Exclusive: I9505XXUEMJ3 – Leaked Android 4.3 test firmware for Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505)

We leaked the first ever Android 4.3 build for the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) almost two weeks ago, but we wanted to give you more. Today we are giving you folks a yet another leaked Android 4.3 build for your Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) but this time it’s one of the final builds – that means nothing will be included or excluded in future builds of Android 4.3 for the SGS4, except a few bug fixes and improvements here and there. According to our sources, Samsung should start rolling out official update within 1-2 weeks for the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505 / GT-I9500).

We would like to thank our insider because without our insider’s help we would not have been able to provide you folks with this firmware.

We have tested this firmware for 2 days and haven’t noticed any major changes so far, but there are minor improvements here and there. If you do notice any major changes or improvements let us know in the comment section below.

Model: GT-I9505
Country: Open Asia
Version: Android 4.3
Changelist: 1840064
Build date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 23:29:05 +0000
Product Code: OLB
Download: I9505XXUEMJ3_I9505OLBEMJ2_OLB.zip

- This firmware will WIPE your device (Perform a backup before flashing)
- This test firmware will NOT increase your binary counter NOR void your warranty.
- This test firmware will NOT trigger your KNOX Warranty Counter (If it’s 0×0 before flashing, it will remain 0×0 after flashing and vice versa).
- This test firmware is a pre-release firmware and not official from Samsung.
- We have fully tested this firmware and this firmware works perfectly as any other official firmware.

- Extract (unzip) the firmware file
- Download Odin3 v3.09 (From here or here)
- Extract Odin .ZIP file
- Open Odin3 v3.09
- Restart phone in download mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume down buttons)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
- Add AP_I9505XXUEMJ3_1840064_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to AP
- Add BL_I9505XXUEMJ3_1840064_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to BL
- Add CP_I9505XXUEMJ3_1840064_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to CP
- Add CSC_OLB_I9505OLBEMJ2_1765174_REV06_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 to CSC
- Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
- Click start button, sit back and wait a few minutes.
- If you encounter any issues with the firmware (Any FC, Bootloop etc)
- Boot into recovery mode (Home+power+vol up)
- Then choose reboot and you should be good to go!



If you would like to get in touch with us, use the Contact Us page.

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  1. how about the S3? =(

  2. Wonder if your insider got some informations about any leaked Samsung Galaxy S3′s Android 4.3 firmware test… :D

  3. can we flash this on the GT-i9500 variant

  4. I love samsung devices but android is already getting on 4.4 which samsung makes updates realy slowly… I only dislike the update which took too long to get

  5. Yehe i wish to that Samsung stop to update thire phone and let Google take over it, its should put ut it faster if google was makeing it.

  6. What about i9500, it isn’t S4?

    • my friend i think that i9500 is S 3.5

    • i9500 is S4.. while i9505 is S4 LTE..

      • We know that, but in firmware update the i9505 get the last version of jelly bean 3.4 and have also offical cyanogenmode firmware. In other side the i9500 doesn’t for this I said i9500 is S 3.5 (just kidding) !!

  7. Just see this patch dosent support all langues, if you dont wanna use english or spansih you should keep the early relese.

    • Only english and spanish? And the firmware is “Open Asia”? There’s something wrong here…

  8. Is battery life improved compared to the first leak? Because that’s the only problem I’m facing with the first leak (I9505XXUEMI8)?

  9. In this leaked there is the settings to lock screen for using shortcuts?Because in previous this feature it wasn’t available

  10. and again its only for i9505 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why there is nothing for I9500 !!!!!!!! i9500 is the main device not i9505 , everything is for i9505 all tools custom roms and updates and leaked releases from samsung are only for i9505 ,,,,,, ffuuuukkkk samsung , i will throw this i9500 shit and buy Nexus 5 when its released , its more stable and got the most updates when google release their updates

    • This is one of the whiniest posts ever. Its like saying “Oh no, I have a red Ferrari, but I want it in yellow”. You have a bloody S4, even if the leaks for it don’t come first. Many people like myself could only dream of having one. You’re going to get the update- “1 or 2 weeks” according to the article- so just be patient. And be glad, because while OEMs still update their devices to 4.2, at least Samsung’s going ahead with 4.3.

      • Hello:
        Samsung Estimates I’ma fan of the brand since I was in my hands and hence S1 and camviado not for nothing.
        But Sony, Htc nexus and even are already enjoying Android 4.3.
        They are focusing way too in 9505 and the latest firmware is for china I9500ZNUCMI1.
        Its sales in the failed s4 that did not innovate in design and materials in the terminal.
        Apologize for criticism and hope to soon have android 4.3 on our terminals.
        Best regards.

  11. any information about photosphere?

  12. Y pafa el i9500 no sacan nada como que ya esta aburriendo.

  13. I can’t wait N7100XXUEMJx :)

  14. s3 update for the test?

  15. And for S4! Nothing for the S3! This is definitely done with Samsung, there are tired of waiting for this Update that never happens! First of 4.2 to 4.3 and then why not 4.4 or even passed directly in 5.0? Strongly the release of the Nexus 5 …!

    • Yes it is confirmed no leak firmware for i9300 ever because Samsung have scrapped it and all S3 owners will get Android 5.0 only.

      • Where did you hear that they were skipping 4.3 on the S3? I’d like to see some proof before I believe that.

  16. All S3 i9300 should be able to Android 5.0 because Samsung will decided to skip 4.3 and 4.4 so keep S4 selling. Samsung is telling all S3 owners buy a S4 to get new firmware. So remember our next upgrade to go for a Nexus and stop being a crybaby to this “samsung insider” LMAO

    • Everyone does not have the means to change every year to € 600 mobile so we are entitled to have the same updates that those who are purchasing a new model at the same price! …

      • Same price ? S4 is more expensive then S3 ….

    • Or, maybem just stop whining and be glad you’re getting an update in the first place.

  17. Why the heck are people still asking about phones other then the i9505 ???????????
    This is a message about i9505……
    By the way people who think google should take over the update policy: YOU DONT GET IT AT ALL!!!!
    You want fast updates? Buy a nexus device

  18. hey any one knows if we can install this rom on an i337m, canadian version? hehe i just want to know if its possible

  19. hi any update for i9502……..

  20. Haha guys. You all are making me laugh. Why? Because you all say bad things about samsung and its updates. I recommend you guys to sell ur samsung devices and go for htc,LG,sony,huaway(hawaii) who never update their devices. Samsung is the only one who makes updates from time to time (OTA) to solve bugs and make improvements. You will never see this on any other android phones. If u want fast updates and stock feeling just buy a nexus. Great job sammobile for all your work. Keep it up!


  22. tested this for 15 mins and reverted back to 4.2.2 seems to be a issue with heat on the device gets really hot and not had that issue since i first got the device :(

  23. and if anything is known of the Android 4.3 update for the Samsung S3
    because even a trial version you can not see

  24. Good afternoon, how to release more languages ​​to this rom?

  25. Hi guys,

    DO NOT INSTALL any firmware if you have allready “D” marked firmware on your 9505. (I have I9505XXUDMH7)
    Why? Because if you is not satisfied with the firmware and you would reflash older firmware on your device the knox flag will change. This is my opinion. I had flashed, the OXA firmware to my device, and it is not enough stable. Good but not good enough. Samsung would work on it a little bit. I had a little bit battery drain issue, some feature not working on it as I got used it, but really inpressive that firmware.

    So I downgraded the latest official firmware on my devie (I’m a TMH customer), and the knox warranty void flag changed 0×1. I never used custom firmware, I never rooted the device, but I lost my warranty for my S4.
    Why? Because I trusted into Samsung…
    Since knox burned into low level kernel any firmware changing may void your warranty.
    It seems to be the “awesome” Knox feature (It would be inspired to prevent any illegal access to your device data even you are a corporate or a private user) may void your warranty on that case if you will have a recovery initialisation (restoring your firmware) via Kies, or flashing any firmware via ODIN. In my case I had the first. The second case, when you flashing firmware via ODIN be carefull because if you flashing a non knox firmware to a knox featured device, the varranty flag will change.
    The knox flag may change on that case too, if you flashing the firmware via ODIN.
    So I am very frustraded, because I’d used all the time Samsung verfied/signed firmware. (As you know first of all, the knox is watching is the flashed firmware signed or not. If you flash a not signed firmware eg. custom firmware, or you root your device, the flag will change…)

    After this, I looking for information on the web. On XDA I found many complain about this. Many people have the same issue, they had a recovery via Kies, and the flag changed. Many people didn’t try this test firmware, they have only a recovery. In my case when I had the recovery because the device didn’t behave as I expected, so I did a second recovery, and after that I did a wiping data from the recovery boot.

    At the first Kies recovery I had 0×0 flag (as you know, when you have a recovery/firmware initialisation via Kies, the Kies ask you to turn the device into Odin mode…). After the second flasing I’d got the bolt from the blue, the flag changed to 0×1.
    I don’t know why changed, but it seem to be a bug in the Kies and/or Knox. (There is a third answer for it, but it will be slander)

    So Samsung would think over this problem, because many people didn’t hacking, but if they need a recovery this problem may come forward.

    It is correct, the Samsung want to refuse the warranty from that peoples whos hacking/rooting. DO NOT HACK, this is my sight too, but what will be with the 99% of that customers, whos don’t do anything just use the phone? Nothing. If they need a recovery and the planetary synod is wrong, the recovery may damage they warranty, because they applied a recovery at home instead of going to the service provider’s service or the retailer store where they bought the phone and pay for the recovery… And then they warranty will not void…maybe…
    Afterall for Samsung the Knox is a very good thing to get out of the warranty commitment. The Samsung in this case will answer “You flashed a non approved firmware, you didn’t use the device according to rules…”

    So be carefull

    Best regards,
    A very disappointed user

    • thanks for your information. i wish u have posted this when i flashed the first leak.

      • Sorry, but I didn’t know anyting about this, just now. I have became smarter subsequently. I was pry to the 4.3, I was f…d up.
        Afterall I don’t believe nothing about Samsung or Sammobile “insider” guys says in the future, because no garantee that is true. I’m sure I’m a part of a very little percentage of all of the customers with this problem, but is a very strange problem, because anybody may lose his warranty in this way. And this way is fully Samsung certified way… The problem is that (for myself) I spared for a few month to this phone. In Hungary the customer price-s isn’t balancing the salary. To foreign customers this price is more cheaper according to their sallary. They’ll buy another phone if something will going wrong. I can’t do this.
        So I’ll wait for the “official” update, I’ll update via Kies, and I hope nothing won’t be worst than this.

    • A very good alternative to not take security of hundreds of thousands of devices solely on software fault! You should have thought …!

    • I’m so sorry but it didn’t happen to me. I had las official firmware installed and decided to try the previous release… after having some trouble with my wifi connection, I re-installed last official firmware again, and my knox kernel was unaffected, it’s still 0×0. Maybe it only occurs with some devices but not all of them. So still happy with my S4. Ps: mine is a spanish device.

      • You’re a lucky guy. This is my opinion. It is trully sure the problem is not general. I’am sure about that a small percentage of these devices are affected. Remember at the first recovery I had 0×0. The second was that, when something went wrong… So didn’t happen anything, second time when I had to recover my phone the device had the latest official fw. It was just a “re-recover”… then a factory reset via recovery boot… just in case.

        I don’t care anymore, I just try to live with it, because Samsung won’t help me. I am disappointed so far, that’s it.

  26. Is it possible to flash this using H3G CSC and Modem for Three-UK ?

    I received a text message from the Three network confirming that they will be releasing and update to enable 4G they are releasing very shortly. Thanks. AJW

    • do not flash any leaks at the moment. trust me u gonna regret. wait for ur network update. Three is very quick with updates.

  27. When the galaxy tab 2 10.1 p5100 will get an update firmware 4.2.2??

    • Does this post looks like it’s related to the Galaxy Tab 2 to you?

      • Oh, i know it’s tell about S4 Firmware. But, maybe someone knows about update 4.2.2 for galaxy tab p5100

  28. Leaked 7 minute video of Nexus 5 running KitKat Android 4.4 is available on Android Police.

    The Nexus 5 will probable launch with KitKat 4.4 and be one of the 1st to get Key Lime Pie 4.5 when it’s released.

    I’m tired of the Samsung slow or never updates.

    • buy a nexus then and get a lesser device with basic software that updates regularly, be the first on your block to have the latest software on a basic phone

  29. EDIT: to above post.

    The Nexus 5 in the video is running Key Lime Pie.

  30. Can i use this on my FRANCE XEF i9505?

  31. LG Nexus 5 scores GCF certification showing LTE with 150Mbps speed

  32. hello to all. is there any way to add the Italian language? where can I find the European version of this firmware? thanks

  33. I think I made a wise decision going with the GT-I9505 model rather than the GT-I9500. There is more support for the LTE model. The only downsides are the inferior camera, no wolfson dac chip for audio. But getting firmwares first and seeing a lot of support for this model makes me overlook these 2 downsides.

  34. Should we expect a latest release for note II too…?

  35. why can’t people read, its a leak for the I9505 nothing else so bleating on here won’t change that.

    If you want to know when your device will be updated go to the thread applicable or use google.

    If you are unhappy that your device isn’t included then whine about it elsewhere

  36. I hope 4.3 would fix the “Slow camera start” on GT-I9500 at least for the unroot users.

    • “Slow camera start” on GT-I9500

  37. hello all ! :)
    is it have update without the bootloader?
    i dislike the problems you makes with it..i hope not to leave you becuase the knox and the now bootloader ,and to move to nexus and that’s because the “tells” on the galaxy 5

  38. Can someone please confirm that the new firmware has ANT+. According to samsung the new 4.3 firmware should enable the ANT+ hardware that SGS4 has.

    • I have the 4.3 XXUEMI8 test version installed and thats with ANT+ included. You dont see it as a standalone app in the drawer but when you look at all apps/services there you see it:
      ANT hal service, ANT radio service and ANT+ Plugins.

      • Awesome, finally I don’t have to use ANT+ usb dongle, well when I have installed this firmware! Thanks for confirming.

  39. Anyone who knows which launguages XXUEMJ3 are supported?

  40. Ijust sold my S3. BiBi SS for everythings inconvenience caused for waiting the updated

  41. For me, this is better because the last one waste a lot battery and made my phone hot, this one improve battery and cellphone temperature. Good one

  42. If u have flashed the previous Beta, just skip flashing CSC file u will get no wipe and keep your language. This Firmware added open es 3.0 Support …

  43. There’s been two leaks for the same phone. Where are the leaks for a US version of the note 2. SGH-T889 hopefully :)

  44. when will be available for active s4?

  45. Niestety nie dziala wi fi

  46. Hi..After update,cant turn on wii fi!!What to do??

  47. Thanks for the sneak peak! Do you guys know if the new update will include the an app for the Gear watch?

  48. When comes 4.3 for at&t version???

  49. can i flash in switzerland

    • If you are already at XXUEMI8 then you can flash but leave the CSC file, you dont need that.
      If you are still on 4.2.2 then you should wait for the europe version later this month

  50. I just sold my S3, I bought Sony Xperia Z, samsung update is so low. i hate this one :( .

  51. Ok upgraded from xxuemi8 to xxuemj3 (without the CSC file)!
    Everything works ok except google play books app isn’t included. You have to download this from google play. Perhaps this is the difference between asia roms and europe roms.
    Anyway sofar a working phone!

  52. How can I get more languages??I need Latvian..

  53. After the last update 4.3 …i have intal this, and all good. All setings and function work fine. Good update.

  54. Well.. i tryed out the first leak and i was very impresed. The laggs were solved for me( browser, contacts and phone apps,), benchmark scores were higher even if i don.t care about that it looks like samsung is doing a great job with software. I downgraded it to 4.2.2. Can.t wait to get the official update!!! 1-2 weeks :D

    • How did you downgrade to 4.2.2, my i9505 wont revert back as odin says fail all the time

  55. Successful updated here to 4.3 on my S4 2hrs in and no problems so far nice one.

  56. I updated, but my Samsung Knox does not run, it says “This device is not authorized to run Samsung knox”…also I don’t see any Samsung Wallet….

  57. Also, how do we calibrate the gyroscope now?…it appears to be missing….

  58. Flashed this but my wifi wont turn on.

    • What country?

      I’m from netherlands and i installed the XXUEMJ3 leak over my previous XXUEMI8 leak but i did not change the CSC_file. I only used the AP/BL/CP files!
      I got a fully working wifi. I only had to factory wipe the MI8 install coming from 4.2.2 in order to get a fully functioning phone.
      If you are from europe i suggest reflash the XXUEMI8 version with AP/BL/CP/CSC files.
      Factory wipe if you do not have wifi.

      • Ik ben ook ned. en heb net een paar uur aan mijn s4 gezeten. Ik heb de j3 erop gezet en alles doet het alleen geen nederlands maar engels. Als ik eerst de m18 erop zet met alle 4 de files en dan de j3 zonder de csc file heb ik dan nederlands?
        En wat is factory wipe? Ik had namelijk de eerste keer geen wifi en ook geen toetsenbord. Pas na 4x werkte alles goed.
        Alvast bedankt.

      • I’m in the UK.

        No wifi, network internet extremely slow and keep losing signal.

        Very weird.

        Thanks for the reply.

  59. When you turn developer option on, and if you change the animation scale, window animarion scale, animator scale… to 0.5, then you restart the phone, animator duration scale goes back to 1.0

  60. Odin Says: Md5 error,binary ist invalid. and its my third download, please need help!

  61. downloaded …installed ….worked fine….thanx..

  62. i’ve just recently updated my galaxy i9505 lte from android 4.2.2 to 4.3 as far as i saw it and tested it, it was great however im wondering about my camera,, it seems 4.2.2 is still clearer than this 4.3, hoping this final build will result if not the same quality of 4.2.2 must be much better.. thanks a lot.. i hope this would help you guys somehow.. its just a feedback or a room for more improvement..

  63. IKs it ok to flash this firmware for MI8? I just unlocked my phone carrier unit, but the problem is the WIFI had an issue, so im planning to flash this firmware to settle the WIFI issue, is it ok? will it fix the WIFI issue? please respond. Need yhour help. THANK YOU

  64. Hotfile download link is very poor in performance, I had to restart download 6 times with no luck. If you can upload file on other file sharing sites it would be great. Thank you.

  65. hello guys, I want to ask, in september i buy gti9505 galaxy s4 in hongkong country, and recently I flasing ZHUDMI1 I9505 android 4.2 to I9505 XXUEMJ5 DBT via odin and everything went smoothly, all the applications and features excellent walk. but there are so my mind was, could one day I want to go back to android 4.2 jelly bean I9505ZHUDMI1, or android 4.3 version which will come hongkong?
    thank you if anyone wants to answer

  66. Pls update link, hotfile cant open

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