Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update now rolling out for Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300)

After releasing Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4, Samsung has finally started rolling out the new update for the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300). Galaxy S III users were waiting for this update for several months now as Samsung didn’t update the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II to Android 4.2, and the devices were still running a year old version of Android. We are still not sure why Samsung skipped the Android 4.2 update as we do know that Samsung did internally test a few Android 4.2 builds for the Galaxy S III but never released them and stopped development in midway.

There are quite a lot of changes and improvements in the new Android 4.3 firmware over Android 4.1.2. Samsung has completely changed the core UI to the one found on the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, even the setting app has been completely overhauled with a new tabbed interface. The bad news is that even though Samsung has changed the core UI elements, it’s still using the same old original Galaxy S III launcher and widgets. Also, Samsung hasn’t implemented Samsung Knox yet, but we may see it in future builds of Android 4.3. Samsung doesn’t provide an official change log for its updates but after testing a few internal builds and this official one, we can give you folks our own list of changes and improvements we have noticed.

- TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
- Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4′s theme all over)
- New Samsung Keyboard
- GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
- New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
- New Screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
- Daydream
- Driving mode
- Actionable notifications
- Move-to-SD-card feature
- New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
- New Additions in Notification Centre
- Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
- Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
- New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
- Full screen Samsung apps
- New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)
- Found more? Tell us about them in the comments below!

The new software update is being rolled out in phases, so it may not yet be available in your country at the moment but don’t worry it will arrive very soon. If your device is carrier branded then it might take sometime as the update has to get improved by the carrier first and only then Samsung will make it available for your device. For now, the new software update is only available in Ireland.
S4-Android-4.3-SM-EDITTo keep track of the countries and carriers receiving the new Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) update for the Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300), check out our live feed below:

To update your Galaxy S III to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, connect your device to your computer and use Samsung KIES or simply use Samsung’s OTA service. To download and install the firmware via OTA, go to Settings > More > About Device > Software update > Update.

Model: GT-I9300
Country: Ireland (Vodafone)
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 1902166
Build date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 03:29:22 +0000
Product Code: VDI

All new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmwares for the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) are present in our Firmware Section, as well. You can use our Firmware Section to manually update your device if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you might be using a Custom ROM or if your country has not yet received the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update. Also, bookmark this page as we will keep this page up to date with the latest information on countries and carriers releasing the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update.


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  1. Will there be a video demonstrating some of the new things?

    • There should be. You should wait for a video demonstration on

      • lock screen is slow to respond, alarm clock does not work, light effect does not work, battery consumption high

        • Lock screen is appalling, overall the rest of the rom feels slow sluggish and bloated, will try and stick for a couple more days…

          • Mine too was really slow to wake and I read somewhere that it is due to a deep sleep bug. It seemed to affect the alarm too.

            BUT I think I have a solution. My s3 is rooted so I figured if the problem is a cpu control issue a cpu manager app might help. I installed a free cpu manager (cpu manager and saver pro by danez) from Play Store, realised it had adverts in it so I uninstalled it. Rather unexpectedly the severe lock screen lag disappeared!

            It could have been a fluke but it seemed to work for me.

          • This is indeed a solution! Thanks for sharing!! :)

        • EXACTLY! like! +1

          • indeed

        • you are right

        • agree with your comment. Very slow seems like out of battery. Please fix

        • yeah me too i have the same thing on my s3 the lock screen is to slow and the light effet doenst work…it seems that samsung still have problems in this upgrade

        • Well I installed this new rom yesterday and I have some problems:
          The lockscreen is delayed when I press the Home button
          The alarm does not work
          The wifi works with low-speed and hardly to connect with the other wifi modem :(
          And the most important is battery consumption too high!

          • I9300XXELLA_I9300OXXELL1_I9300XXELLA_HOME.tar.md5

          • SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 I9300 XXEMF6


        • Refer to my post below

      • Too slow the release, some applications do not react. The battery consumption is very high. In some cases after ending the call hangs up the phone. Return to the previous version more stable, I recommend to wait for another update.

        • @ samsungupdate . com —— A few days ago, the guys at Sammobile, a well known contributor in the world of Samsung and Android, have posted an article stating that Samsung has finally released the official Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3. The update was supposedly being released in Ireland for carrier Vodafone.

          However, if you decided to install the update manually, you would have noticed that it is in German when you first install it (so it’s hard to believe it was released in Ireland). Also everybody who installed it said it is full of bugs. There is massive battery drain, lag all over the place, lockscreen issues etc. Also most users that installed this are saying that downgrading from this version caused their phone to lose network signal (message “not registered to network”).

          Sammobile who presented this firmware as being official from Samsung may just be wrong with this one. Samsung wouldn’t release a firmware that is so full of bugs, unless it is for testing purposes. So this should be named a test-firmware, not an official release. I strongly believe that the official Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3 will be different than this one and will probably also include Samsung KNOX (something that all Android 4.3 Samsung firmwares have except for this one). I’m not saying that Samsung didn’t release this, but it’s certainly not the final version and can hardly be called an official update.

          The question I have to ask is this: Has anyone from Ireland (Vodafone) or from Switzerland installed this update with OTA or with KIES? If you are reading this, share the article, maybe we can find someone who did receive this update by OTA or with KIES. Or maybe someone who knows more inside information can give us an answer on this issue. Thank you.

          • I agree with u

          • Hi,

            I live in Switzerland and updated my Galaxy s3 yesterday. I haven’t used it much so far, but I did notice high battery drain and I had to pull off the battery at least three times because screen (or entire phone) was never able to wake up.

            Strange thing is that I tried to call my cellphone from a landline when it went unresponsive and it didn’t react in any way att all, eventho I the call went through

          • Wanted to add :

            Except for those two very annoying things, once the phone unlocked everything is alot faster than before, even when “power saving” is on. Before the update my phone was laggish when using that option.

            But again, I haven’t used it much since the update.

          • me too the same here,any idea how i can solve the imei isue????

          • **update**

            my s3 shut down randomly
            and it took a very long time to boot again
            after what I went completely unresponsive
            had to pull the battery once again

          • Just like the guy from Switzerland said . My phone was charging only when i hear my phone ringing as if someone was calling me . The sound was really low and laggy and it keeps freeezing the sound , while the dsiplay wouldnt turn on at all , tryed clicking multiple keys , home button power button but nothing the ring keept going , then i tried calling my self with my other phone still didnt wake up the screen and my ringtone keept going… only then i keept the power button on it restarted and when it did there were no missed calls … even tho i did call my self so basicaly it didnt save who called me . Also this wake up is sooo slow… it literally took 8-9 seconds to wake up after presing the power key … and also a bug happened with the UI , where behind my icons i could see a tinny wallpeper everytime not sure if this happened with anyone else? .. anyay hopefully they will do something about this , cause this sucks and it sucks mostly that we cant downgrade and go back to 4.1 … I did and i lose my network since the EFS folder has change now ..

          • update is only 4 vodafone and not 4 open international. me vodofone is doing well Switzerland (Swisscom) – SWC

          • Yes I recieved this OTA on Virgin Mobile in uk on 11/11/2013 since then I too have been suffering locking up to the point of having to remove the battery and also alarm not working and excessive battery drain not happy :-(

      • anyone know when it leaves the rom ” Trinidad and Tobago – TTT ” ???????????????????????????

      • vai fazer 14 dias apos a paralização e ate agora nada…samsung ta foda

      • Anyone know if it will come out some Ver compatible with the Samsung Kies to see (SFR) and (BTU) does not work in Kies.
        someone help me

    • Sammobile has it on their youtube page.

    • unico pravaroblema e a tela de bloqueio..demora para destr

    • This firmware is rolled out for Vodafone Ireland and should not be applied to the International Version of Galaxy S3.

      • i applied by mistake and now when i go to stock 4.1.2 there is no network registered error.. coz it wiped my imei and modem changes.. what to do please help

        • Hey guy, I think you should install the 4.3 rom if you don’t want to bring your phone to samsung care center!

        • Panic not, I wiped my IMEI too but rescued it. After doing the initial installation I had no IMEI, no signal and if I went to mobile settings it said I didn’t have a SIM inserted.
          I suspect this isn’t an official release as it is very buggy, kills battery and I have found different versions! The one I installed first had VFG at the end of the ZIP filename and the AP file was 1.21gb. That seemed to kill the mobile part of the phone (no signal, IMEI etc.).
          So then I found another ZIP that had VDI at the end of the filename and the AP file was 1.43gb. I flashed that and all is now good (except the lazy lock screen and mullered battery!).

  2. plz finishing update s4 first then s3…

    • Már nem kell sokat várni max 2 hét (gondolom)

    • What kind of stupid comment is that? Don´t cry like a small baby and wait your update and leave the world goes ahead.

    • And the Note 2 users want their update first, and the S2 users want 4.2 first, and us Note 3 users want 4.4, and the…

      Everyone wants to get what they want first. The world doesn’t work like that, and Samsung has more than 1 update server.

      The S4 has 4.2.2. The S3 has 4.1.2. Stop being selfish and give the S3 users some new firmware, too.

      Just update your S4 manually, like everyone else on XDA.

    • What a Stupid Selfish? Don’t think like any way.

    • What sort of comment is that one? Galaxy S3 has one year expecting an upgrade and your S4 has a recently OS.

  3. E er note 2?????

    • Be patient. Samsung is going to roll out the 4.3 update for Note 2 soon.

      • Can you tell me with note 2 update there will be more features than the features provided in this update for s3

  4. I hope Samsung doesn’t screw us over like this with the Note 2 update. This S3 update is pretty much useless! Hopefully the Note 2 will get the new UI (Including widgets) and the S4 features

    • Jelly Bean covers Android 4.1 through 4.3, so was ALWAYS going to be a set of smaller feature updates without a lot of BIG updates. With that said, the S3 lacks some of the hardware features of the S4, so there just isn’t a way to add some of the features.

      The Note 2 has the potential to add a bunch of the software enhancements from the Note 3, but in general, 4.3 does add Bluetooth LE support(which is needed for many accessories so battery life is at an acceptable level), the ANT+ support is something you probably have no clue about, so is a “useless” addition. And of course, there are all those dozens of smaller changes that have been showing up in the apps from the S4 and Note 3 that are not going to be mentioned.

      So, not a useless update, and it unifies the Samsung devices with 4.3 once all are updated so most of the features will be found in the same place across the different devices with the update, without, “Oh, that’s a software feature that never quite made it do the S3 or S4, even though your device has the hardware to do it”.

      • Hello,
        I receive the new version of Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) in my Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300), but there was no ANT+ support.
        The ANT Radio Service & ANT+ Plugins was not pre-installed in the ROM
        I try to install manually these 2 softs and ANT+ Demo but it is not working
        Can you confirm me that on your site ANT+ is working ?

  5. What about Korean models?

  6. Im using 4.2.2 for my I9300. is OTA update will work for me?

    • No OTA is not work with Leaked Firmwares..

      • If OTA does not work with leaked 4.2.2 and kies also doesnt support update of leaked firmware, what can we do? how to install official version 4.3? roll back to 4.1.2?

        • One word: ODIN.

          • shouldnt he know that as he did flash a leaked build on his phone? hah

          • So it means that once you flash rom with odin, you can never go back to stock? If I flash now official 4.1.2 it will not help?
            I have installed leaked 4.3 but it has some bugs like camera option on the lockscreen right side swipe is missing, it was in leaked 4.2.2.

          • I tried 4.1.2 but it doesn’t help…

    • It will work if you flash the stockrom and wait till 4.3 is available in your country.

  7. Does it support colored smiles like the note3?

  8. To all the people complaining about the lack of features, i believe these will come in a future 4.4 KitKat update. Since 4.4 is easier on the phones specs (Including less RAM), they will be able to port more features to our beloved i9300.

    They just want to roll out this update to make sure that they have more compatibility with the Gear smartwatch before the holdiays start. It wouldn’t suprise me if the note2 updates start this week as well

    • Well i dont tink samsung will bring the rest of features in the 4.4 kitkat update, since samsung want to force s3 users to buy a s4 or note 3, samsung always cared about money more than their cuastomers, one big example was the s2 which got the 4.1.2 update very late and even lacked alot of features found in the 4.1.2 found in s3 like mului window, ripple effect, note 2 gallery, s note, s memo, page buddy,.. etc. Samsung support for its customers was always a crap even if its a two year support.

      • i guess you are right. i hope not of course.

    • I don’t think Samsung will update S3 any further.

      • in a leaked document of samsung it says that the s3 will get the region lock in android 4.4 Compare the S3 to the s2 which started out from 2.3 then 4.0 then 4.1. It only had one major update. The s3 didnt get one yet only 2 minor updates under the same name. Besides with the optimalisation of 4.4 the s3 will surely be able to run it

        • The move from 4.0.4 to 4.1.1 and then 4.1.2 may only be one major update, but it did move the S3 from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean. Going to 4.3 may also not seem like a major update all things considered, but it IS expected that the S3 will get KitKat at some point. I’d expect 4.4 on the Note 3 and S4, and the S3 and Note 2 are also expected to get it.

          Now, the move from 4.0 to 4.1 did add Google Now, which really is the big feature addition that people have really found interesting, so I wouldn’t discount it as a “minor update”.

  9. Only sound and shot in camera……… No S health, No S translator.

  10. Will this work for all I9300 models ?

    • If your device model is GT-i9300, then it’s a yes.

  11. Finally We hear a Very Big and Happy news from Samsung, but some things are not happy. eg. Knox not available.
    Anyway it’s a Good deal for Samsung Galaxy S3 Users. Waiting for OTA update In Saudi Arabia.
    Thank you Sam Mobile..

    Also one doubt this update will wipe out the phone or not?

    • The OTA will not factory wipe your S3 but it’s highly recommended to avoid any issues.

      • Thank you zukri90.

        The Sam Mobile android app not access to login and commenting.

      • You recomend wipeing before or after the udate process?


    • As someone who repeatetly flashed custom roms, i can say that the lack of Samsung KNOX is not a problem for me :).

      I also have not heard anyone who really uses it. it is a nice feature, but i doubt it will be used a lot.

    • sorry my bad english coming soon

  12. Hope this update fixes the external SD “unexpectedly removed” problem, battery drain & internal memory cache problem.

    Will wait for the update to roll-out on my GS3.

  13. In this update allows the Multiple Users Account in Galaxy S3 ?

    • No. Thats only for tablets. Google programmed it that way

  14. This is weird, I can’t check for update any more on my phone (CSC: VNZ). It just does not do anything at all. I guess the update is being prepared for my Vodafone NZ GT-i9300. Hopefully.

    • your vodafone nz it will be a while before you see the update

  15. No new camera UI like S4 :(

    • No, I guess only sound & shot feature.

  16. Can I use this firmware update on any country just for test out 4.3

    • if your device is an i9300 than yes.

  17. opengl ES 3.0 included or not??

  18. can I update my phone by ODIN ????

  19. Waiting for Vietnam

  20. Is Czech language here in this Ireland version? And Vodafone logo? Thanks.

  21. Are these official firmwares knox protecteD?

    • you could have read that. but no

  22. anyone, knows how to root this version?

    • check XDA for CF-autoroot by chainfire. works everytime


  24. i have gt i9300T model and i used many ROMs that’s only for i9300
    and that works fine in my phone . can i update this ROM in may phone

  25. Does anybody know the release date for United Kingdom – BTU?

    • 6/11-2013 10:00

      • how do you know that

      • I’m still waiting for this firmware update and it’s past it’s release date you specified!.. So, don’t say unless you’re absolutely sure!!!

    • 4.3 BTU has just gone live in the UK. Some people are getting it through KIES but I got it OTA.

  26. Only sound and shot in camera……… No S health, No S translator, unchanged weather widget.

  27. WHOAAA!!!!! There is no watchon application ! My God this means that S3 will not be supporting an IR Blaster. Can anyone tell that is there any method to bring this feature in it?

    • Are you serious??????????
      The i9300 does not have a IR blaster inside the phone. The hardware is not there.
      you can’t make an IR blaster via software alone.

  28. Do this update support Smart pause, smart scroll etc or not, plz anyone tell me soon….

    • Nope. Nothing in the settings. I tried and is the same. I’m looking how to go back…

  29. I think that this is not the official 4.3 rom for galaxy s3
    but it is the leaked version that it was rolling 2days ago!!
    and it is in deutch !!!

    • What are you talking about? Did you even tried it? -.-

      • he is right. This is the same build as the leaked one from yesterday. same build number.

        but that doesn’t mean that this is not the official one, it means that the leaked one was a official build and not a test build

        • I am very disappointed, there are no features ported from S4 as promised before. Only new S voice and sound & shot from camera……

    • I have flashed it. And yes it deutch after flashed it it was german language, needed to change. I doubt its from ireland. Also after install bitdefender antivisur it found Android.Trojan.NioServ.A virus. I have factory reset my phone before flashing….

    • This Roms its the SAME, it has a lot of BUGS:

      NO Light Unlock Efect even when you can see the option in the setting
      when I press the unlock botton nothing happen or it unlock too late…
      play a song on playmusic when lock the phone dont work well…
      often loose the servise…

  30. Light effect has been taken away since 4.2.2 “sigh” anyone from xda know of a way to root and add this? drop a link.

  31. That means propably this week 4.3 ll be available for Note 2

  32. Samsung, really? No new weather widget and the new lockscreen is lacking as well? I know there are more important things, but please, is it hard to put new apps in the phone?

  33. hahahaha……..this is super funny…..even grand duos 4.2 firmware better than this… trying to fool all the s3 user….

  34. What about gt-i9305..? When it will be released. ?
    And is going to have more features than the i9300 update?

    • I’m sure it will since the i9305 has an additional gb of ram.

      • As everyonen here is disappointed it must bring more features.
        Thanks for the reply

  35. how to install this vodafone version on international SGS3 GT-I9300?

  36. Nothing About Air Geuster?

  37. Very disappointed.I was expecting more from Samsung. Are you guys sure that’s official update?

  38. u guys should wait for unbranded firmware…it will be totally different than this vodafone…

  39. Camera has now a 2step HDD mode

  40. I mean HDR (auto correct)

  41. Have in the Turkish language pack of this rom?

  42. F….. samsung , f….. her phones, f…. her firmwares

  43. Does anyone know how to change keyboard type from qwerty to 3×4 keyboard ?

  44. galaxy sII plus has better firmware than s3 this is ridiculous

  45. Fail samsung.. Fail…….

  46. Omg how long is it gonna take to roll it out in the rest of the world, come on samsung :(. Or is the Irish firmware just a test :P.

  47. Did the kernel updated to 3.4??

  48. Idiot question: I’m from Brazil, if i update via kies with the ireland (vodafone) jellybean i’ll have any problem?

    • NO!! you can’t update via Kies! ODIN only

  49. Hello, I update a S3 by the instructions in the post, everything goes perfect, the only problem is that the device are not reading sim card. The device is no rooted, is unlock by carrier. I’m sure theres something I made wrong. Some idea?

    • Check your IMEI. If it differs from the original one, you have a big problem, if you hadn’t backup EFS partition.

  50. Any idea when the S4 is getting the 4.3 update, although I think they should’ve just skipped 4.3 and brought out 4.4 for the S4..?!

    • 4.3 update already rolled out for S4 many days before! Are u still in dreams? :P

  51. I had Samsung phones : Wave I, Wave II , Wave III , the Galaxy SIII mini , and now I have the Galaxy SIII . After so many years, I know one thing .
    Samsung cares only for those who want to buy a phone . Once you buy it you have it deep in the ass and get you to upgrade rolled away . They promised what would satisfy us and we’ll get it for what they deserve after buying – nothing.

  52. Does it support arabic language العربية
    Thanks in advance

    • could i install Jb. 4.3 on my device ???
      i am from romania

      • Da, poti.

        • Pot sa bag din orice tara?

          • Daca pui cu ODIN, bineinteles ca da. Si daca ai probleme pui altul mai apoi..

    • yes …. all every Jb. mobile support arabic language.

    • yes …. every Jb. mobile support arabic language.

    • yes it support it but i dont advice you to install it coz its a very slow software ,high ram consumption and when u try to unlock the device took about 5 to 10 second to light up,and when u try to downgrade to the old one u will loose your original imei,so ull stuck ,

  53. I can’t understand why Samsung didnt change this stupid accu weather widget with the one of s4 and note 3 and also why they didnt put new widgets from s4/note 3 but still keep the old. Its like they didnt work so well in what users ask.And i dont think that it wasnt possible to they do this…The only happy thing is no knox.So anyone can put a custom rom with more features and widgets of s4

    • Because they don’t want become s3 like s4 for selling more s4. Liers !

      • This is stupid cause S4 has other basic things that someone can choose it than s3. With this way they saw that they dont care so much for customers and all that selling number that they had from S3

  54. Samsung is making a fool of us and yes it looks like grand duos is much better than s3, lol, shit porting problems hahahaha.

  55. puedo actualizar por Odin???

  56. are there any differences between this official I9300XXUGMJ9 and the leaked version of I9300XXUGMJ9?

  57. deep sleep 5-6 sec. unusable

  58. No open gl 3.0 ….wtf?!?!

    • S3 chip does not support this. So they can’t give it to you via an update.

  59. Guys i have some questions.
    First one is this irish rome is fully completed rom or other roms will have more features.
    My other question =>> Is this rom supporting TURKISH language.

    • yes its the official rom and supporting urkish languge and arabic

    • the rom its incomplete and have a lot of bugs, just still wait

  60. realy i love samsung tanx samsung

  61. realy i love samsung thanx samsung

  62. realy i love samsung thanx samsung

  63. We need to get our facts straight. First this update is only for the i9300 variant which only has 1 gb of ram which means they can’t port over every single feature from the s4. Samsung never promised these features would come. I’m sure the 2 gb variants will get the updated touchwiz *I’m hoping* and knox. Second both the adreno 225 and mali 400 gpus found on all versions of the s3 do not support open gl es 3.0. Lastly, the air gestures, smart stay, smart scroll and smart pause all rely on additional hardware that the s3 doesn’t have. I’m sorry to say this but samsung can only port over what the hardware can handle.

    • I will be disappointed if the 2gb variants get the same treatment.

    • +1. Couldn’t have said it better.

      • Kudos. We need to be thankful that were at least getting an update. Theres still hope that the 2gb versions will get additional features. The at&t version (sgh-i747) that was leaked will be getting the new digital clock widgets. To be honest I prefer the s3′s weather widget over the s4′s.

    • Smart Stay already exists on S3, so why not include smart scroll and smart pause?!?
      As I can imagine they use the same techniques…

      This is really fishy Samsung.. NO I won’t buy a newer Galaxy phone to get the new features. This phone was last year’s flagship and should get all (depending on hardware of course) new features for at least 2 years! (look at iphones..)


    • First of all, no need fir tge CAPS! We can understand you perfectly fibe without them.
      Second, you are talking about 4.4 kitkat. That works with 512mb ram.
      Third, did you do a factory reset after update? It is recommended after every update. Be sure to make a backup first

      • 1stly the caps was to express my anger.2ndly i have factory reset & it still didnt’t help,the update is just nonsense

  65. I flashed it. My WIFI connects but I have got no internet. Someone help please!

  66. All I can say is FINALLY! tho this seems to be to good to be true to me….

  67. contact and phone lag in NOT repaired!!!!!!
    What were you doing?!?!?! :(

  68. It´s possible select the spanish language in the Ireland version?

    • Yes you can, but i don’t recomend you to update.

      Si que podes, yo soy de Argentina y lo actualice hoy. No lo recomiendo.

      4.1.2 is better.
      4.1.2 es mucho mejor.

      • no lo bajes no sirve esta rom anda muuuuuy mal y esta incompleta, es una verguenza que vodaphone lance esto de manera oficial en irlanda

  69. This is exactly the same as that ROM was published on November 3 SamMobile no improvement even baseband and even kernel. Always much memory used! So if it’s a Samsung official ROM crazy on us.

    • How was sammobile supposed to know that the leaked test build was gonna be the final version.

      • This is a question that should be asked their, because if they do not make the difference between leakage and the final version, there is a problem!

        • These insiders who provide these leaks are at risk of losing their jobs. They can’t provide ANY additional information other than what they’re working on so far.

  70. Installed 4.3 on my S3:
    - very slow photo gallery
    - crashed one time
    - wake up slow (5s)
    - RSAP not working
    - battery drain (10h until 5%)
    went back to 4.1.2…

    • This is firmware is for Ireland

      • this firmware is not complete and have bugs

  71. My S3 died after the update. It got stuck switching between the Samsung logo and the carrier splash screen. Factory reset didn’t help. Solution, reflash it or send it to support center :’(

    • You can reflah it with 3 file firmware, but read hard about EFS backup and downgrading the boot loader, since the firmware will be older than current, I suppose.
      BTW, have you tried recovery procedure in kies?


  72. And OpenGL ES 3.0 ?

    • OpenGL ES 3.0 is not supported by the GT-I9300

  73. Guys this firmware is only for Ireland

  74. Samsung,please add more features and have a ram management better and fix more bugs,better and new widget and better touchwiz for my Galaxy s3 LTE(2GB) THANKS!

  75. Where is new keyboard ? can take print screen for keyboard ? keyboard different s4

  76. this looks like another leaked firmware …
    firts update to a mobile carrier!

    this looks unfinished and unpolished
    this looks like a cm 10.1 nighthly (wrong cm10.1 nightly are far better than this crap) buid just like “we dont care about S3 lets just sync sorce and make a build … they will be happy”

    my phone was 530 euros! thats a month of work in my country!! and thats how samsung treats me? wtf? no air gestures? no kernel 3.4? not even a fu**** new launcher and weather widgtet?

    they simply dont care about us … they care about money! they could fill an entire building with high skill developers and make something good for all theyre products but HELL NO! lets no give anything to S3 because S4 was a fail and they will buy the S3 …

    And now this is how its going to turn out … i dont care you take ages to update … and my phone gets obsolete in that period of time :)
    but at leat we should be rewarded and taken into care and get something really cool :)
    therefor this was my last samsung phone some of us care more about loyalty and values for their customers than 8 core phones with 4 of gb ram full of gimmicks and bloat crap!

    Sammy you were great now, you are into for what happen with nokia, they just didint care because they were “the ones” :)and now …

    take care all of you!

    • Well said

    • WELL SAID SnowPluralism

    • agree with u m8, well spoken!!!!!
      Nxt phone wont be a samsung thats for sure, have had samsung phones for years but this is for sure the last one.
      Oh you dummy Samsung!!!

  77. Oh no! I want to have lighting effects!!

  78. Worst update ever !! Camera is the same, many bugs, wifi disconnects automatically, flashed it for 3 times but in vain. Going back to cm10.2!

  79. and the s3 mini when will the update

  80. This firm is a shet
    No camera firmware
    Wi fi disconect
    Battery drain
    Lag dialer and galery
    Fa..k you samsung

  81. Good job Samsung. It takes you a year to disappoint us….

  82. DO NOT update your Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) to this firmware:

    It lags
    It malfunctions when receiving calls
    The battery drains too much
    It takes about 5 seconds before you can swipe to unlock screen
    There’s nothing significantly better about the update

    Stick with Android 4.1.2
    It’s way smoother and better
    Android 4.3 is probably the worst update ever.

    • I installed rom yesterday and i haven’t got any problem :#

      • You’re using the test build Gh0st…
        The official build may be different.

        • Very suck Room, i dont recommend, too bad, slowly…

  83. DO NOT update your Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) to this firmware:

    It lags
    It malfunctions when receiving calls
    The battery drains too much
    It takes about 5 seconds before you can swipe to unlock screen
    There’s nothing significantly better about the update

    Stick with Android 4.1.2
    It’s way smoother and better
    Android 4.3 is probably the worst update ever.

  84. Anyone knows when will the update released for Malaysia (XME)?

    • same to me..wait for update(XME)

  85. This is not an Ireland Version! It’s the same with that leaked Germany Version! When installed, it emulates the existing into JB 4.3 on top of the existing system :-(

    Get us a real official release please!!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. What we need to ask is if anyone has downloaded and installed the OFFICIAL firmware via OTA instead of rooting or flashing. If so, we need to ask them what features are new, what has changed and what has stayed the same. From there we can properly judge this update and complain. Keep in mind the i9300 variant only has 1 gb of ram so samsung can ONLY port over what the hardware CAN handle.

  86. Everyone here is jumping to conclusions way too early before looking at the facts. We need to be thankful were getting an update. Some features aren’t present but they were not promised by samsung. This is the third update the s3 is getting which is better than most oem’s and according to a leaked document earlier this year from samsung we’ll be getting kitkat.

    • this “update” for the S3 (I9300) is more like a downgrade than anything else.

  87. No, it isn’t. You are still getting most of the s4′s core features plus gear support. The i9300 has only 1 gb of ram so they can ONLY port over what the hardware CAN handle. I have a 2 gb version here in the US and the rollout starts in a couple days. We MAY or MAY NOT be getting additional features. Unfortunalelly we’ll getting knox. Be glad you’re not getting knox because you can still root and flash custom firmwares. To quote an old Rolling Stones song, “You can’t always get what you want.”

    • The only new thing about this update is the icons that look slightly different and the message thread looking slightly better. If S4 functions include, malfunctions during calls, extreme lag during unlocking of the screen, increased battery drain for no reason and a bunch of other bugs, then I am glad I have an S3. I had Android 4.3 on it for less than a day and now I’m back to 4.1.2

      • I’m done arguing with you people. Theres bigger things in life than a silly phone update. I will keep you all posted on all the new features when an official firmware comes out.

  88. This ROM same as leak 4.3 ROM,no gear support apps, no sound & shot camera option, SAM mobile chit for us.pls upload original Ireland official ROM.

  89. Any one wants to try rooting pm me here , or xda or on fb :v

  90. Lumia, i’m coming to you

  91. If this is 4.3 what was planned for 4.2 that was skipped?

  92. This can’t be an official 4.3 update, this is the exact same Vodafone Germany leak that SamMobile released 2 days ago, and this is obviously unfinished and unpolished.

    For instance:

    1. The lockscreen has many bugs and does not look and/or feel finished, here are some things I’ve noticed that bring me to this conclusion:

    a. 4.3 does not have shortcut icons and does not give any way to activate them, yet 4.1.2 and 4.2.2 leak did.
    b. Light effect is not working, it’s the same as if I selected “None”, yet the 4.2.2 leak had the Light effect working.
    c. The Ripple effect is also the exact same one from 4.1.2, the 4.2.2 had an updated Ripple effect.

    2. The amount of battery consumption is brutal compared to even the 4.2.2 leak which provided me over 24 hours of use, this one gets me 10 hours tops.

    3. Memory management is also too high which tells me this is not finished software.

    4. Calls drop for no reason even with full signal.

    5. The phone becomes irresponsive at times, in fact, it got so bad for me today (about 40 secs without waking up) that I had to pull the battery.

    6. The phone takes way too long to wake up from deep sleep and prompt to unlock… This must be linked to the 5th point.

    7. The Touchwiz launcher, camera UI, S Planner (4.2.2 leak had a new S Planner), S Memo, Weather widget, 4×2 dual clock widget (4.2.2 leak had the new look with new fonts) are the same from 4.1.2. Let’s face it, these are just apps, all but the camera app had mere facelifts, it’s not like they will increase the RAM usage to levels that only phones with 2GB of RAM will handle… I’m pretty sure this is a test build that was missing memory management optimizations and could not add these apps before getting that solved.

    8. KNOX is not present in this ROM, and though I don’t want it or miss it, this makes me believe that this is still unfinished.

    This is what I’ve spotted, and with what I’ve learned from flashing ROMs and rooting, this is definitely not finished software, and I doubt that a corporation such as Samsung will half-ass such an important update for the 2nd best selling device, especially when this is supposed to add GALAXY Gear compatibility.

    My 2 cents.

    • Oh, now that I remember, my partner’s Note II has the 4.3 leak and it has KNOX, and many of these missing features, besides, if Samsung was able to accomplish this with 4.2.2, I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to accomplish it now.

      • Also, the startup screen shows up in German… I don’t think Irish speak German now, do they?

        And the 4.3 leak for the AT&T version of the GALAXY S III (SGH-I747) has KNOX and some of the other mentioned features as well… It’s still very strange that such a buggy build just became the official firmware…

    • I noticed the same things. So I’m back with 4.1.2
      Someone at Sammobile slipped up quite a bit with the “official” update.

    • This is exactly what i feel and totally agree with you its not complete its not official at all there are so many bugs in it.. huhh :(

  93. I Try this new 4.3 on my Galaxy S3 and work fine except:
    - sometimes I wait a long wait to turn on the display and that’s annoying.
    - can not play smoothly mp3 songs probably some problem with the codecs.
    - I cant see improvements in camera section it look like old 4.1.2 nothing more.
    I hope that soon there will be good working firmware

  94. I gave it three tries.. I just wanted to like it, but no. It’s slow. Laggy, and I did factory reset, dalwik. Everything. It’s lags everywhere. And when streaming from Soundcloud I get constant break ups in the stream. Nevere happpens with LiquidSmooth. Sorry, but this is likely my first and last Samsung phone.

  95. If Samsung rolls out a google edition rom the I want to see what may of the ppl around here will say. All want features gp whit a new rom or a custom rom. The new features of 4.3 are all there so watt do you all need more. If they add more features your phone will lag like hell.

  96. The music player lags

  97. Did any of you looked at a S4 or note 3 ram usage , s3 does not even have that much hardware ram. So don’t ask for more.

    • Yeah, so? Have YOU noticed that this update is long overdue? That both S III and Note II users have been on the same version of Android for almost a year? Samsung’s engineers and programmers, who I bet you anything are qualified pros, have had months since the release of the 4.3 source code to fully optimize this and tailor it to the i9300′s hardware, hell! They even had 4.2.2 pretty much finished for the i9300 before they decided to skip it for 4.3.

      Releasing a buggy firmware as an official firmware is nothing short of a fail.

      • It is just the first firmware out and is from Irland so the next ones may be working just fine, as for the 4.2.2 that was only beta and they stop’t it to go fro 4.3 if you got a 4.2.2 on august then you may have got 4.3 on ianuary , is that what you want?

        • So am I supposed to settle for an unfinished firmware update? Let me put it simple, it’s too buggy, unfinished (have you seen the lockscreen?) and unpolished to even be official release.

          Not only that, why would Swisscom, a carrier that has nothing to do with Vodafone, Ireland or Germany, get the very same firmware that Vodafone Germany leaked a few days ago?

          Why would Vodafone Ireland get an official firmware that has official Vodafone apps in German?

          Why would these 3 very different countries and 2 different carriers get the same CSC code (VFG) from Vodafone Germany?

          Why wouldn’t Vodafone or Samsung Ireland or Swisscom or Samsung Switzerland announce the rollout of the update?

          I’m not talking about receiving 4.2.2 finished up instead of anything similar, I’m saying that Samsung has had more than enough time to get this update done right and on time. So this whole mess is either Samsung’s doing or SamMobile messed up big time. That’s it.

          • its not official firmware, and its not from Ireland its the test 1 from Germany, i cant see samsung releasing software that dont work, like y would they??

  98. neither Samsung Ireland, nor Vodafone Ireland has announced the update on Facebook or Twitter. Could it be that they didn’t know about it, and something went wrong? Maybe they released the wrong firmware.

    • Well, isn’t that interesting and dandy? It is rather strange that a carrier like Vodafone would release be the first to release an update for such a popular device and not even announce it or inform their customers through normal means of information. I bet this is not official or, if it is, this must be the wrong firmware.

      • yes. And the final nail in the coffin of this error:

        the firmware for switzerland is up. different carrier (though perhaps also owned by vodafone) but with the same CSC code. CSC codes are supposed to vary between country and carriers. How can the CSC be the same for Ireland and Switzerland???

        something went very wrong Sammobile, and a lot of other news sites list you as source. Are you going to rectify this?

        • Swisscom has nothing to do with Vodafone, yet they release the same build? Can anyone confirm that the Swisscom build has Vodafone apps, and if they do, are they in German?

          Another funny thing I noticed, Ireland’s build has the same Vodafone apps IN GERMAN (MeinVodafone being the prime example). Something serious has gone down in SamMobile with this GALAXY S III Android 4.3 roll-out coverage.

  99. When will admin, or someone from samsung answer on all these questions about new update.. about wishes, sugestions, problems.. when and where?

    • i wonder too…my request have rusted pretty bad on this site…and as for samsung mobile Ghana facebook i don’t think it is run by samsung as bcos all my questions to them on facebook is sitting at their corner collecting dust.

  100. Try out the Swiss update..

    • It’s the exact same build. even the CSC code is the same, which it shouldn’t be. something is going very wrong here.

      i doubt the swiss update will work better

  101. So many people have called for an update of the GT-I9300 being mécontant Samsung Firmware us a lot of shit for appeased the spirits. What they forget is that some of their customers who contribute to the best selling SIII are tech savvy and they look forward to the same update their devices as those recently released! So if continued to take us for idiots Samsung and seek only to make a profit, many customers will turn to another brand (like me) because what we all want is equality between new and old customers because we do not Avont all means changing smartphone every year! … I hope that my words are not too hard because it reflects many of the thoughts of many of us who love their SIII … A small French among many other hoping that the prince will come “Uh ROM come.”

  102. Hello! I updated to android 4.3 and the voice command does not work for calls received, why? The voice command to camera functions normally. Thanks!

    • What is the update size ?

      • Hi, is ~931 mb (name: I9300XXUGMJ9_I9300VFGGMJ5_VDI) . I did the update manually. What do i do?

  103. Anyone tried this on the GT-I9300 in Australia?

  104. I hope the update of the S2 is comming soon lateron next year maybee, butt i hope it is comming, dispite the rumours…

    • The s2 is already dumped …, samsung confirmed there is no more updates for the s2…

  105. samsung shet with this android update and there is no water for cleaning

  106. What is the update size of jb 4.3?
    Will gs3 receive 4.4 kitkat ?

  107. Does anybody know the release date for india ?

  108. Will samsung add light efect on lockscreen ?

  109. Stupid question but tell me is there new light effect ?? And yes is it working and one more thing is it really official??

  110. Anyone else who can´t see the little box where the info about where 4.3 for S3 has been release is ??

    Getting alot of 503 errors on the site since yesterday

    • got that too. i just kept hitting refresh till it worked.
      You are not missing much at the moment. Only switzerland (swisscom) and ireland (vodafone) are available at the moment.

    • Even I see. Seems to be some probelm with samsung..I think update is not official there is some mistake. But at the same time Samsung has released kernel suource code also.

    • Even I see. Seems to be some probelm with samsung..I think update is not official there is some mistake. But at the same time Samsung has released kernel suource code also.

  111. Hello,

    This firmware has programs vodafone? The firmware of Switzerland is also the operator?

    These firmwares have language PT-BR?

    Thank you.

    • Ele vem com alguns aplicativos da Vodafone sim, e também vem com o idioma PT-BR.

  112. Something happens when I install it on my smartphone in Poland ?

    • Ok well flashed the new firmware go a lot of bugs downgraded to 4.1.2 and now phone says no service/network anyone know how to fix it?

      • You need to get the correct firmware for your device and carrier.

        • Thank you very much for your help :)

        • I downloaded the correct firmware….. I think it has something to do with the modem… but still wifi is working…. just no calls or texts

          • Good morning, I had the same issue when downgrading from 4.3 (RAM consumer, lot of bugs) to 4.1.2. I performed a factory reset + cache partition wipe, reboot and remove the battery, then flashed Android 4.1.2 (French ROM, XEF), and it worked for me.

      • How do I downgrade back to 4.1.2?

  113. Is there any information about the date when i9305 users will get the 4.3? This is really pissing me off…this phone should be privileged over i9300 :P

  114. They have the root of the version 4.3?

  115. Hello all. I do some research about SGS3, and i don’t like people write here wrong post about phones and stuff, and even update. This is what i find on net and manuals of SGS3 what inside this phone:
    1. SGS3 can handle air gestures/smart scroll etc becouse got sensor in front camera but Samsung don’t do that.
    2. This update is only Vodafone version all must to wait for official internasional, and remember Samsung say we got the Premium Suite with this.
    3. And last gpu can support new OpenGl becouse is almost the same as in SGS4 exynos version.

    Wait for update and u will see many new changes and improvements.

    • How do know which one is for universal unlocked version..all the firmware r for specific network even them older once.

  116. Sorry i write wrong but new Opengl can be supported on SGS3

  117. Hy there
    I’m from Switzerland and I still don’t received the update. I also have a Swisscom abo…

    • try use samsung kies

      • Kies don’t show me my actual firmware and the new one also not… :(

        • Well that’s quite interesting… Something wrong is happening here.

        • you have root . or your rom dosn,t have same csc for your country

    • also using Swisscom and no update available yet (no root). There’s no sense to have it before UK or Germany…

      Who said it’s available for SWC? Source?

  118. thank you Samsung but please faster for other countries .

  119. Update to latest kies version from here ht

  120. anyone tried this swisscom-firmware?
    is this the same as the ireland-vodafone thing?
    i think, something is going wrong with these updates. the phone is laggy on wakeup from screen-off and battery drains like hell.
    i flashed it through odin and did wipe cache and factory reset after flash and root.

  121. Sammobile u have to sign this for samsung galaxy ace plus since u guys don’t reply anymore to comments……. [] .and members help us out !….i know this is awkard samsung is headed into making Q4 profits and release “We really don’t care officially rom ” to sIII users,this is fustrating for loyal sIII users,so u can imaging a samsung smartphone still running a two year old ‘gingerbread 2.3.6′ behaviour….again “we don’t care to update old eligible smartphones” (Samsung galaxy ace plus,samsung galaxy mini 2 and samsung galaxy s duos).

  122. Tell my, where they are applications such as SMART SCROLL, SMART PAUSE and camera with Galaxy SIV???

  123. To those downgrading to 4.1.2 and getting no signal, flash a 4.1.2 that is at least XEMG4, Samsung changed the EFS partition folder since that update and anything previous than that will not allow your phone to get signal.

    You can use any firmware from anywhere as long as it is for the i9300.

  124. hi all ! i have an samsung galaxy s3 shv-210s korean version . it will come to this phone too android 4.3 ? Thanck you !

    • I have the same phone. Of course we will have the update but who knows when?

      • When will Samsung sales of its S4 plummeting ….!

      • thats a good question .. i hope soon ! :) because is better than i9300 .

  125. My S3 GT-i9300 is locked on Orange Romania carrier, can I install this firmware ?
    Or I have to unlock first ?

    • You don’t have to unlock, you can install it but I suggest you not to since it’s an unfinished leak build that SamMobile claims to be released officially.

  126. Typically installed this ROM but when I leave the device is locked and I try to unlock the screen it takes a little time and is catching are bugs? How can I solve this?

  127. I have been using the leaked official 4.2.2 for SG3 I9300 and am very happy with it…

    I tried to update to 4.3 using this VDI release and bricked my phone, so had to revert back to 4.2.2 -

    apparently, the mistake I made was not do a full wipe of the phone first before flashing with Odin 3.04 -

    now maybe I will wait until the International version get released since the Irish VDI release seems to have many bugs, and not many features to my liking…

    • Hey I also have the leaked firmware of jelly bean 4.2.2 installed on my galaxy s3. I downloaded it here on sammobile. But im wondering if i could still be able to update my galaxy s3 to official jelly bean 4.3 when it is available here in Philippines

  128. no multi window, it looks activated but it doesn’t work. Anyone experienced this?

    • I have the same issue. You can activate it, but no blue corner is shown. Pressing back key for quite some time does not show it either. Thought I was the only one.

  129. This is a case of #FirmShing …

    It’s very suspicious that SamMobile is trying to give an unnoficial firmware as an official one.

    I even read some posts above that someone found malware inside the firmware.

    It smells…

    • I have to agree with you. I don’t think Samsung would release an obviously buggy and incomplete firmware as an official and I also don’t think wireless carriers would follow suit. Have any Irish Vodafone or Swisscom users received an update via OTA or Kies yet? Nobody’s metioned that. I’ve checked the vodafone ireland and Swisscom websites and both of them did not even mention of a firmware update being available, and to me that means there isn’t an official firmware out yet. I live here in the US and Sprint is supposedly gonna be getting the update starting tomorrow 11/6. We hopefully don’t have to wait much longer to see what an OFFICIAL firmware will bring.

      • I also checked the official Samsung Ireland and Switzerland websites and also both of them don’t mention an update available. In the US, Samsung always announces when an update is available through the support section of their website. The wireless carriers do the same thing.

    • Hello everyone. No wonder you “tricked” us with “official” software when it comes to finding things to channel money through as many clicks as possible! Or? What do you think it is about? For damn!

  130. Full of bugs. The worst update I ever seen.
    Light effect not work, old widget, no shortcut at lock screen & notification at lock screen (sms mc) appear but not work, also stuck when screen is off, old Touchwiz, I format my device after update and still with the same rubbish.
    4.3 update for S3 is a big Samsung failure.

    • Same here with te irl rom. full of error restarts even when you make a phone call

  131. do someone know when it comes 4.3 for phn (netherlands)no operator phone?

  132. I’ve installed the first Ireland 4.3 GT-I9300 firmware. It’s mostly going pretty well, but I’ve noticed that audio playback stutters when the screen is off. It looks like the device is trying to enter some low power audio mode, but is doing so in a bad way. Has anyone else experienced this issue with the new 4.3 builds?

    • Had the same issue, downgraded to 4.1.2 official ROM

  133. There is nothing about the UI between 4.2.2 and 4.3

  134. Hello in Witch day Korean galaxy s3 4.3 update release
    SHV-E210 S

    Can We Update from ota

  135. rom as not made properly lockscreen is very slow and and when i restart my phone on the lockscreen date and time are not showing ,music player also lag and phone is heating if we browsing net..

  136. What About I9305 SIII LTE ?
    When I can get 4.3

  137. Just want to ask if it is possible to update my S3 International version to Official Jelly Bean 4.3 if I currently have the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Leaked firmware installed on my device. The leaked firmware is the that I get from Sammobiles..

  138. hi , help…
    I flashed android 4.3 official firmware for germany, when i went back to android 4.1 and 4.2, it gives error that “not registered to network” so i reflashed with android 4.3 and it is working. how i can get rid of this problem,,,HELP

    • Good morning, I had the same issue when downgrading from 4.3 (RAM consumer, lot of bugs) to 4.1.2. I performed a factory reset + cache partition wipe, reboot and remove the battery, then flashed Android 4.1.2 (French ROM, XEF), and it worked for me.

      • already did factory reset and wipe cache and then flashed the official 4.1 and again repeated for 4.2 leaked firmware but no success to get rid of the same error” not registered to network,and unable to connect tonet work,,,

        • My friend faced the same issue when he flashed leaked 4.2.2 rom and then reverted back to 4.1.2. The phone displayed “not registered on network”. I did a little googling and found out that the new roms changed the format of the efs folder and once you downgrade to a previous version the phone can’t detect the imei number etc. check your imei number and match it with the one on your box. if it’s different then you have the same issue. I flashed the modem of the 4.2.2 rom on his 4.1.2 rom which solved the issue .. you can try the same..

          goto and download 4.1.2 I9300XXEMG4 and download odin 3.07 and flash will get network.

  139. Swisscom, received the update OTA. Lockscreen seems to lag a bit if the phone was not active for a while. Chrome responds much faster (Bookmarks, page-load). Phone seems overall a bit more responsive.

  140. Hello everyone, don’t flash the update it’s not official, I think it’s a leaked one.. many features are missing and it says ireland while it’s Vodafone Germany.. very suspecious. Don’t get fooled, it’s fool of bugs and u’ll be getting issues when downgrading to your official ROMS (No signal, Modem issues..).

  141. lock screen is very slow to respond,light effect does not work :( :(

  142. hello everybody
    i do not think this is the final version , it has so many problems and it is probably not finished yet ..
    anyway even if what i have said is true , samsung probably won’t add the features we want on the final version ..
    so why don’t make some noise on twitter by making a #hashtag to deliver our demands to samsung .. ?
    like #gs3_4.3sucks or any hashtag you want but we want it to go trending
    and you better mention samsung account on twitter in the end of your tweets :)

  143. What is really strange, is that this post is full of complain comments and still no answer from sammobile. Guys, a lot of sites re-posted your announcement about the alleged official 4.3 s3 update and many phone owners took it as the real deal. Show some respect please!

    • you are right .. many people took the update thing for real .. and screwed their phones .. the update is not good at all .. most of problems mentioned in the comments i also had it after the update

      • By the way and putting all the “smart-goodies” and new camera aside, this update works good on my phone, except the huge battery drain! I went to sleep 2 nights in a row, with the phone at 100% and woke up in the morning with the battery at 70%. (3g off, wifi off, gps off, just stand-by). This is unexplainable! (Performed a full wipe data before and after the installation)

  144. Wtf sammobile doing..explain whats happend here please..

  145. what a carry on! generally liked 4.3 especially the move to sd feature but couldn’t live with wake up lag. reverted to stock 4.1.2 only to find csc changed to korean. then had to root to change csc back to BTU and then triangle away to remove flash counter, be very wary!!!

  146. You do not see that Samsung declined to update the S3 to be able to sell its new mobile making us dangled a hypothetical upgrade! This is foutage of mouth power 10

  147. After what Samsung has put us through, making and breaking multiple promises only to deliver broken malfunctioning updates, I don’t think I ‘ll ever be buying or suggesting anyone else to buy one of their products again.

  148. Iiiiiiiiit Sucks big time !!!

  149. fuck you samsung why u release this stupid update full of bugs ,,, software sucks full time… all people waiting for so long just to get this crap

  150. JB 4.3 = shit fuck off samsung :-)

  151. Hi guys, Samsung has to understand how bad they are treating us (samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9300 owners).

    Postponing the android 4.2.2 update and then skip it;
    Promises the android 4.3 update and then is the sh** we see (full of bugs);
    And in my opinion the worst of all is that neither samsung or sammobile they say nothing about our concerns!

    If you guys share the same opinion and indignation than me, lets do something, lets start by the twitter, saying something and finishing with #galaxys3update43sucks @SamsungMobile @SamMobiles

    We are more than 50 MILLION users :o

    • You are totally right, Samsung testing their firmvares through their customers although they should release firmavare already tested and fully stable like the others Brands do!

  152. Why you Samsung release an update with so many fails??
    First fix all the problems and then release it to others countries.
    And put more features from s4 and note 3.
    Please make it fast :)

  153. I didn’t see any diff with recent leaked version from germany.

    This ROM Zip file ends with but inside it is VDM version I9300XXUGMJ9_I9300VFGGMJ5_I9300BUUGMJ3_HOME.tar.md5

    Is VDI for Vodafone Ireland, VDM is Vodafone Germany.

    • I meant VFG (not VDM)

      • This further confirms that something fucked up happened with this rollout coverage and this has less to do with Samsung and more to do with SamMobile… Unless Samsung were the one to fuck it up.


    SamMobile is in no way affiliated with Samsung, this is an unofficial blog where peopne in the know give us news, info and store official firmwares and leaks for almost all Samsung devices for us to download for free. That’s it.

    WHAT WE CAN DEMAND IS: for SamMobile to explain why they have been publishing an unofficial leak from Vodafone Germany as the official build for Vodafone Ireland and Switzerland’s Swisscom.

    It’s all about asking the right questions to the right person.

    Also, SamMobile tweeted that they have been under DDos attacks in the last few days, I wouldn’t be surprised if this has anything to do with these mistakes.

  155. VERY VERY VERY SLOW ROM. I installed this ROM for test but 24 hours after I make downgrade.

  156. I don’t know why the new update does not have a function of galaxy s4.
    This is a not funy joke:(

    • Yes Even I agree with you.
      As S3 can support Air Gestures so those functions should have been ported in to S3

  157. This version boost up the performance and after flashing i face “unfortunately, samsung keyboard stopped”…

    Once word.. this version is full of bugs..

  158. And Brazil??! No?

  159. i have a problem that lock screen is very slow to respond and battery consumption very high .

  160. Android 4.3 leaked build having some bugs and lags i think, why because after flashing new build (I9300XXUGMJ9) when screen is off and when power button or home button pressed it will take 5 more seconds to screen wake up, and performance also little lags, and battery drain too fast

    please fix this bug and update new builds it will helps to everyone to use Android 4.3 features.

    and Android 4.3 root is not available please upload root for Android 4.3 also


    • in term of performance it is great but screen weak up and battery is problem.

  161. anyone got this OTA?

  162. Why so slow update,
    till now only Switzerland & part of Ireland have got it,.

    Samsung Please open your eyes even India is on the world map

  163. How the hell “Build date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 03:29:22 +0000″ and the firmware was released on 4th of November?

  164. How to flash version 4.1.2 back.

    • Download it from your country and flash with odin.

  165. My s3 is reboooootinh and rebooting when i downgrad my phone back to 4.1.2 :-(
    what should i do ???

    • same here goto recovery and wipe factory data and cashe..

      all is good then but i lost my imei :(

  166. Samething happening to me, i guess is knox stopping the downgrade, what i did is flash back to 4.3 and leave with it.

  167. If this is actually rolling out (I’m very doubtful, has anybody recieved it via kies or ota?) I will install it when it’s released for United Kingdom BTU and if it is as buggy as some say I will be installing a custom rom. Maybe cyanomogen unless there’s any other I should check out?

  168. When does the update get released for the UK unbranded / unlocked version?


  169. very slow to respond and battery consumption very high .

    shittt bad update :( pls relies update bug fix

    back 4,2 ver

  170. @ samsungupdate . com —— A few days ago, the guys at Sammobile, a well known contributor in the world of Samsung and Android, have posted an article stating that Samsung has finally released the official Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3. The update was supposedly being released in Ireland for carrier Vodafone.

    However, if you decided to install the update manually, you would have noticed that it is in German when you first install it (so it’s hard to believe it was released in Ireland). Also everybody who installed it said it is full of bugs. There is massive battery drain, lag all over the place, lockscreen issues etc. Also most users that installed this are saying that downgrading from this version caused their phone to lose network signal (message “not registered to network”).

    Sammobile who presented this firmware as being official from Samsung may just be wrong with this one. Samsung wouldn’t release a firmware that is so full of bugs, unless it is for testing purposes. So this should be named a test-firmware, not an official release. I strongly believe that the official Android 4.3 for Galaxy S3 will be different than this one and will probably also include Samsung KNOX (something that all Android 4.3 Samsung firmwares have except for this one). I’m not saying that Samsung didn’t release this, but it’s certainly not the final version and can hardly be called an official update.

    The question I have to ask is this: Has anyone from Ireland (Vodafone) or from Switzerland installed this update with OTA or with KIES? If you are reading this, share the article, maybe we can find someone who did receive this update by OTA or with KIES. Or maybe someone who knows more inside information can give us an answer on this issue. Thank you.

    • I’m from Switzerland and I haven’t got the update…

    • Switzerland here too. Got the update OTA after checking manually for an update.
      Firmware-info according to KIES:
      pda:MJ9 / phone: MJ3 / csc: MJ5 (SWC)

      • but it’s certainly not the final version and can hardly be called an official update.

        • Cannot confirm any finality or officialty of the FW.
          But I can confirm that the lock-screen lags. Terribly, sometimes. Once unlocked, the device feels a bit more responsive. Feels – as I did not benchmark it before and after. But Chrome loads definitly faster.

          • Did you received Knox in this update? Share more details about it please.

      • The change-list in the article above seems to be correct. Things not covered up there are not here. This includes Samsung Knox. According to other news sources, Knox will arrive later. (Whatever that means. Probably the next phone…)
        What’s not here, is the “Light effect” for unlocking the lock-screen. Although it is selectable. But as the whole lock-screen seems messed up anyway, I’m not surprised. This goes for the “improved ripple effect”, too.
        Power drain: I can’t confirm it yet. I normally have the phone in power-saving mode. And it still is. But after checking right now, I’m not sure whether I miss some settings. (Can anyone check this? I see CPU, Screen and Haptic Feedback.)

    • I haven’t got an s3… but what I do have is a Samsung Galaxy Note. After the Note got jelly bean then there where also hundreds of problems, the main ones being: laggy, bad battery life, missing some features from the Note 2 even though the original Note could support them. Since then Samsung released only one update, which did improve it slightly but it was still terrible. An end result of that is that 6 months after getting Jelly Bean, the Note is still stuck with these problems:
      -Bad battery life
      -Terrible memory managment – if you open a 2nd app then the first is killed because it is out of memory
      -Even on very slim Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Based ROMs it was still extremely laggy.
      -Samsung has since then done nothing so this is presumably what we will stay on

      So then, they managed to ruin the Note, now they ruined the s3, then it will be the Note and then the s4 – instead of praising Samsung then maybe you should all despise of them? They are clearly doing this intentionally so that you buy newer Samsung hardware. This is also a perfect excuse for them to say, that the device is too under powered. So s3 users – forget about android 4.4 and up.

  171. samsung trying to fool us…4.3 in my ass…grand duos 4.2 update better than this shit…watta joke

  172. Slower and lag. Better CM10.2.

  173. after downgrading lost my imei no. and to restore back?kindly help

  174. It’s a crap ! The improvements are just aesthetic with icons smooth but it’s too slow and break always and too much, and the worse:Almost any app coming from s4, just aspect of s4.
    I think it was a calm down s3 owners and no a really update.

  175. What should we do if we loose imei or network? Do you guys please respond to this question? If one who succeed to downgrade to 4.1.2 and solve the network and imei problem many of us who use this 4.3 shit will be downgrade their devices and I beleive they thank you!

    • You didn’t lost your IMEI, Samsung just changed the encoding of the efs-folder (where your IMEI is saved). Older Rom’s cannot read it but it can be solved by just flashing one of the latest Modems, for example the modem of this 4.3 leak.

      • so when downgrading to 4.1.2 and there is no network connectivity one shoud just flash the Modem from this 4.3 leak? WIll that get my network connection back? thanks for the help in advance.

  176. VN version is when? I’m looking forward to every minute ^^

  177. SAKI8787 : In my opinion you should go back to 4.2.2 leak, Up Lite 7.1 Wanam rom is not selected modem, spending leaks very smooth 4.2.2 + Up Lite 7.1 Wanam rom ^ ^

  178. You can try to back to 4.1.2 and Flash 4.3 Modem leak . I have not tested . In my opinion you should go back to 4.2.2 leak, Up Lite 7.1 Wanam rom is not selected modem, spending leaks very smooth 4.2.2 + Up Lite 7.1 Wanam rom ^ ^

  179. i was in wanamlite 7.2 rom downgraded lost,flashed back wanamlite 7.2 again got back my i will go to cyanogenmod 10.2.

  180. My s3 is reboooooting and rebooting when i downgrad my phone back to 4.1.2 :-(
    what should i do ???

    • After o downgrade you need a factory reset.

      • how to do it and i am not able to open the phone !!
        its just rebooting !!

        • If you do not know how to fix this you should NOT install a Rom by yourself.
          Go to recovery: press Home + volume up + power button for a few seconds.
          Then choose wipe user data/factory reset (navigate with volume buttons and select with power button).
          !!!You will loose all your data!!!

          • thnk you :-) …………
            it works directly :-bd

  181. What about sgs3 lte…please guys anyone give us the date and some info about the upgrades in its 4.3 … thx ib advance

  182. for downgraders! do you have tried cynogenmode 10.2 ? does it work?

  183. What should we do if we loose imei or network? ^^Use your modem leaked version 4.3, you will be able to spend at all ROM

  184. Only the Irish and Swiss versions have been released thus far and since then there has been a short hiatus of a few days with no further versions being released. Usually the international unlocked varients get the update before the large carriers. It all seems suspect that this is the real deal. I think someone at Sammobile has screwed up. This can’t be the real release with all the problems people have been having. Can anyone from Ireland or Swizerland confirm that the 4.3 can be downloaded via OTA or KIES?

  185. Sammobile’s comment on the current firmware update are anticipated. Should the customers of Galaxy S3 wait for other updates?

  186. This firmware is rolled out for Vodafone Ireland and should not be applied to the International Version of Galaxy S3.

  187. If anyone has recievied the update via ota or kies check and see if the kernel version has changed to 3.4. Jellybean 4.1.2 is based off linux kernel 3.0.31. Jellybean 4.2 and 4.3 are based off of linux kernel 3.4. If it hasn’t changed we can finally put to rest this isn’t an official update.

    • Kernel version should be 3.4.0. You can check it in settings, about device.

    • mine is 3.0.31… shit..

    • hahahahaha you make me laugh

  188. Stop complaining about bad updates, yes there are some minor bugs and battery drain but this is not Samsung’s fault, it’s someone from Vodafone who released this Rom too early and you must be happy to have an Android 4.3 leak.

    You can lower the battery drain by going to WiFi, press menu, advanced and toggle off the option: Apps can scan for WiFi networks also when WiFi is off. (this will not completely solve the battery drain)
    If you unlock you phone there is a 5 sec delay between pressing the home button and the screen woke up.

    But there are also some advantages: the overall performance is better (surely the gpu-graphics) and browsing goes also much faster.
    The screen colors are better and you get the transparent notification bar from Android 4.4!
    The widgets are still the same.

    You can get your root back with ChainFire’s auto-root (search the internet)
    And after you have your root back you can simply uninstall the bloatware from VodaPhone.

    !!!Attention: this is not a totally official supported Rom and flashing this by hand is the same as flashing a custom Rom, if you never flashed a Rom or rooted your phone before and if you do not know what CWM-recovery or TWRP is then you should not install this Rom!
    Otherwise backup first, there can always going something wrong.

  189. its fine version of test release of 4.3. I don’t know why sammobile say it official version. lock screen is very slow and a lot of bugs in it. by this release sammobile losses its confidence in public. Give stable version as soon as possible.

    • and remember there is ‘factory test’ running in process list.

    • Same version is releasing to more countries… and you saying is not official?

      • Until now all of them are Vodafone or partners (A1 and Swisscom).

        • need those who from these countries to confirm..

      • these all update given by sammobile. confirm it with that user who get update direct from samsung.

  190. This cannot be an official release. All “versions” look to be the identical from Vodafone. But why Austria A1 and Swisscom should release a Vodafone software????
    Because of battery drain and the lockscreen-5-seconds-lag I switched to CM10.2 and I’m now wondering how fast my S3 can be….

    • Austria A1 and Swisscom are Vodafone partner on those countries. check Vodafone partners page

    • hi thumi69
      how is the performance of CM10.2?

      • the performance feeling is much better than the samsung software. E.g. for opening the telephone I had to wait several seconds on 4.1.2 and 4.3 but on CM it opens immediately. Same when I need to accept incoming call. With samsung software sometimes i need to touch 2-3 times before it accepts.
        Also the lag after pressing the home button in 4.3 is only 1 second and not up to 5 as on 4.3.
        Generally said is CM10.2 more smooth than samsung software because samsung UI is really fat.

  191. I was on official stock ROM 4.1.2 before decided to flash this so-called official 4.3 from Samsung. It was buggy in overall and took long duration to wake up from sleep.

    My problem was when I tried to flash back to official 4.1.2 using Odin, mobile data didn’t work anymore. I checked APN, everything was corrent. I even re-flashed the modem firmware, it still didn’t work. So my conclsion; once you update to 4.3, you cannot return to 4.1.2 anymore without any problem.

    So now I have to live with custom ROM name Archidroid (based on leaked 4.3) which is much less buggier than the ‘official 4.3′, but still experiencing long wake-up time.

    Any solution?

    • Your problem is that since July, all roms changed the EFS folder local. So when you’ve upgrades to 4.3, the EFS was probably changed, and when you downgraded to 4.1.2, the corresponding “old” modem is not able to find the new EFS location. You can downgrade to 4.1.2 but make sure you flash a modem older than July, so that the EFS folder can be found.

      • I wasn’t aware of the change that you mentioned, but I already tried to flash modem using Odin. The modem I used is that I got from XDA forum meant for 4.1.2 (so I guess it’s old).

        Do you mind to guide where to find the old modem firmware?

        • I was aware of this change in XDA forums. Just make a search google with “xda modem july efs2″ and you’ll have the topic on the first result. There you should find one of those EFS v2 modems (post-July)

        • i went back tru kies restore firmware by serialnumber al went good

    • i went back tru kies restore firmware by serialnumber al went good

  192. Para cuando la version internacional libre sin operador???

  193. Hola buen día alguno de Uds. sabe cuando se liberara el fimware para Perú (Sam).

  194. There are bugs in those firmwares of 4.3 with this pda. I tried 2 and the lock screen when i press power button to unlock or home button can’t unlock the phone or when someone call me the screen is still black and can’t answer.Silly things.I wait for firmware with different pda.Not this with voda

    • Don’t lose your time trying every single firmware that comes out. Check the changelist number. If it’s the same (these are 1902166) they all will have the same problems.

  195. Good morning, I have headphones BackBeat GO 2 model were compatible with android 4.1.2 but not with 4.3 advise me to make them work?

  196. When the unbranded rom for S3 International?

  197. Are there any changes in the new updates of other countries?

    • Almost sure that no changes. The changelist is the same (1902166) and every new updates are for Vodafone or partners.

  198. What happens?on the live feed it says that Romania Vodafone got the update…but when i try kies or OTA nothing new…?Does it take time again?

    • Ce iti apare tie acolo se instaleaza cu odin .Eu am instalat cu odin dupa ce am dowladat si pot sa iti spun ca e mai prost decat 4.2.2 de aici

    • Iti garantez ca 4.2.2 acela nu are nici o problema daca totusi instalezi 4.3 nu uita dupa instalare un wipe data factory reset si inca o chestie scoate cardul sar putea sa ramai fara date pe el

  199. i have updating. My phone very slow working. Whyy ?? pls

  200. Will this update be available in Vietnam? I don’t see my country on the list.

  201. I got the update via kies (Austria A1 MOB) and its very slow…

    -phone wake-up somtetimes took 5 seconds (realy the screen is black for 5 more seconds after pressing the power button or home button, first i thought i dont pushed it right because of the bumper i have^^)
    -lock screen laggy
    -overall feeling is bad and slower than stock 4.1.2

    • The mobile phone must calibrate or adjust the firmware – Samsung statment.

      • is the Austrian A1 MOB Version with Vodaphone-Branding?

  202. Same thing they did with the 4.1.2 update for the S2…..they promised to release it but then removed a lot of big features……what’s the point then??

  203. Release date for Spain PHE?

  204. There is massive battery drain, lag all over the place, lockscreen issues etc..
    what should I do now???
    I heard reports that users who have had problems downgrade wifi and signal
    please need help


    hi i install android 4.3 to my i9300 but I read that many people lose the imei to return to android 4.1.2 then I do? or podre leak upgrade from version 4.3 to android official

    • install any i9300 firmware dated after july 2013… i installed the latest french 4.12 and my phone works again, its to do with the EFS location on newer firmware. Your phone will be fine

      • can anyone confirm this ?
        I am from brazil.. and flashed 4.3 … bugs bugs etc…
        i want to downgrade to 4.1.2 .. if i flash the lastest rom (Brazil october 2013) its gonna be ok?!

  206. Plese help
    i.m upgrade my s3 international to first official android 4.3 vdi, and after that i will try with the other android official 4.3, cnx for example, and everytime i.m stuck in same deutch version csc vh2.
    when i.ll try to put the old official 4.1.2 version, is the same problem, csc vd2, german variant.
    what can i do.thanks

    • Factory reset then flash with your firmware version from your country and make again an factory reset.

  207. okay wait… by seeing all your reviews.. 4.3 is a update full of bugs… so will waiting for ota make the update better.. without bugs??

  208. How much more can we expect an update can not last that long! not give a full update of a year, the now give you the odd ridiculous SamMobile very bored. We want the update to turkey

    • wait for more than one country, updated every single day anlaşılani will take …

  209. What do I do?
    First, keep a red box appears around the screen and saw …..
    Secondly, coming down pretty fast phone
    I have not yet wipes
    Now what to do?

  210. As what i can see are all the S3 i9300 updates to 4.3 from Vodafone and partners.
    Now there are 8 releases of 4.3 for the i9300 international and as what i can find its all Vodafone.
    I saw on Facebook a image of an 4.3 with kernel 3.4,
    does any of who has updated saw kernel 3.4?

    Below details from image.
    Model Number – GT-I9300
    Android Version – 4.3
    BaseBand – I9300XXUMGJ5
    Kernel Version – 3.4.0-2659334271 se.infra@R0303-04 #1 Sat Oct 26 12:24:03 KST 2013
    Build Number – JSS15J.I9300XXUMGJ8
    The say its a leaked version but all is in Indian language, i cant read it.

    Anyone has this version installed and what are the findings of it?

    Sencerly Perry007

    • can you send the facebook link you are talking about..

      • @ RudeDude99

        check out the FB page “Galaxy S3 Club” on FB,
        scroll a bit down and you will see an image with the details i wrote above.
        There is no link or such so go and have a look m8 ;-)

    • yes I saw this pic too in fb…I guess its leaked version for international s3

  211. wait for more than one country, updated every single day anlaşılani will take …

  212. all updates are for Vodafone..what about the others…what about saudi arabia…mobily and STC and Zain..when will we receive our update?

  213. Also, for GT-I9300 international model

  214. Hello guys,

    Regarding the lock screen lagging, I installed “LagFix” and fortunately the lagging is vanish.

    • could you please inform us how you install this ?

    • lagfix required root and root 4.3 isn’t easy right now :(

      • Hello

        my device is not rooted. I just download the Lagfix from Google store and installed and run it. After that I observed that the lag in lock screen is gone. Hope this help.

  215. Esto es una porquería de actualización y ademas una burla para los usuarios del terminal, cuando compramos el celular no invertimos solo 2 reales fueron cientos de dólares que muy bien hubiéramos invertido en algo mejor pero aun asi de esta manera es como Samsung nos agradece entregando un firmeware que mas parece una prueba filtrada, la batería con solo tener el terminal en espera con suerte durara al menos hasta que regrese a casa una respuesta erela pantalla de bloqueo muy lenta hasta he tenido que resetear mi teléfono para q vuelva a trabajar normalmente, al recibir una llamada tarda en encender la pantalla para ver los botones de respuesta una galería q tiene mucho lag, el efecto de luz no funciona al desbloquear, interfaz de usuario vieja widget de clima viejo touch wiz muy pesado sin decir que llena la ram casi por completo, la cámara sigue siendo la misma nada parecido al S4, y después de tanto tiempo de haber esperado la tan anhelada actualización ya q se saltaron la 4.2.2 supuestamente para entregarnos un mejor trabajo con la 4.3, solo me queda decir que no voy a cambiarme de terminal ni siquiera cuando salga el S5 xq no voy a estarle regalando mi dinero a una empresa que en lo mínimo se preocupa por sus clientes, concluyo con volver a la 4.1.2 afortunadamente soy usuario Root y guarde un Back Up de la versión anterior en la tarjeta SD externa, cuando salga una Room cocinada de 4.4 sera lo primero que pondre en mi S3 ya que hay desarrolladores independientes que hacen un mejor trabajo y se preocupan mucho más que las firmas dueñas de los terminales….

  216. Wake up lag is the worst!! S Apps that aren’t hardware dependent like S Translate is missing. It’s just the same apps from 4.1.

    And for some reason, whenever I update my phone to any version higher than 4.1, (I’m not sure which) but the battery or the phone heats up so quick and reaches 45-50 degrees celsius. It’s weird but I dunno what’s up with that.

  217. i have unlocked version I9300XXEMH4 (SLK) Can i flash one of these released network locked?

    • I would wait untill proper will be released, to many issues with those ones

      • maybe the end of December it will released

  218. for everyone who sick of this shity firmware and want to downgrade
    here its what u should do to get back your signal network
    first you have to download the modem of the leak firmware 4.3
    1- the modem is = ( MODEM_I9300BUUGMJ3_REV02_REV04_CL1413323.tar ) Google it and u should find it
    2- download any favorite firmware you want :)
    3- if you using odin v3.04 put the modem file to phone , if you using odin v3.09 than you need to put the modem in cp .
    4- at the same time you put the modem in cp or phone , put the firmware in odin v3.04 in pda or odin v3.09 in ap .
    that’s it try it and let me know if this work :)
    it worked for me downgrade to 4.2.2 open Europe s3 leak .

    • @ q8peace
      Thx for your input m8.
      It will help a lot of ppl ;-)

    • Hello, would you link the firmware 4.2.2? thank you

  219. How many das,weeks,months,years we need to wait for this update? Why too slow release?Why? Why Apply send ios 7 to everyone in the same day? Why SAMSUNG CAN’T?

  220. hi all,

    I have not app Galaxy gear (Galaxy gear support) on my fone after install this rom.
    Please talk me if is it the same for you.
    Thank’ you

  221. I need slovenia mobitel (MOT) pleas fast

  222. plzzz update there kernal because rom is very buggy and the lock screen is very slow because of this and phone is heating plzzz make the update…/.

  223. Come on Samsung, how long is this gonna take. If you’re doing one country at a time its gonna take till christmas 2014 :(.

  224. I got this update in india (inu) this afternoon. International gt-i9300
    Awesome update..fone is super fast. No lags. Thank you samsung

    • Do you have link to download?

    • how did you got the update. OTA or Kies or Service Center

    • Kies or OTA ?

    • Friends. He is lying. 4.3 Update is not released for india. Check for more info…

    • u are an idiot , shut the fuck up lier

  225. Does anyone help me how to solve lock screen issue. It takes about 5 seconds to respond. If I tried to downgrade 4.1.2, my phone lost imei.

    • That’s because when you upgraded your Mobile to 4.3 you also upgraded the EFS to Version 2 which isn’t compatible with every 4.1.2 ROM , you need to downgrade to 4.1.2 I9300XXEMG4 which is out after June 2013 ” compatible with EFS v2 ” you will get your IMEI again … i’ve tried it so dun worry

      • Thank you, this did the trick.
        Im back to 4.1.2 and everything works perfectly.

  226. mhm, why open firmwares take longer than branded Firmwares? and why the A1 Austrian Edition have a Vodaphone Branding? i am waiting for OTA… whe have wait so long time for 4.3 …..

  227. Hello everyone. No wonder you “tricked” us with “official” software when it comes to finding things to channel money through as many clicks as possible! Or? What do you think it is about? For damn!

  228. When are you planning to launch this firmware for Nicaragua.. It’s unfair that we have to wait too much for this updates…

    • are u serious ? u live at the end of the world :D why should u get the update as soon as Europe or North America ?^^

      • Wow! A xenophobic asshole! Why shouldn’t Z Nicaragua get it at the same time as Europe? That much better do you really think you are than us? Your xenophobia proves you’re not.

  229. Anyone notice that is bugs thee with lock screen and sometimes even when you press unlock button or home button you can’t unlock the screen?And also when someone call you you can’t see the sliding choice to answer or decline?I think all those firmwares of 4.3 has the same problem cause it has the same changelist each one

  230. So far the problems seems to be that the update sammobile has rolled out applies only to the Irland carrier, anyway I think they could check out if there’s a version for the international, unlocked S3. I hate to admit this but as much as I love samsung and as much as I know I wouldn’t ever have an Iphone, apple is years beyond us regarding software, they made IOS 7 possible in 1 day, at least the international S3 should have have it in one week.

  231. Guys from my personal experience after trying this crappy firmware.

    1-If you want to have NEAR S4/Note 3 experience go for S4 revolution V7 ROM, BUT don’t forget to backup and this will increase your binary.

    2-If you want the ultimate speed and thinking about nexus phone go for Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 with boeffla kernel. BUT don’t forget to backup and this will increase your binary.

    Careful am not responsible for any bricked phone. Do it on your own responsibility.

  232. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – Kernel 3.0.31
    Android 4.2-4.3 Jelly Bean – kernel 3.4.0
    Android 4.4 kitKat – Kernel 3.8 , Maybe ?*

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.3 kernel is 3.4.0. This Right !
    Why Samsung Galaxy S4 updated Android 4.3 , kernel is 3.4.5 ?
    Why Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 , Kernel still 3.0.31 ?
    Why Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 , Kernel still 3.0.31 ?

    Please give me a Satisfaction Answer !!!

  233. I’ve installed the firmware and here’s what i’ve got:

    1- A buggy system that keeps shutdown, restart on its own. rather than that, it keeps freezing at the lock screen.

    2- The battery drains as HELL !!!

    3- I can’t downgrade to a previous version, I’m stuck at this buggy firmware.

    is it enough? or do you need more?! please remove this crap ASAP .. or mark it as a TEST FIRMWARE not as an OFFICIAL ONE !!

    • Man i lough so much cause you write all this with funny way.This about buggy that you stuck.Be patient man.I tried this to 3 phones and all has the same problems.Specially with lock screen freezing.Lets wait for the unbranded one firmware

  234. Has it occured to ANYONE, including Sammobile, that these carriers can be releasing these firmwares for TESTING purposes ONLY on their networks before an official rollout? I think Sammobile NEEDS to answer to this because of the amount of people flashing this firmware and bricking their devices in the process.

    • There are too many people thinking this is official and are screwing up their devices when these are most likely just test builds.

    • What I dont understand is that sammobile hasnt given any comments on this. They are the ones who came with this news but not a single comment since :(. I read somewhere that the PHN (The Netherlands) version is due for half November.

      • I agree. Theres been too much mis-information on this site for the past few days and it is unacceptable. The U.S. carriers do what is called a soak test where a limited amount of users can sign up to receive a test build. They then provide feedback back to the carriers what bugs are present and what needs to be fixed before an official rollout. I’m not sure if carriers in Europe and the rest of the world does this but I bet they do.

        I’m sure this is whats going on here and Sammobile needs to get their facts straight.

  235. all J.4.3 are exactly the same i’v downloaded 3-4 J.B 4.3 …
    they are exactly the same software ……

    • We must wait for firmware with different Changelist code

  236. i just instal 4.3 and its suck’s . the look screan work verry bad , i press home button and its stay like 3-5 sec four wake up. Power going down verry fast , with same acctivity his dead in 10 – 12 h. i want back 4.1.2

  237. So it seems that the i9300 4.3 updates being released above are “Test” builds that use the older kernel (3.0.31) and are causing lots of problems. Hopefully the final version with the correct 3.4.0 kernel will come out in the next few weeks. I am certainly looking forward to the TRIM function to re-invigorate my ever increasing laggy phone.

    Importantly, I think a caveat needs to be added to this web page indicating that the builds listed are not final, and it is not recommended that any users upgrade until the final builds (Using 3.4.0 kernel) come out.

    • What we need to do is to personally email the person who posted this article and ask why he hasn’t commented on this yet after so MANY complaints. We need to present the facts to him such as:

      -Why hasn’t the kernel version changed to 3.4.0.
      -Why are all these updates Vodafone branded.
      -Why have none of these carriers or Samsung officially announced the update yet.
      -Why is this so buggy and why is the lockscreen not complete.

      The leaked test build for AT&T from October 5th has the lockscreen shortcuts and the new lighing and ripple effects present. This leak also has some of the new widgets and Knox present. Also the weather command in S Voice has changed pointing towards the new weather widget. There are a couple of youtube videos to confirm this. Just type in AT&T galaxy S3 on 4.3.

      To clarify the situation with Knox, Samsung has confirmed in an OFFICIAL press release that some versions of the S3 will not be receiving Knox.

      We need to ask the person who wrote this article what he is gonna do to correct this situation because I believe Sammobile should be held responsible for people thinking this is official and bricking their devices.

      • @pbm5362 and all the others that blaming sammobile

        I think you should call Samsung call-center and told them about your problems. Why do you request such things on a site that has nothing to do with Samsung officials? They just offering you the official release MADE by Samsung.
        Think, do you really believe that sammobile are hacking Samsung OTA servers to deliver you buggy firmware? C’mon … OTA and Kies are rolling up already in UK, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, read the comments.
        Ohh, it’s buggy and not the way you want to be? Argue on that with Samsung, not sammobile.
        Respect sammobile’s work, they are offering you info, news and new firmwares for free!

        • @ @ @ razvang

          P U Š I – - – K U R A C !

  238. hello my name is jose and my question is:
    this update is official or not?
    I’ve seen reviews that say it has the effect of light and certain things that Samsung had promised

    • Hi Jose,

      Yes, it’s official and ues, it’s a lot of bugs! No more…

  239. Hey SamMobile! why you released firmware rotten?

  240. If it is an employee of Samsung who gave you what firmware you saying that this is the last official day of S3 and you do not even have tried, you are responsible for all equipment that bricks ‘there may have. thank you SamMobile

  241. Hi,
    I have flashed Switzerland (Swisscom) – SWC ROM.
    ROM is very slow, battery drain is high.
    Tried to revert to 4.2 but ODIN does not see my phone in download mode. USB debugging is switched on, drivers are installed.
    Please help !

    • OTA via KIES is not supported any more with this firmware.
      So it is not possible to downgrade via KIES also.

      • It is probably true, because software is not official or have devastating bug.

  242. Had huge problems with this release – spent the weekend trying to fix but to no avail.
    - The phone becomes unresponsive at times – waiting up to 8 seconds for the screen to turn on when trying to unlock.
    - the phone suddenly turns off without warning.
    - wifi disconnects if internet connection is too slow – no way to prevent this (like before in 4.1.2)
    - cannot revert back to 4.1.2 because the phone will not connect to thee mobile network anymore. Tried going back to 4.0… same problem.

    • i also have the “Wake up” issue, also if i use it in the car for playing music, after 15-20min the songs became luggy until i turn on the display via home button (take about 5-10sec) unbelievable that samsung released it with suck a huge bug !

    • Hi,

      You must use Odin to flash back it you want and hard reset after that.


  243. any information when in u.a.e get update if you know the date let me know .

  244. Update rolling now for UK BTU.

    • Where? cant see any on sammobile nor on samsung updates.

    • Yeah were did you see this?

    • been searching for hours but didnt find any about this release….

      • I got mine OTA at 11.30 this morning just went into settings,phone,about,software update,update and it came back saying 4.3 was available 409mb file. all installed version 4.3. Baseband version I9300XXUGMJ9. Kernal version 3.0.31-1902166.

  245. try vodafone romania firmware, works better, and i had no problems with waking up from sleep, light effect still not present, and wifi is working on by my standards.

    • Was your phone carrier locked on Vodafone or it is working with any other sim?? I asked because i blocked my sim Now it says “Unregistered in the network” and i don’t know what to do…wait until the orange version appears or go to a mobile service for repair..

  246. TO THOSE WANTING TO DOWNGRADE back to 4.1.2, download a firmware from July 2013 ONWARDS (country dos not matter), make sure it’s least the XXEMG4 build, your EFS partition was re-formatted the moment you flashed this, thus breaking all network compatibility and making impossible for your phone to get your IMEI.


    MAKE SURE you backup all your stuff, then wipe everything in your phone (via settings or recovery) to avoid bootloops after downgrading.

  247. Just received the update OTA for United Kingdom BTU. Downloading now.

  248. Hello!I am from romania vodafone
    Something for s3 lte gt i9305?

  249. Ive updated OTA United Kingdom BTU. I can confirm all the issues are present. Lockscreen is horrid. Very laggy all over. Plus it has a horrible new font. Definitely now going to look into a custom rom.

  250. UK roll out on Vodafone has started as just updated mine using the update software option on the phone.
    Although since the update my phone keeps reporting download notifications for files I downloaded moths ago.

    • same here.. go to downloads and delete the old downloads.
      enjoy the luggy wake up issue till next fix update.

    • In settings, go to applications manager. Select the All tab and find download manager. Clear data, then force stop. Reboot!

      Worked for me…

      4.3 downloaded and running just fine via OTA on Virgin network (About 17:00 GMT)

  251. Got the Simobil OTA update (baseband I9300BUUGMJ3; kernel 3.0.31-1902166; build JSS15J.I9300XXUGMJ9):
    - waking up from unlock sometimes needs huge amount to power up display
    - multi-windows bar is missing, can’t bring it up with holding back button (the thing is enabled in settings/display or via notification panel)
    - when locked, music over bluetooth and also cable! is choppy on some 320 CBR mp3s. haven’t tested flac yet
    - smart stay icon is always grey, i remember in 4.1.2 it was white from time to to time

    It has fitting baseband version. ;)

    • Had the same problem with multi window
      fixed it with a hard reset now works like a charm my only problem is long battery charging lol.

      • Woa. I never dare to thought of this. What do you need to setup after the hard reset? I guess re-download all apps from google store?

        • Backup with kies and after hard reset restore everything that worked for me and about the smart stay its always grey but it gets bigger when its checking for your eyes.
          hope i could help dude.

          • Thanks for all the info! Much appreciated.

  252. Man, there were times when I saw an update this as bad as Samsung. Troll with my face…s**t update! CyanogemMod 10.1.3 witm Boeffla kernel is very, very (one more very..) best, smooth smart…
    you’ll not regret it, guaranteed!

  253. I have I9300 version which is not being offered the update.
    What is the general consensus? Should I upgrade or not?
    Has anybody had any good news about the release?

  254. Wow… So SAMSUNG IS fucking over SGS3 users…

  255. Help me. I’ve been updating this android 4.3 via OTA on my Samsung s3 gt-i9300. After completing download of about 400mb my phone showed a box that describes about the new features of this firmware. And there is an install all button which I need to click on in order to upgrade. Then I clicked on it immediately and the device started rebooting as normal to do its job of upgrading. After when the screen was turned backon an Android figure appeared as a sign of processing the upgrade. But very unfortunately, it suddenly stopped working when it reached 27% and my phone started to reboot again. Now everything keeps the same as before coz it is 4.1.2 version. Sooon after that, my phone responded with a message that goes like ” can’t install this firmware. Please try update this with pc kies or go to Samsung service center”. What a shame. Why it happened like that? Somebody plead tell me. Please!!!

  256. TO FIX THE BATERY ISUE!! DISABLE THE “ACTIVE SEARCH” under the wifi options/advanced.

    after 16h 30m on batery, its still on 68%.~~

    not that is much… but is a way better improvement over the 4.2.2.

  257. The real culprit here may be Vodafone. (Have they inadvertently released an incomplete build?)

    It is very odd that the releases made by Vodafone so far all use kernel version 3.0.31 which AFAIK is not the correct version for Jelly Bean 4.3. (4.3 was released by Google with kernel version 3.4.0).

    That may explain many of the problems users are having.

    It is very annoying that Samsung, Vodafone and Sammobile are silent on the problems so far with these official OTA and KIES releases.

    Looking at the overwhelming majority of posts above I would suggest it would be very unwise to attempts an upgrade if offered one by OTA or KIES. And I would not recommend anyone tries a manual update using ODIN.

    I have a international i9300 version and certainly wont be upgrading until the kernel version is taken to 3.4.0.

    • Well said, I think they take us for idiots!

    • It isn’t Vodafone, I upgraded an unlocked phone bought on EE and am seeing the same issues.

  258. The best stock rom for me is xxEMD and xxemc3.I tried xxemg4.It is good but shorter battery life for me so I am back to XXEMD.Does this new update will be better for battery or worse.I am waiting for unbranded update.I don’t have good experience with branded firmwares way back to galaxy s1.

  259. Yes this 4.3 Rom is very laggy at times, battery drain unbearable, device restarts during calls, blackout display on recieved calls, takes too long to wake up at the lock screen, and the list goes on,

    But if you’re stuck with it and need to wait for the international 4.3 version roll out, there is a tolerable solution below:

    Wanamlite S3 v7.2 4.3 Rom + Wanam xposed apk and Xposed Installer.
    Googy-Max2 2.0.2 kernel
    Greenify apk from play store

    It will run smooth and lag free, battery drain tolerable and you will be able to mod the rom to your liking until better Rom updates come your way….

  260. Are there any official notification from Samsung for this great shit of firmware???Samsung is this a big joke or insolence?Shame for such a great brand,big shame!

    I certify all of the above bugs,faults and disturbances.At least 2 times a day I need to remove the battery to turn on the screen!Phone is NOT usable.
    I got an upgrade via OTA(swisscom) and if I could,I would like to break this unusable phone of the heads people who are responsible for this!…It doesn’t matter that I paid around 500 euros for this mobile!If you know what I mean?!

    Greetings for Samsung ;)

    • You are very kind to people who are only interested in your money

    • Only one thing to do.

      Buy a new S4.

      • One other thing to do – ditch Samsung.

  261. Pay a € 600 device to do conned! Samsang goodbye, hello concurrency

    • You have to remember that Samsung are still supporting the “old” S3.

      Other manufacturers would have stopped at 4.1.2.

      • That’s not true (for example, HTC released Android 4.2 for One S, One X etc; Samsung didn’t release 4.2 at all). Also, S3 is not that old.

  262. when you attach your device with kies, It will show ‘VD2′ in firmware info. VD2 for Germany, if you see live feed of update list. and Germany is still pending. sammobile is making fun with public, I think so.

  263. What i have have notice format your phone completely and restore only needed backup. improves are a bit better on this update. I don’t have lag on lock screen etc….

  264. For me the 4.3 update was pulled by Samsung. Update was available yesterday morning OTA on Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 UK (BTU). Updated, had problems with slow and freezing lock screen, alarm and multi-window not working, wifi issues and severe battery drain. Performed factrory reset and hard reset (vol up + home + pwr) with no effect. In the end I went back to 4.1.2 XXEMG4 and, surprise surprise, the 4.3 update is no longer available OTA or through KIES. It’s a ittle annoying that Samsung took so long in the development of 4.3 and still didn’t get it right!

    • 4.3 BTU is available through Kies.
      Just tried it.
      Not going to upgrade yet, too many bad reviews.

      China I9300 is now available to download with different build versions!

      Anyone tried this out?

  265. Why can’t Samsung give an official statement about what’s going on here, obviously there is something going wrong.

  266. How about United kingdom?
    Also full of bug?
    I dont knw wat samsung doing on.!

    • Yes.

      Reading the other comments, it appears that the UK version also contains the same bugs.

  267. UK version on Sammobile

    Model: GT-I9300

    Country: United Kingdom

    Version: Android 4.3

    Changelist: 1902166

    Build date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 03:29:22 +0000

    Product Code: BTU

    PDA: I9300XXUGMJ9

    CSC: I9300OXAGMJ9


    Looks promising ;-)

  268. Samsung really fucked up real big time nowadays.. zzzzzz…

    • Can you explain why you think this is the fault of Samsung?

      • Because they released a faulty OS update?

  269. i have update my S3 to android 4.3 Ireland version and my S3 switch off sometimes it has been very havy when i swith to unlock them. i think the android 4.2.2 worcked perfecly in my S3 than this one 4.3.
    sorry for my english