most of the time but I was still missing calls and could not wake my phone from time to time.

      I also found that if I force close all Recent Apps and Clear Memory (Long Press of home button gets you there) before putting my phone to sleep after using the phone I now get over 20 hours of use and the phone is very (I mean very) fast.

  67. one more reason to never buy a Samsung again.
    Now I have an S3 after a S1 and a Samsung tablet. My next phone will be a Google Nexus one, also my next tablet

  68. hola yo tengo un s3 i9300 libre y me anime a instalar la rom de Reino unido 4.3 oficial con odin y funciona bastante bien! solo no funciona el efecto luz! wifi y 3g de diez y funciona mas fluido que 4.1.2! saludos !

    • la ram funciona bien deshabilitando algunas aplicaciones de samsung y widgets que no se ocupan! 4.3 a diferencia con 4.1.2 se pueden desactivar muchas aplicaciones de samsung que en el anterior no se podian!

  69. sammmobile, I got 4.3 uk version and have problem of battery and lock screen delay. any solution and at what time Samsung going to fix it. because its so irritating for me to manage my phone. specially when some one calls me and screen get black and show its id after 5 to 10 seconds. or should I downgrade to 4.1.2 and what’s its procedure.

    • i see that every1 is having the same issue’s and i have downgraded to 4.1.2 but then i couldn’t have mobile networks!!
      then i figured out that my imei have been damaged :(
      so i get back to 4.3 and the imei is fine and m stuck now on 4.3 and its really bad i dont know if any1 have downgraded back to 4.1.2 and have the same issue??

      • hi man, same problem, did u get any help?

  70. i’ve flashed my phone with Ireland vodafone version and it caused a huge number of problems so i downgraded to stock 4.1.2 but my imei number have been damaged and i cant have mobile networks only emergency calls!!!
    but when i get back to 4.3 again it works normal and the imei get back fine and the networks works good??
    why did that happened and i just want to get back to 4.1.2
    i need help any ideas??

    • Already tried a full wipe when you get back to 4.1.2?

    • If you want to go back to stock 4.1.2 you’ll have to flash UK BTU firmware I9300XXEMG4.

    • hi man, same problem, did u get any help on this?

  71. 4.2.2 is more stable than 4.3

    4.3 are torrible

    - fast battary empty

    - some apps crush

    - screen locks take some times

    - slow and not smooth

    sorry about my ENGLISH ^_^

  72. Samsung has been very good in all the previous updates. What is happening now!!!!

    A quick Samsung fix and release of 4.3 updates to all customers, may keep customers. otherwise Samsung may start loosing some of them.

  73. Los que hemos actualizado ya que pasa ?????? La pantalla de Bloqueo te tiras la vida para que se encienda y no hay manera . Hay alguna manera de volber a 4.1.2 aunque ya lo intente y no me dejo se quedaba en la pantalla de inicio

  74. This is where Samsung is really lacking. Every update takes ages to deliver and when it is done, it is without proper testing. Android is coming out with latest versions, but unless you hold a Google Nexus, you do not have it on your mobile and it takes ages to get an update.

  75. I flashed my note 2 using odin 4.1 to 4.3 but i am not getting the network. I am getting a message “not registered to network”. what to do guys plz help.

  76. sorry for being late to the liner, but wanted to know if they are still problems in the S3 4.3 yesterday and download that vercion gustria me try, gacias for reading this comment

  77. I have been having the same issues after flashing the 4.3 android on my S3 (reduced battery life, aggy performance, impossible to listen spotify, free ram was never lower than 200Mb). Then I rooted my S3 (because I wanted to install CM) and installed the super user function… After that, when I re-started the phone everything was running faster. Now I can get up to 400Mb of free ram and spotify is working normally again…
    Don’t know what happened with the S3 while rooting but now is working much better. Have this happened to anyone else?

    • Now on CM11 with Android 4.4.1… Amazingly fluid!

  78. So many desperate people.

  79. I’ve had my S III since August 2012 and I was very, very happy with it. I don’t want to upgrade my phone and didn’t need to upgrade the OS. I woke up a couple of weeks ago and was ‘pushed’ to install 4.3. No choice as it wasn’t an ‘ask’ it was a ‘do’.

    I sat back, let my phone do what it does and voila! It’s turned into a total duff! Two 5 minute phone calls and i’ve smashed 30% of my battery. I used to be able to travel to London and back on a train (an hour both ways) and spend all day up in town and come home with approx. 30% of my battery remaining.

    All this while e-mailing, texting, calling, Facebook and the odd game as well. I’m down to 60% before I get to the train station now. What have they done OR not done?

    Thoroughly peed off! Can I revert to 4.2.2 without needing degree knowledge in IT? Will this be ‘fixed’ by Samsung? My network provider people (o2) have just shrugged as they can’t help. I wouldn’t have chosen to sabotage my handset. The choice was made for me and now I’m screwed. I need my phone for business and it served it’s purpose. i would have recommended it to everyone.

    I have 6+ months left of a 2 year contract so I’m stuck with said phone that was the dog’s bollocks and now is just bollocks!

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